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   Chapter 4 Adele

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Seeing him with someone else was very distracting and more than a little unnerving. But I couldn't be jealous right? There was nothing between us in the first place.

''Somebody looks mad, '' my co-worker Tyra said, songfully.

''I don't know what you're talking about, Tyra.''

''Yes, huh. I see the way you looked at Aiden and it's not so pretty.''

''Yeah, I still don't know what you're talking about, '' I replied, getting my binder when Tyra made a childish grin while I stuck my tongue out and went outdoors.

I went over to my office and heard all the giggles and kisses next door. My stomach churned and I wanted to leave any moment.

A knock on a door echoed through and I went over to open it. There it was Aiden with his hands in his pockets towering over me.

''Ms.Davis, I came by to give an early leave you may go home.''

''I can?'' I questioned, hoping what I'm hearing is true.

''Yes, I give you permission to do so.''

''Oh, okay, thank you.''

''Don't thank me, I'm doing you a favor.''


I sent a voice message to Briana, asking her how she was doing in her second year in school. I missed Briana more than Catherine. I mean yeah, Catherine is my youngest sister and I love her but I've more of a closer

Relationship with Briana.

Briana left-back to campus a few weeks ago so I'm stuck with the apartment with Cat. It hasn't been the same since our mother died two years ago from cancer, but, we've all been trying to but in the effort to make things right for ourselves.

I left the subway station and stood for a moment in the middle of the sidewalk, the pedestrian mass parting around me as I soaked up the atmosphere.

Ahh, Manhattan. Tall buildings. Great nightlife. Gorgeous men...

Going back to my apartment, I went over to my room and begin to dig into my closet. I did my best to organize the small number of possessions I brought with me from New Hampshire.

Three sleeveless dresses, three cashmere cardigan sweaters, two pairs of slacks, five t-shirts, a jacket, boyfriend jeans, undies and bras, socks, yoga pants and a sleeveless t-shirt, and scarves galore.

Add a pair of pumps, a sexy pair of strappy pumps, running shoes, and boots, and that was the extent of my wardrobe.

My phone ringed out from my purse and I went over to take it.

''Adele!'' Tyra said through the phone.

''Yeah, what's up?''

''Are you coming to the party?''

''What party?''

''You know. The one at forty-forty. The lunch brunch thingy."

''Oh, yeah, you know.''

''Oh come on! Please, I could use a plus one.''

I pressed my eyes hoping I could rewind this conversation so I don't ponder what Tyra was saying.

''Uh, I-I mean I don't know.''

''Adele, come on. It's a lovely Wednesday afternoon. Aiden was nice enough to send everyone back home because of the announcement. Maybe you could use this to you know go

out and have fun.''

She has a point...

''Okay, '' I sighed, giving up and I heard her squeal through the line. ''I'll see you there.''


''Adele, you need to learn to take your advice."

Tyra wriggled her eyebrows at me as she changed the channel on the TV.

Her brown doe-like eyes gazed at me with a challenge and I stifled a groan. I knew that I look well.

"What advice is that?" I said as I casually picked up the bowl of popcorn from the coffee table and sat back. I took a couple of kernels and popped them into my mouth, enjoying the buttery sweetness as I waited for her to say the words I was dreading to hear.

"You need to have a one-night stand with Aiden." She grinned at me and I groaned.

"Don't groan at me, Adele." She grabbed some popcorn and sat back on the new black leather couch I recently bought.

''Yeah, I don't think in a million years that's going to happen, he's engaged, remember?'' I said as I finally slipped my red heels for the day.

My hair was sliced back down and I was wearing some makeup that I borrowed from Cat.

''For now?'' She smirked then I checked the time. ''I think it's time to go.''

''Well, '' Tyra grunts out from her couch. ''Let's party!''


The crowd had been so jubilant, singing the songs that belonged to the inebriated and joyful. Tyra was having the time of her life.

Sitting back down, I was approached by a young man who seemed to be the same age as me, walking with a drink in his hand.

His curls were midnight black and his eyes were dark brown, framed by graceful brows. His skin was tanned.

He had prominent cheekbones and a well-defined chin and nose. Unlike Aiden, he was always obscured by his fuzzy, thin beard. Muscles rippled across every part of his body

''Adele? Right?'' He said to me.


''Uh, it's me Jeremiah.''

My eyes widened with surprise. Jeremiah Walker, one of Aiden's highschool posse is here at the club with me. He looks so different from what I remember. He reminded me of Briana, very shy and quiet to himself.

''Oh, '' I let out a soft chuckle. ''Jeremiah, it's... I mean... I don't even know what to say.''

''Me neither, I saw you from afar and said to myself 'no way', '' he laughed which eventually made me laugh as well.

''What are you doing here?'' I asked.

''Uh, just living life before I go back to work. Got a big day ahead of me.''

''Sounds lovely.''

''Sure is. Going to propose a dealership contract with Maddox Enterprise.''

I raised my brows. ''Maddox Enterprise?''

''Yeah, '' he smiles.

''Uh, aha I work there.''

''No way! With Aiden? The Aiden Maddox.''

With embarrasment, I shake my head.

''Hey, no need to feel ashamed I get it, '' he smiles again.

''Yeah, I've been working there for two years now."

''Sweet, so that means I'll see you tomorrow then?''

''Yeah, I guess you will."

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