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   Chapter 4 The Bidding

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5095

Updated: 2020-02-04 13:13

'There is one way to find out if a man is honest--- ask him. If he says "yes", you know he is crooked.'


Victoria's POV

"Everything will be fine, " I whispered to myself I can't see them because I'm still blindfolded.

"Everything will be fine, " I whispered again.

A single tear ran down to my cheeks as I remembered what my mother said to me a while ago. Am I not my mom's child? I feel like my world has stopped when she tells me. I didn't even realize that the door had been shut.

I felt I was betrayed and stabbed with a hundred knives. Who am I? Is that why my last name is different from her? saying that it was just my birth certificate and there is nothing wrong with it.

I was puzzled by what was happening. Particularly now and where they will take me. Anxious rise on me as I think random things that they'll do with me.

Are they gonna sell me? Are they connected with drug lords?

Life is so unfair to me, why it has to be me? I seemed like an empty jar, worthless, waste. Am I going to die? Is this my destiny?

There were many questions in my mind but not one of them was answered.

I didn't hear voices beside me nor did they even talk.

I could only hear the noise of the car and a breeze pressed against my cheek.

The window was open and I could hear people and I knew we're too far.

"Maybe I can scream, yes I can scream maybe someone can hear me, can help me, " I thought to myself and I ready myself to scream, but before I can open my mouth a cold towel pressed on my nose and mouth that I can't explain the odor, then blackout.


William's POV

I hutched the cigarette that I light and stared at the people. We took our sit in the private area. The people here are interested in the woman that is to be sold, people who are worthless in my eye.

"Interested?" Vlad asked with a smirk in his face.

"No waste of time and money, " I said and took a sip of the hard liquor that we ordered.

"Were here to have fun, not in business, " he said and slump his body on the couch and get his drink.

I just stared at him blankly and he raised both of his hands.

"I just heard lately that there is a new girl that is to be traded here she's fresh and pure. I think she'll cost a fortune, " he said interested in his voice.

"So?" I dryly said and he just chuckled.

"Don't give me that catechism, I'm sure you are interested, " he said and took a big gulp of be


"I don't give a damn"

"Let us see"

Vlad's POV

"So?" he dryly asked to cause me to chuckle.

"Don't give me that catechism, I'm sure you are interested, " I said and took a big gulp of beer that I suddenly regret.

"I don't give a damn, " he said as he hutched a last smoke at the cigarette.

"Let us see, " I said with a challenging voice.

Hence no one is tied to him because of his demeanor and whoever the female item here will help him. I just want to lessen his demonic aura and personality.

"Welcome Gentlemens!" a lad in a black tuxedo stated in the stage and I turn around to see a woman with a blindfold sit next to him.

By the look of her, she's the perfect example of a muse.

"It's getting excited, " I said as I look at William who is now looking at the direction to where I'm looking at lately.

"Someone's moved, " I sang

"Gentlemens! This lady next to me is pure and fresh, " the man in a black tuxedo said while taking off the blindfolds in the eyes of the woman.

She blinked as the lights struck her eyes. She traveled her eyes in the room and I can tell that she was scared as a kitten by the look on her eyes.

All men were struck at her even the olds I'm not saying that I'm not struck too, you can't blame me she's so gorgeous almost everything that a man could ask for.

I looked at William's direction where he was seriously looking at the woman downstairs, you couldn't even read his face, he stared blankly at the woman.

They can't even see us up here for it is a private area.

"So I'll start with a 1 million, " the man in a suit shouted on the mic and everyone was engaged and full of desire in their eyes.

All of them have donated several million and have been scrambling. Lucky her. She's lost like a kitten in the cage of wickedness and wild. The offer reached 4 million.

Until a fat man offered 6 million and no one responded to beat him. He is known as a drug lord here in the community and an opponent of William. And all I can describe on him is a gross and nasty pig. I pity the woman who is now scared at the sight of him well maybe this is her destiny.

I heard a scratch and I turn my head to William and I saw him stand and fix his coat.

"Hey, we're not done yet here let us see what will happen, " I said trying to stop him.

"Who said we're done here? You'll see what will happen next, " he said and walk down the stairs.

I have this feeling that there will be astonishing to happen and I want to savor my sit here and watch the show.

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