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   Chapter 10 The Leaving

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 9253

Updated: 2020-02-08 15:22

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'




I opened the portfolio sitting at my desk and read it. I want to know about the woman he got. I scanned my eyes for the other details and found that her father was already dead and her mother was not sure if she was dead and is currently missing.

She attends a well-known university and top honor student and works in a restaurant and other just to fund her studies. I looked at her picture in the portfolio you can't deny she is beautiful and she looks so innocent that you have to protect the people who will cause her harm. I pitied her, her life will be ruined by William but if she will stay with me she'll be safer and can have everything she will deserve. I didn't say I liked her but he was the only one I ever had to ruin William's reputation. I will use her and if she wants to stay by my side then that's okay with me we can have a deal nor contract.

And based on Bryan's information, her beloved mother sells her in the Black Cosa.

She's my only option to get William down, I will do everything to get her. I grabbed my cellphone and dialed Bryan's number which he immediately answered.

"Have you got any information?" I straightly asked.

"Yes Sir, William is leaving one of these days. He is going to Las Vegas for a meeting to a very big business deal for two weeks, " he answered and a smile grew in my lips, everything flows in my plan.

"Inform me if he had already left. You may now get your day off and the money is already in your account."

"Thank you, Sir, " he said and I ended the call.

Two weeks, I only have two weeks to start my plans. And I knew before he left he would tell his butlers to take good care of his property and that couldn't stop me from taking her with me. Maybe I can have the first step by asking her for a date with me. She may not have a phone but William will get her one for their communication.



I can see her suffering in the hands of him and I am not letting him do that again, I will get her soon.


"Hey Caspian! Caspian wake up! wake up already, " a smooth beautiful voice waking me up and I already know who it best friend Victoria.

I didn't budge to open my eyes for I know that she will get irritated and I love doing that, she even looks cuter.

"Wake up! It's your birthday and I wanted to be the first person to greet you wake up, " she said shaking me.

I couldn't help but to open my eyes and laugh hardly which makes her grumpy.

"What time is it? You're disturbing my sleep you naughty girl, "I said which makes her smile sheepishly.


y her, report me all the things happening here and there. And one last thing Eric, I want you to enroll her in a college school make sure they have a good teacher, facilitators, and a good education. Do everything that I told you I don't want problems when I come back, "I stated and he nodded.

"Yes Master, don't worry about here, I'll take care of everything, " he replied sincerely.

"Thank you, Eric, you know how much I trusted you, " I said as he laughed and smiled.

"Always be careful Master."

I took one last glance into her window and saw nothing but a dim light. Hoping that she is even looking at us fuck! what are you thinking William! I shake my head and headed to the car.

I grabbed my laptop and just concentrated on reading my emails. My mind should be occupied by something, not her.



I could not speak those times until I heard the door opening and closing. I looked at him as he walked out of the mansion and spoke to Sir Eric.i

They seemed to be talking seriously and Sir Eric immediately laughed and smiled. Now I could only see her smiling like that, maybe they both have a strong relationship together.

He immediately looks at my direction I was not expecting it, I hid in the curtain. I look like a crazy person hiding and peeking in a small hole to see if he still looking at my direction, I don't even know why I'm hiding at him. I don't know why I felt so sad when he was about to leave.

I get out of the curtain when I saw him getting into the car, I followed the car slowly out of sight.

Two weeks, two weeks I will never see him, I don't know if it feels right. I only met him for a few days but this is how I felt. I immediately shut the window and decided to go to bed and sleep my thoughts away.

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