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   Chapter 3 Catherine

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Going back to Golden High is the biggest regret I have in my entire life. The only good side of it is that I'm graduating this year and I am very excited to leave this hell hole.

The halls were packed, as teenagers flooded through the doors some laughed, some gossiped, and a few cried. Boys joked around as they eyed the girls, who waved flirtatiously at them, trying to gain their attention.

All in all, it was a typical day at Golden high, the same schools that my sisters Briana and Adele went to. Adele is the oldest, typical mom-sister relationship, Briana is the middle child, very quiet but will clap back if needed, and then there's me, Catherine, or Cat.

The young one.

At school, I'm not unnoticed; instead, I'm kind of just there. People know about me because of my relationship with Renny, the jock at my school.

His dad is one of the faculty and head coaches at the school which makes Renny popular. And now that we're dating there's more attention on me since I am the captain of the cheerleading team.

I sat down with the girls at the team, Cora and Luna, the Paul twins. Cora has red hair with beautiful olive skin and green eyes as Luna has dark brown hair with the same skin tone and eye color.

''Ladies, Ladies, '' I said songfully.

''You look adorbs, '' Cora said to me, popping her gum.

''Thanks, babe, this is my sisters, '' I replied at her comment about my shirt I ''burrowed' from Briana.

''Which one?'' Luna asked.


''Oh, how is she? How's that college life? Did she ever talk to about that?'' Luna added more questions.

''Uh, not that I can recall no. You know Briana isn't the talkative sister, she's quieter.''

''Oh, yeah, I forgot.''

"Oh my gosh, Xavier king just walked through the doors, " Cora squeals, grabbing onto my poor arm in excitement. "I heard he just dumped Stacy. About fucking tim


I rolled my eyes. Cora's low key has an obsession with Xavier. He was your stereotypical, drop-dead gorgeous bad boy that somehow all the girls drool all over him.

With his dark brown hair, gray eyes and strong build, he looked tough. He had a few tattoos on his arms which everyone at school believes was from a secret gang he was working for.

His face was stunning too. A strong jaw, high cheekbones, and pink lips. He could be mistaken for a high-class model.

I eye him in distaste. My top lip curling upwards. Suddenly, his gray eyes met mine. He looked at me in shock, surprise that a girl didn't look at him with dreamy eyes.

"Fuck he's not, " Cora said and I shook my head snapping out of the hypnosis of Xavier.

The bell rings, signaling the start of the beginning of the first period. We all do a group hug and I waved going to the west wing of the school to my art class.

When I arrived, the whole time, I didn't notice Xavier following me.

I sat in the corner at the back. Bending down to get my surf out of the bag, I placed them neatly on the table and waited for the teacher.

As soon as Xavier waltzes in on time everyone quietness down. Many of the girls straighten up, as they push their boobs up and fix their hair. It is ridiculous.

I rolled my eyes and look at my folder, not noticing him until he plonks himself on the seat next to me.

"Catherine, right?" He said to me.

I ignored him.

"You know it's rude to ignore people." He stated with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

"Cat, I got by Cat, not Catherine, " I said in my irritated tone.

"Cat got it."

Xavier grins in success as he leans back in his chair. His cocky face making it hard to twist the urge to punch him. His eyes were studying me taking in everything about me. His grey eyes lingering on my face.

What the hell does he want from me?

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