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   Chapter 2 Briana

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The halls were crowded with people, and the chaos was so perfect, like a movie.

There was the couple that was always making out on the left side of the hall, and about ten feet farther down, the cliquey girls.

Opposite them, the cliquey jocks, and between them, the parade of band geeks with their huge instrument cases.

There were the aerospace tech kids who never did anything but make paper airplanes and the fashion kids that wheeled mannequins and clothing racks down the halls.

And then there was me, not that I fit into any of those groups.

I am Briana Davis, crazy 4b curls, with a librarian style that suits me well.

"Welcome back!" Felicity, my roommate, jumps into my arms while squeezing me. "Oh Bri, I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too, " I muffled through her shirt.

I felt like shit going back on campus at Delton University. This summer sucked so much, going to work full-time just to help around the apartment that my sisters are living in now. Not too much, saving up some money for my own doing so I can get nice clothes and books for the school year.

Plus, Jared who is now my ex. wants to get back together and I haven't put up my thought about it. We broke up and now he wants me and I had to force myself to move on from the pain, moving on without him.

It's my second year here and it feels like forever.

"So, what's your classes like this year?" Felicity asked me as she tosses her pink hair up in a bun. She sat next to me while I pulled out my MacBook Pro.

"Well, I have a few classes online, but I have one on campus.''

''Same, plus I have to go back to work today?''

''Are you ready for that?'' I wiggled my brows childishly.

She stifles a laugh. ''Sort of, kinda hate it but at the same time it's good to be there.''


I checked up my phone and it was time for me to go to my first class, Biology. I said goodbye to Felicity and went over to the science building on the far right.

Walking in, I went over to the professor who was checking in with the students one by one before they went to their seats.

Hearing my clattering of shoes she turned around and asked politely ''Your name sweetie?''

''Briana Davis, '' I replied.

She checked me off of the list and smiles at me, letting me know that I was on the roster.

I took the seat and put my bag down after taking the books out. A few minutes later, the professor continued with her lesson but my eyes and mind had another plan, as they started to roam around.

This class just showed the definition of cliche. I could easily point out the jocks, cheerleaders, and bookworms. Unfortunately, I was one of the bookworms.

Right across of me, There was Christian Anderson, high-school popular football star, and now the star quarterback at this school.

He was something else entirely. All the bad boy vibes were coming off of him and I hated that I sensed his energy pulling towards me.

''Okay, class let's get started, '' The professor said.

Everyone got to their seats as Professor Guiterr

ez begin to do her introduction.

''We will go around the room and introduce yourself, and what's your major? Alright? First up, Christian Anderson.''

He stood up and adjusted his jacket while his posse was gassing him up in the back.

''Yer!'' One of the boys said and Christian winked.

As usual.

I took the time to study him. He was at least 6'0, had a bright face that could make anyone smile. Green eyes, more of a hazel tint, which was the best eyes I have ever seen. Had small dimples, and muscles that tones out his jacket and jeans.

''The name is Christian, Christian Anderson. QB of the team and my major, undecided.''

''Cause you're gonna be pro, '' a girl responded which made everyone in the room laughed. Christian sat back down and pulled out his MacBook Pro.

The list continues with the last names from A, to B, C, then D which meant I was going next anytime soon.

''Briana Davis?'' She said my name and I stood up from the chair awkwardly.

''Nice outfit Mr.Rogers, '' the same girl who spoke from Christian's comment rudely spoke to me. The guys who sat next to her laughed along.

''Yo, cut it out, not cool, '' Christian said which put me in shock.

Why would he stand up for me?

What the hell that was about?

''Um, my name is Briana Davis, and I want to become a scientist.''

''Makes sense, '' one of the boys said and everyone giggled along.

''Well, that's very interesting Briana, '' the professor said with a smile.

''Thanks, '' I said awkwardly as she moved along with everyone else. I sat back down on my seat and Christian looked back at me.

He gave me a small smile.

One of those smiles that meant he was interested in me. I responded back and quickly opened my MacBook Pro, pretending that I didn't see him lurking over me still.


Class was over and I was going to the grocery store around the corner to grab some food for tonight. I was at Walmart, grabbing some fruits and vegetables, along with some snacks for the night.

At the Deli section, I went around the isle looking at what to buy when I felt someone was behind me. Turning around there was Christian just a mile away buying some products from the freezer.

I turned and immediately looked away when I felt his head turning over to me.

''Briana? Right?'' He said, walking over to me.

''Shit, '' I muttered then turn around to him and smiled nervously. ''Yeah, that's me... I mean, I'm Briana, I mean.''

He laughed. ''Yeah, I know what you mean.''

I cleared my throat. ''What are you doing here?''

''Grocery shopping, for my party.''


''You know, for the start of the season. You should come.''

''Oh, no thanks, I have plans.''

He blew a laugh. ''Come on, it's just one party, for the beginning of the year.''

''Why are you asking me? Shouldn't you be asking someone else.''

''I find you interesting. Plus, I knew you since high school. Thought I could do myself a favor and invite you.''

''Ah, sorry no thank you.''


''I'll think about it.''

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