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   Chapter 6 I Own You

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5781

Updated: 2020-02-04 14:37

One person with courage is a majority'


Victoria's POV

I rode in a deluxe car and searched for the person who bought me but could not find him. I do not know who he is but in the action of the people within seeing him I see you very high in his position. Do people fear him and thus react? We were about to leave and I glanced at my mirror and saw myself as a lost soul, a worthless person. I think I know why my mother sold me, that is my I feel like I'm all alone. I feel like I have nothing to do with this world.

I was in tears in my situation, I didn't know this would happen in my life. I wish I had died so that I would not endure this life, I am living in this world but they are deliberately killing me. I am so furious with my father now because he left me, I wish I hadn't agreed with him at that party to fetch me and instead I am the one would have died. I wiped the tears that flowed down my cheek when a hand dropped a handkerchief before me. He was an old man of my father's age warmly smiling at me.

"Don't cry anymore. Master William is kind, he won't hurt you, " he said gently after I accept the handkerchief.

He spoke gently so I seemed to believe his words.

"My name is Eric, " he introduces.

"I've been watching Master William since he was a kid. That kid was good but as the days passed since his mother passed away he'd been a dangerous man and I don't know why he was doing this, " he added as I turned my gaze away from him and looked at the outside.

A long silence came over and I have no option but to stare at the window.

"We're here."

I was amazed at our surroundings, a large mansion was in front of us. Does he really own it? Their l

tanding still in my place without even feeling my feet and I could almost hear my heart beating.

He comes closer.

I couldn't help but stare into her eyes. Kind of like hypnotizing.

And closer.

Every move he made seemed like a very powerful man.


Till were just an inch apart and I can smell his masculine perfume and his minty breath but there is a smell of cigarette that you can smell.

"Eric told me that you wanted to escape, " he said in a raspy voice that I wanted to close my eyes.

"No, " he cut me off.

"No? you were screaming and banging that door several times and No? don't you ever lie to my face! and don't you ever! try to leave this place without my consent and don't you ever try to escape woman you don't know what I am capable to do to you, " he growled and I just stand there, fear of what coming next.

"Answer me!" he sternly commanded.

"Yes, " I answered and he looks at me with an eye of a hawk.

"Yes, what?"

"Y-yes M-master, " I stuttered and he grips my wrist that I winced in pain.

"Remember this,, " he growled in my ear and let go of my wrist that I nearly stumble.

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