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   Chapter 5 Struck at first Sight

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Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.

The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing


Dmitry's POV

"I know he's getting it, " I muttered as I see him walking down the stairs. He stood in the middle of the stairs not showing his face.

"He's getting it and I know where is this going. Am I right Dmitri?" Nicolas muttered standing next to me.

"You might be right and you might be wrong, " I said as I took a sip of my drink. He chuckled as my swift response but I snubbed it and focus on the one whom I dismissed with.

"You are always like that, " he said while glancing at the direction of William.

"He always has an eye on us, " he added and zip his mouth when I scowled at him.

"He always has an eye to see but not an ear to hear my plan, " I added that make him smirk.

"You are Dmitri, " he said and took a sip of his whiskey.

I should not rush into my decisions and plans. I should be honest that William is hard and a dangerous opponent to fight with, but I will not gonna attain here and look at him while his smirking evilly.

"If this is how he played a game then so be it, " I muttered as I took a last gulp of the whiskey and left.

Victoria's POV

My body was trembling with awe as I meet the eyes of the man who offered such a big amount. His eyes were locked on mine as if I was his prey, I bit my lower lip to stop shaking and I saw him smile. The smile that had a hidden word that you won't probably don't want to know.

"18 million, " the man next to me repeated the price and even though his voice calm, his hands on his back were trembling with fear.

"Mr. Cranston, " he added avoiding his eyes.

"I want her, " the man in front of me named Cranston wants me why would he want me? What does he see on me that he wants me? And why would he offer such a big cost? He had nothing to do with his money and it was as if he had nothing to lose. Is he a member of known syndicates? Will he sell my body?

"Going once, " the man next to me said while rooming his eyes on the people but the whole room remained quiet.

"Going twice, " still nobody interrupts.

"Sold, " he said and the man in front of me was now walking away and I saw two men were approaching him.

Someone whispered to them and they immediately went in my direction.


William's POV

As I walk into her direction in front of her. I saw her eyes in terror and I want to assure her that everything will gonna be all right. I have this feeling that the time that I look at her eyes I want to claim her, I wanted to protect her I want her. Her eyes were like bewilderment, there were a lot of mysteries and pain in her eyes.

I wanted to hold her in my arms and protect her in the harm that's all.

"Sold, " the man next to her said and I started leaving and the two of my men near me.

"Get her and drive her in the mansion. Order Lila to prepare her a decent dress for the dinner, " I ordered on them.

When I got out, Vlad immediately confronted me that I almost forgot we were together. He was standing near to his mustang car while crossing his arms.

"So?" he mocked imitating my voice earlier.

"18 million huh? such a big amount dude, we could get shopping love, " he said like a bimbo woman.

"Stop that you're disgusting. I wish your woman could see you so they might think they have the wrong choice, " I grinned

"Whatever what are your plans on her?" he asked while tapping at his phone.

"I don't know yet, " I answered and lit a cigarette.

"What happened to William that he has already planned it all?"

"I can accompany her, " he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Don't step the line Vlad, what's mine is mine so back-off, " I said and he chuckled at my statement.

"Whoooh possessive much?"

I didn't answer and I just got in my car but before I started the engine he knocked on my window.

"What?" I ask annoyed, I don't know why am I behaving like this.

"This is just a reminder Liam wag don't be too close to her, Dmitry might use her to you, " he said and left.


Lissana's POV

I was so excited to see him, I wanted to hold and kiss him so much. Although I am one of his toys, I was the most special to him, I could feel that in every hand and stare he gave me. I can't even blame

him for being the only daughter of the richest Mr. Vigor my father. Even though I knew I am just a toy to him, I would not leave him alone, but I stayed with him even though he was about to give up on me.

But this is exactly what love does, you will do everything thou fool or martyr I will ignore that as long as he is by my side. I left him when my dad realized he was my pick. My father raised me in San Diego to stay away from him, and I could do nothing but respond to his command but I promised myself that I would come back and get him, even though he was about to drag me out of his life, there is one time I went to his house but he dislikes me he shouted me to leave and never come back.


"William please I'm begging you to please wait for me let me marry you, " I kneeled in front of him even though I look like a pathetic woman begging for bread to eat. All of his maids were in that room looking at me and I can see in their eyes that they are laughing at me but I ignored them and continue to beg William to wait for me.

"You sick woman!" He shouted and grasp my arm. He grabs my arm like a paper and shoved me from his house like a lost kitten.

"William, why are you doing this to me? Don't you love me anymore?" I asked and now I am crying in front of him.

"What are you talking about! they were no us! you scheming bitch. Leave now! before I call the guards to escort you here, " he shouted in my face and slammed the door.

That day I promised myself that it is not going to happen anymore.

I studied hard to graduate. It was graduation day and I was waiting for William to greet me but I didn't get a text or call so I thought he might be busy with his new business and decided to surprise him.

I was busy searching for a new dress to impress him when my phone buzz. It was from my friend Cassandra saying that William has another girl, I throw my phone on the wall and it crashed as soon as I saw the picture of the bitch.

His mine just mine and no one can get him from me. Yes maybe I don't have the right to call him mine just because he rejected me but I know that he has feelings for me until now. Whoever is this bitch that William gets will be miserable when I step into her world.

The phone in the living room ring and I look at the name and it's Cassandra. Probably she knows exactly what I did to my phone earlier.

'Hey bitch you receive the picture?' she asked and I can hear a loud bang of music.

'Yes and this bitch will regret stepping into our world, ' I answered.

'You're in the club?' I added.

'Yeah, Andrew invites me too, so what are your plans?' she answered and I know exactly what she's doing right now.

'You're smoking?' I asked and I heard her cough.

'Need it, so what again is your plan, ' she irritably asks.

'I'm going back, ' I answered.


William's POV

I took my phone out of my pocket and it does not surprise me when Dmitry's phone number appears. I know all the time that he is in there in the room silently watching me. My lips twitched with a smile when I saw his reflection on the glass window, he really is pissed off about Mr. Bestovov.

I opened the message and he wanted to meet me and talk to me privately. I quickly replied to him and headed out.

I suddenly remembered what Vlad had said to me earlier.

'He might use her to you'

How will he use her towards me? I chuckled at that thought, she's just an ordinary cheap woman. There is nothing that they can use against me.

I parked my car near the tree and look at the surrounding. The place was were the trucks and cars were dumped and a small cottage near the junk shop. I don't know why here is the place he wants us to talk to.

I walk near the cottage and found him there lighting his cigarette.

"I thought you'll never come, " he said as he hutches the cigarette.

"I will not gonna miss this, " I answered and he stands from his sit and faces me.

"Why?" he growled.

"Why what?" I asked even though I know where is this heading.

"You know why you're here and you definitely know what I am talking about, " he gritted his teeth.

"He's been just acting so weird, " I said while waving my hands in my head.

"Weird?" he dryly asked as he tossed his cigar at the ground and stamped it.

"We were enjoying our dinner when he eats something"

"What did he eat?"

"Bullet, " I wickedly smiled at him.

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