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   Chapter 58 Little Angel!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 9687

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Third Person's POV:

"Huuuuuh. I k-knew it. I knew it. Now that I am fat, you don't love me anymore." Sapphire cried in the bed.

Tonight, Sapphire took initiative to have sex. She wore a flimsy almost transparent night gown and came to the bed. Straddling Alexander, she kissed him with urgent need. She was crying because Alexander didn't have sex with her frequently nowadays.

He was afraid that he might hurt her and their child.

Because of her pregnancy hormones, she was overly emotional and horny. It never happened before but after pregnancy, she often initiated their sex.

"Huhuhuuhu." She sniffed burying her face on her palms.

Alexander was used to her mood swings and tantrums lately. She passed her first trimester and was five months pregnant already.

Her belly grew big and it showed.

Alexander sighed and turned to her.

"Angel, " He sat before her and held her hands.

"Don't touch me!" She whined.

"Why?" Alexander asked amused.

"You don't like me anymore. Why would you touch me? I am fat ugly now." She said sniffing.

"You are not fat. You are pregnant with a baby and the baby is mine. You are not ugly rather you become the most beautiful woman in my eyes." Alexander said slowly cupping her breasts.

"Mmm." Sapphire moaned.

"I want to love you but what if I hurt you and our baby badly?" Alexander spoke.

"I know you can never hurt us. Just love me." Sapphire whispered, climbing on his lap and kissed him. Alexander softly fondled her breasts. After her pregnancy, she gained some weight. Her breasts grew bigger, hip became wider and her body gained a healthy amount of flesh.

Her pregnancy curves, made her look more feminine and tempting to Alexander.

He gently laid her on the bed and made sweet, careful yet passionate love to her; taking her to new heights of pleasure.

"Are you satisfied, my queen?" Alexander asked, they were cuddling after love making.

Sapphire blushed biting her lower lips and hid her face in his chest. Alexander chuckled and kissed the crown of her head.

Alexander was very patient and gentle with her nowadays. He never got angry at her pregnancy mood swings or wired cravings.

Alexander and Sapphire moved from the huge mansion and shifted in another place. It was also a mansion but wasn't as big as the previous place. Sapphire didn't want to live in an overly big house.

She took a year off for her pregnancy from her study. She would continue after the baby would born.

Alexander got up before Sapphire and he was looking at Sapphire's sleeping face. Pregnancy brought an amazing glow in her face and she became more beautiful. He gently rubbed his palm on her stomach and kissed it.

Then kissed Sapphire's forehead.

"I am craving for burger with tuna patty and cheese, strawberry salad and grilled mushrooms." Sapphire said opening her eyes.

Alexander couldn't help la

g or never be scared. But this Alexander was a husband and a father, worried sick for the love of his life.

Love makes people weak indeed, but in a heavenly good way.

Alexander saw Sapphire's body was covered with clothing from stomach and she was laying there spreading her legs. Her face, neck was soaked in sweat, she was panting heavily.

"Push it. Push it." The doctor told Sapphire.

"Ahhh. I can't anymore. I am tired." Sapphire panted. Her eyes were droopy.

"Don't close your eyes, don't." The doctor admonished.

"Angel, baby, don't close your eyes. You can do it. Push it." Alexander held Sapphire's hand.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." Sapphire pushed with every bit of energy that was remained in her and clutched Alexander's hand. Her fingernails dug in his palm drawing blood.

"It's good. The baby is out." The doctor stated.

They heard a small cry of a baby.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Rodriguez you have given birth of a beautiful girl child. And she is healthy. Mother and child both are doing fine." The doctor spoke smiling.

Alexander cut the umbilical cord and took their baby from the doctor. The doctor cleaned up everything.

"Angel, look, you have given birth of a little angel. She looks exactly like you." Alexander leaned down to show her the face of their baby.

Sapphire's eyes filled with tears of happiness when her eyes were locked with a pair of small baby blue eyes.

"My baby..." She mumbled but due to tiredness she fell asleep instantly.

The nurse took the baby from him and placed her on Sapphire's chest for breastfeeding.

Alexander's parents came inside and held the baby. The little girl cried when she was separated from Sapphire.

"My little angel, don't want to leave her mama." Alexander laughed. Lily quickly placed her back on Sapphire's chest and she began suckling, licking her nipple.

Three days later, Sapphire returned home with her baby and Alexander.

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