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   Chapter 2 The First

The Compromise (THE BEDWARMERS SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5143

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"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."


Victoria's POV

I wrapped myself in a blanket when I heard my mom shouted. She again tells me to quit college, even though I don't want to stop studying I do not fight for it. I wanted to finish my studies and be a flight attendant someday but maybe this is the end of all of my dreams. Sometimes I feel like I don't belong here, in this family.

"Ria! One more call to you!" my mother shouted through the kitchen and I immediately jumped out of my bed and headed out.

"Mom, " I said telling her that I already at her front.

You're not going to come out unless I shouted?!" she shouted and I just bowed down my head.

"I'm just tired because of work, " I said and she laughed bitterly.

"Tired? Do you have a right to complain?! Don't complain then and start working and don't leave until you're not done!"

"But we have an exam now, " I quickly said but she cut me out.

"Do I care about that exam? And who told you that you are still studying? You will stop so you should stop the illusions to finish your studies, " she spat and my face while glaring at me

"But mom, " I said but she just pointed me her index finger at me.

"Hurry up there and then you have to arrange yourself and we will have guests later, clean this house well. Hurry!" she shouted before leaving me crying but before she closes the door.

"In this world, you will not be blessed in crying Victoria and now your world will change, " she muttered before closing the door.

I didn't know what she wanted to say but I felt something was wrong but I pushed those thoughts away.

I immediately cooked and washed the dishes that were left. As I was cleaning and cleaning the furniture I am at the same time eating a piece of bread.

My mom didn't want the house dirty when she came back and I didn't want to make her mad. When I finished cleaning I remembered that we were on the exam today and Emarie had texted me.

I immediately went up to my room and opened the messages on my cellphone with only one sender nun and that was none other than Emarie.

From Emarie:

"Where are you? You're late. You know we have an exam, right? "

"Where are you?"

"Please answer my text"

"Our professor is coming"

To Emarie:

Sorry, Emarie I just read your text. I would have come in if Mom hadn't just stopped me. She has stopped me from studying Em. I don't want to stop but I can't do anything Em.

I was in tears while typing a message for Emarie. But I wipe my tears away

using the back of my hands. I should not be weak and tears are for those weak people and that is not me.

I took a glance at the clock and I jumped out of my seat. It's almost eleven o'clock and I haven't been able to fix myself. I immediately took a bath and put on some decent clothes, I didn't have many clothes but I had a nice dresser with my name on it.

I decided that was all I was going to wear for any later visits.

William's POV

"Get him, " I commanded my men and they quickly disappeared and get the man who is comfortably sitting at the coffee shop. He looks calm but maybe this is his last day living in a luxury places. Too bad I like the way he works for me. I had given him so many chances but not this time Bostovov, tonight you will see my wrath.

He struggled at the appearance of my men for he knows that they are working for me. His eyes show's the evidence of fear, fear that I am the only one who can make.

"Let's go"


"Get the fold-out, " I ordered and they get the fold-out of his eyes, he winced as the light struck on his eyes.

"So Mr. Bestovov it's been a long time since we've met, " I said and he just looks at me with pride. Swallow your pride now you fucking asshole because this is my last shot and your last day and night.

"Yeah it's been a long time William and it is so sad that we meet in this kind of situation, " he said in his Russian accent.

"You can't blame me, we've been looking for you for so how many years and I should compliment you, you are so very good at hiding. You know you have obligations to me but you choose to hide, " I said and I can see in his eyes the fear like a lost rat on the cage of a lion.

"I-m not hiding why should I hide?" he stammered and started sweating.

"My patience for you is long gone Mr. Bestovov, you didn't pay the debt and the only way to pay that is so very easy, like blowing fire from the candle, " I said while placing a hand in his shoulder and I can feel that he is shaking.

"Please spare my life spare my life. I can give you what you want, I can give you my money, my title, power everything just spare my life, " he begged and I chuckled at his actions.

"Begging is not the word Mr. Bestovov. Goodnight, " I said and point the gun on his head and a loud gunshot echoed the whole room.

"Clean this, " I said to one of my men and headed out.

This should be a lesson for them for disobeying me. I only have one rule and that is honesty.

This day has been so handy and I want to go to a place that I can go relax.

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