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   Chapter 3 Black Cosa

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5402

Updated: 2020-02-04 13:11

' I'm only one person and I can't do everything.

But I can do something.

I will not let the fact that I can't do everything prevent me from doing what I can. '


Dmitry's POV

"What is this?" I shouted as I throw the folder on the table.

"When did this happened?" I added and the man in front of me fix his glass.

"Yesterday Sir, Mr. Bostovov died yesterday, no suicide evidence. It shows that he's been killed and there is a mark on it the mark of Crans work. He got a mark for us, " he stated while playing the pen in his hand.

A mark, none other than William doing it. He had killed Bostovov and all his possessions had gone to him that is supposed to be mine. That man got on my nerves and I am not gonna slip him this time fire with fire.

"And that is?" I asked unsure of where is this heading.

"Triangle, " he answered and I waited for another statement patiently.

"It says he's on the top and were on the ground his powerful and were the mud, " he added and I clenched my teeth.

"Leave, " I ordered and he immediately obeyed, already know what I meant.

As soon as he closed the door I threw away the things I could find to get the anger out of my chest. I ran my hands through my hair and took a deep breath.

'Is this what you want William? You better get ready

I'll take everything from you, " I muttered under my breath


Victoria's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror and my lips formed a weak smile.

'Okay, I'll just have to work hard to save and study again' I cheered to myself and I heard the voice of a mother talking and I can't hear it.

The guests were probably there, I glanced in the mirror and looked at myself before finally leaving.

When I got out, they immediately calmed down and looked at me. I felt something wrong and I also felt fear in their eyes.

Empty eyes are watching and I can't read what is going through their mind.

"Victoria, speak up and don't just stand there, " my mom bewildered me.

"Good afternoon, " I said and they didn't answer but they just looked at me.

"Here she is whom I'm telling you, " Mom said to them and they nodded. I have no idea what they are talking about.

"We'll go outside and wait for her, " they said and stand from their sit but before they go, they took a glance at me.

"Ma, " I call mom smiling as she looks at me.

"Do you know them Victoria?" she asked and I shook my head immediately.

"They are one of the wealthiest people here, we are lucky and they visit us. I am lucky to be able to benefit from you, " I went numb immediate

ly, not knowing where this conversation was going.

"M-mom what are you trying to say?" I asked as if my step was in the wrong direction and I knew that I can't take her answers.

She laughed sarcastically at my question, stood up in her chair and walked in my direction.

"I'm going to tell you straightforwardly Victoria, you know we're suffering and I'm can't send you to school, it's better that you can't go to school and find a job but look at this it's an overwhelming offer came from a wealthy man, " she looks like a demon looking at me.

"Opportunity knocks and you know I can't refuse it. Those people want you Victoria and who am I to refuse a great offer. Well it's all good so make sure you accept their offer, " she added as I shook my head, tears scrolled down my face and I kneeled my knees on her begging that she would not let me go with them.

"Mom! No! I don't want to go with them! I'm begging you. I'm going to do everything. Just don't let me go with them, " I was cut off by my words when a hand landed on my face

"Shut up! Y'all go with them even if you don't want to! You are a useless person and maybe it's time for you to make it up for me in everything I had done for you, it's just a favor and you can't give it to me?" my mom shouted and walk me out of the house holding my hair while I could not stop myself from weeping.

The man in the tuxedo opened the door, I looked at the man who was just looking at us. I hesitated for help but no emotion on his face showed mercy to me.

"Mom, " that's the only word I can say, I can't believe my mom can do this to me.

"And another one to take you to your flight, don't call me mom because you are not my daughter, " she whispered in my ear as she pushed me inside the car and the man immediately closed the door.


William's POV

"Good evening Master, you have a visitor."

"Hey, William!" Vlad exclaimed while walking into my direction.

"What do you want Vlad, spill it, "I straightly asked.

"I'm fine man, thanks for asking, " he mocks and sits comfortably on the other chair.

I just stared at him blankly, he knows that I don't like waiting.

"Chill man, I just got this invitation and I know will be having fun, " he said and give me the black card invitation.

'Black Cosa Property invited you to join us and have fun.'

I looked at Vlad smiling as I knew what this BP invitation card meant.

"I'm in, " I said and Vlad jumps out of his sit, surprised that I say yes at his proposal.

"Now your talking! We'll gonna have so much fun!" Vlad exclaimed and got his phone out.

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