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   Chapter 53 Agony!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 6436

Updated: 2020-03-24 22:58

Third Person's POV:

"Mom, I am Sapphire." The woman's frown deepened but as she comprehended what the girl said, her eyes widened and mouth hung open.

"Y-you a-are Sapphire!" She was shocked.

"Mom, it has been many years. How are you? Did you ever remember me once in those years?" Sapphire asked, her voice was cracking slowly.

She knew very well what would be her answer. But the daughter inside her who never got an ounce of motherly affection couldn't help asking this stupid question.

The woman didn't say anything, she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She closed her mouth again and looked another direction.

Sapphire wasn't disappointed much, but still, tears were streaming from her eyes.

It's okay, Sapphire. She was once ready to sell me, her own daughter. This is not something unexpected from her. It's okay. She thought.

"You are here? What happened?" Sapphire again inquired her.

She looked at Sapphire.

"I am staying at a shelter home. Isn't it obvious? I am miserable." She admitted.

"Now when I look at my previous life, previous deeds, I think I deserve all these." She added with a bitter smile after some seconds.

Sapphire was surprised hearing that. She tried to observe her expression. She looked guilty for a moment.

Her eyes were dull, the skin was dry, wrinkled, and she was reduced to skin and bone, looked horrible as her jaw twisted in a side.

She destroyed her own family for her self-interest, she once prioritized beauty over her child, her family. He abused her child for the sake of another man.

And today, she was all alone; neither had she had her husband beside her nor her child. She was pitiful.

"How are you? How is your father? Does he talk about me?" She managed to ask.

"Dad is no more mom. He passed away from cancer. And when he was alive, he never mentioned you." Sapphire said truthfully.

"Oh. And you?" She

She left the shelter home a long ago.

Suddenly fear got him over. He decided to check on her apartment for one last time. When he pulled into the garage and saw the car Sapphire took today, he sighed in relief.

But at the same time, immense anger formed inside him because of her.

How could she be so fucking irresponsible? Didn't she know how worried he would be? I will make sure she doesn't do this ever again.

He wanted to give her a good scolding.

He got on the elevator and reached her apartment. He rang the doorbell for a few times but to his surprise, there was no response.

Then he realized that something wasn't right. Without wasting any minute on contemplating, he unlocked the door and got inside. He carefully headed to her bedroom.

But his heart broke when eyes darted at Sapphire. She was sobbing hard, sitting on her bed.

"Angel?" He rushed to her. Sitting on the bed, he hugged her to his chest.

Sapphire clutched onto him tightly and said, "S-she is h-here. I-it hurts so bad Alexander. I can't take it. I can't b-bear the agony anymore." She cried in his chest.

Alexander couldn't understand what she was talking about. He sat there hugging her, and trying to soothe her with his gentle cooing words.

But nothing seemed to work.

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