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   Chapter 52 Mother!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 9056

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One month later, Third Person's POV:

Sapphire is trying to live her life normally. It's true finally she was able to sleep without fear. When she thought that her past tormentor was no more, she breathed in relief every time.

A different, a strange type of relief washed over her mind. But emptiness was also there, each time took her over.

Michael's one sentence still rang inside her ear.

Your mother should care for you. She was a bitch to you in the first place. I got an advantage.

Every time this rang inside her ear, tears stung her eyes. Michael was a vile, despicable person but what he said was true after all.

Sapphire was grateful to Alexander that he killed Michael. She was also shocked that a mafia war was about to happen just to take Alexander Rodriguez down, but Alexander didn't inform anything to her so that she didn't worry about that, he kept everything to himself and fought alone.

Sapphire felt a bit guilty and disappointed in herself not being able to support him when he had been supporting her all along regardless of a good or bad situation.

Alexander also felt something was wrong with her. But this time he wanted to give her some time to herself. He didn't ask her anything because he knew she will open up herself to him when she will be ready. He didn't want to push her.

One night, Alexander was lying on the bed beside Sapphire wrapping her waist with his arms.

"Alexander, " Sapphire called out.

"Yes, angel." He responded playing with her soft, silky hairs.

"We, all the students of our class, have decided to offer volunteer service in a local shelter home. Some of us even want to donate money, clothes, and food as per their abilities. I told them that I am also going." Sapphire told him.

"Okay. Go if that makes you happy." Alexander said. He held her more tightly in his arms and burying his head in her soft chest, he snuggled, inhaling her sweet, addictive, vanilla scent.

"Thank you, " Sapphire mumbled, running her fingers inside his soft lock.

"Alexander!" Sapphire called.

"What again, angel?" Alexander asked. He was sleepy.

"I am sorry, " Sapphire spoke, her voice sounded so guilty, so small.

"For what my love?" Alexander lifted his head from her chest and looked at her. He was confused.

"Alexander, I never could help you or support you a bit while you were helping me, supporting me all along. You struggled, fought alone to stop the mafia war that was forming against you. I could not even support you mentally, emotionally. Alexander, I am so sorry. I always feared that if you kill people your life will be threatened, I still do. But I could never fathom what kind of situation you were going throu

employee who was banging at the door.

"This woman always stays inside this room. She doesn't even come out to eat. We are afraid she will die out of malnutrition. As we were short on our budget, we couldn't arrange a good psychologist for her. I think she needs immediate help." The employee replied.

"I think you should unlock the door." Sapphire's friend Katy said.

The employee opened the door. They entered the room.

A middle-aged woman was lying on the bed, covering herself with a sheet.

The employee called her but she didn't respond. They all were going out of the room leaving her alone.

"Can I try to talk with her? I will not bother her, I promise." Sapphire asked the employee for permission.

She went inside the room and sat on the bed.



"You should eat something."

"You will get sick at this rate."

Suddenly the woman got up and looked at Sapphire, "Are you any new employee? Why are you bothering me about eating food? If I die it's my worry. Go away. It's not like my family is waiting for me anywhere!" The woman bawled.

Sapphire was taken aback at her rude tone. The woman was in her early or mid-fifties. She looked quite sickly. Her hair was frizzy like cotton fiber, deep dark circles under eyes; her jaw was twisted in one side. She was just skin and bone, extremely malnourished. But her voice was pretty high. She looked awfully familiar.

Sapphire observed every detail of her face. She was transfixed when the recognition hit her.

"Mom?!" Automatically the word slipped from her tongue. The world around her stopped for a while.

The woman creased her forehead and raised her brow at Sapphire.

"What did you say?" She asked Sapphire.

"I-I a-am S-Sapphire, Mom." Sapphire breathed, her eyes were filled with tears.

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