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   Chapter 5 Briana

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Felicity dragged me through the throngs toward two guys who were waving back at her. I sized them up, unenthusiastically.

Since breaking up with Jared no guy measured up. I thought my heart was dead. Part of me was, anyway. I'd lost that magical trill that makes life exciting and worth living.

I was only at this Up All Night Week of Welcome event because Felicity insisted. And I didn't want to start the year branded a lonely, loser hermit. But my heart wasn't in it. As soon as I'd stayed a respectable length of time, I was out of here.

"Dan!" Felicity dropped my arm and threw herself into a hug with a guy. She reluctantly let him go and turned to his friend. "Jake." She air-hugged him.

Dan was hotter. Taller. Darker. He had a better smile. Jake was shorter. Stockier. Red-haired with freckles.

"Guys, this is Briana." She gave me a shoulder-squeeze. "Briana—Dan and Jake."

I nodded and forced a smile. ''Hi, '' I said.

''Hey, '' the said back.

''Come inside, '' Jake said.

The loud music made it hard to hear what anyone said. Felicity was trying to say something to the two of them.

"Where should we start?" Felicity yelled over the music. "Drink? Dance?"

"Eat. Before they run out of free food, '' Dan replied.

I ignored him and appealed to Felicity. She shook her head. "The line will be too long by now. We'll miss everything else."

I waved her off. "You guys go ahead. "

''You sure? Don't wanna miss out on anything?'' She said to me.

''Positive, I'll be okay.''

Without waiting for an answer, I spun and ran off through the crowd toward the kitchen, feeling free and exhilarated for the first time all in early fall.

I stood there, not quite in line, staring and debating with myself. I'd just ditched my roommate and she was going to be pissed about it, especially if I came back with food in my hand.

"You'd better get in line before it's too late."

It took me a second to realize the sexy male voice was speaking to me. Startled, I looked around for the source.

When I found it, my heart did an odd little flip.

''Chrisitan, '' I whispered his name.

''What made you change your mind?''

''Ugh, well. My friend forced me to be here so I had no choice.''

He snickered, ''Or maybe you wanted to be here because of me.''

I compressed my lips, trying not to rise my cheeks.


I blinked. "I'm thinking."

"The window of opportunity is closing." He stood and walked over to stand next to me, so close I could smell the delicious scent of his cologne.

"Yes, " I said. "I know."

Moments later security guards from campus burst through the frat house, shutting down the party.

"Let's get out of here." He pulled me into the hall toward the stairs, past the dwindling line of everyone running like a stampede from the authorities.

''Shut it down, students! Everyone back to their dorms now!'' A security guard shouted.

"Anderson! Hey! Wait up."

It took me a second to realize someone was calling to Christian. He hesitated as a group of three boisterous guys approached us.

"Where have you been? Why didn't you text us back? We've been looking all over for you, " the tallest of them said.

"We left to get the in

valid something to drink and you ditch us while we're gone, " the blond one said.

Christian had to drop my hand to take it.

The three of them stared at me as I realized Christian had lied about being ditched by his friends. I couldn't decide if that was sweet or diabolical.

"Guys, this is Briana." Christian didn't seem embarrassed at all.

"Nice to meet all of you." My heart was pounding. I felt suddenly anxious. Things were moving too fast.

''Uh, hey, '' they said together.

''Catch y'all later?'' Christian said to them.

''Sure, '' the blonde said.

Chrisitan took me towards the back down the steps, walking over in a hallway, which leads us to an elevator. We de-escalated to the first floor and went over to the parking lot near his motorcycle.

''I..I don't think this is a good idea, '' I replied, fixing my glasses. He came over to me, taking my glasses off and tucked in my pocket.

''You're going have to trust me.''

''Right, like I'm supposed to trust Christian Anderson, the guy who I went to high school with?''

He blew out a soft laugh. ''Well, it's now or never Davis.''

I took his helmet and took the straps around my neck with a click. He started up with his motorcycle, taking my hands around his muscular waist.

''Don't let go, okay?'' He yelled.

''Okay, '' I yelled back.

The motorcycle ride was a ritual. As the car engine sang, I relished the roaring winds that twirled in my hair and whistled in my ears. Within five minutes, we made it to the other side of campus where he drops me off at my dorm.

I got out of the motorcycle taking the helmet off and giving it to him. He turns off the engine and gave me his full attention.


''No problem, '' he smiled.

''Why are you being so nice to me?" I blurted out.

''No reason, just wanted to see what kind of person you are.''

''But, we went to Golden High for four years together, had some classes together and you never talk to me at all.''

''Cause, maybe, you're quiet. You don't seem the type that wants to talk to me."


''Sorry, '' he said.

''No don't be.''

''Well, it'd be nice if maybe I could get to know you?''


''Yeah, sure. I don't mind."

''Um, oh-okay, '' I stuttered. ''That would be nice.''

He grins, restarting his engine. ''See you in class?''

''Yeah, see you in class.''

My heart was still pounding when I reached my dorm room.

Felicity was still out. I texted her that I was tired and had gone back to our room. I turned on a fan and sat in the dark in front of it on my bed.

What had just happened out there? For the first time in nearly three months, I felt something besides anger and hurt. I felt something almost magical and romantic for a guy with a popular star QB lifestyle and I was scared.

In some stupid, crazy way it was almost like I was being unfaithful to Jared. But wasn't he the one who had cheated in the most horrible way possible? Irrationally, it didn't matter. Feeling a spark with someone else felt like it invalidated what I'd felt for Jared.

I took a deep breath.

Christian Anderson

My phone buzzed and I looked over to see what it was.

A text from Jared;

I miss you

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