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   Chapter 9 Thoughts and Regrets

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 6191

Updated: 2020-02-07 10:52

Victoria's POV

I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes to release the tears I had previously stored. I decided to dress up. I was amazed at the contents of the cabinets, the hangers' clothes and everything looked expensive and in two drawers were lace thongs and lace lingerie silk fabrics.

I was still desperate to find something conservative to wear but I could find nothing. Is this what I wear? I couldn't wear these clothes because I look like a stripped woman. I looked at the time and decided to wear a black lace bra and black lace underwear.

I was stuck in the choice of wearing a dress when I saw a t-shirt, I took and looked at it. I got a big black t-shirt just below my knee and I wore it instead of the clothes that almost show all of my skin. I would never go out of the room to eat dinner. I was stopped at the thought when someone knocking on the door.

"Miss Victoria, this is Eric."

I opened the door and found him carrying a tray full of food. I looked at him with wry eyes and he just gave me a nod.

"Master said that his on a meeting right now and cannot assist you in the dinner. So that's why I just delivered this food here for you to eat. I know you're starving Miss Victoria, " he stated

"Thank you, Sir Eric, You don't have to bother. " I said and he just smiled as he handed me the tray.

"Miss Victoria-"

"Please just call me Victoria, Sir Eric, " I said which makes him laugh a little.

"Miss Victoria, I can't do that because Master wants to treat you right here and to treat you like you own this mansion, " he said which makes my eyes go wide.

"But-" Eric cut me off.

"Miss Victoria, I should be getting going. I have more to do as Master commands, " he said and eventually left.

I didn't know if I was feeling right, as if I was frustrated that I couldn't eat with him. I do not know

my lips I was chasing my breath.

He left me and I was going to react when he spoke.

"Stay still, that's an order, " he strongly said.

"O-okay, " I said wondering what would he do.

He spread my legs widely and putting the other one on his broad shoulder. I low moan escape from my lips as he touch and gently squeezed my legs and I gasped as he ripped my underwear, his eyes were glistening as he looks at mine.

"We will take it slowly sweetheart, " he said

He licked at the wetness of my core and circled his tongue on mine like a hungry wolf.

He unbuttoned his pants and I gasped as I saw his manhood, it was massive and I don't know if it will fit with mine.

He slid his manhood on mine and I winced in pain and suddenly he stopped that cause me to look at him.

"Fuck! you're a virgin?!" he growled and pulled out.

"Y-yes, " I answered and he looked angry looking at me as he gets his pants.

"Fuck!" he said and run his hand on his hair.

"Its o-okay, " I said in a low voice and he just snarled at me.

He looks at me and suddenly his eyes turned dark and look at the table.

"You should eat and think of this never happened, " he said and left me with tears in my eyes while hugging myself.

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