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   Chapter 59 Epilogue

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Seven years later, "Mom, I have drawn this." Alice, Sapphire's seven years old daughter showed her the picture she painted.

"Wow, honey, it's beautiful." Sapphire complimented.

"Baby, have you completed your home task yet?" She asked.

"Yes, mom. Mom, you know I have obtained 100% in my class test. See." Alice showed her the test report.

"Wow, darling. It's incredible. Let mama give you a kiss." Sapphire leaned carefully and kissed Alice's both cheeks. She was pregnant of four months.

Alice giggled when Sapphire tickled her.

"Oh, mommy, it tickles." She laughed.

"Mom, you know, I told my friends about you that you are a scientis. They all said that you are so cool." Alice announced in a proud voice. Sapphire couldn't help laughing.

She couldn't pronounce scientist. So she spelled it as 'scientis'.

"What is a scientist, baby?" Sapphire asked.

"I don't know much. But I know that mom you made a big medicine and many people are living. I saw your award. Daddy told me." Alice answered.

It was true. Sapphire was a scientist. After completing her graduation and Ph.D Sapphire started working in her own scientific organization. Sapphire built a scientific organization and she was a lecturer in a university. Her life was very busy. At that time, Lily and Devon lived at the same house and helped raising Alice.

After her long term research of three years, she was able to invent an antibiotic which worked on a dangerous bacterium. Many people were dying of this infec

ou forgiven me?" Alexander asked.

"Alexander, still you need an answer? Of course, I did and I love you." She replied.

"But how? I am a selfish mafia. How can you love me, angel?" Alexander queried.

"This big bad mafia healed the broken angel and gave her back the wings. He didn't know how he did but this angel fell for him." Sapphire stated smiling.

"Angel, I love you." Alexander captured her mouth in a soul soothing gentle kiss, pouring all his love and passion.

None of them ever thought they would come this far. He was a big badass mafia king and she was a broken girl. His obsession almost crushed the broken girl but he was the one to save her and shape her into the strongest woman. Her love brought out the loving man out of him. The mafia king and his broken angel; both found their salvation in each other.


Hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks for being with me. Stay safe and stay healthy with your family.

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