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   Chapter 51 Overcoming All Fears!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 14749

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Third person's POV:

"Alexander! No! Please let me out!" She said, her voice cracked.

"Boys out!" Alexander shouted at the men standing in that room. They left the room immediately.

"Angel, you have to face your fear. Enough of your running." Alexander said in a serious tone, holding her hands tightly.

Sapphire was shaking her head vigorously. Her thoughts were puddled in fear. How many years had been passed, it didn't matter, she still couldn't forget her horrible past.

Alexander grabbed her shoulder and tried to turn her toward Michael.


"No!" Sapphire struggled hard crying.

But Alexander didn't care; he harshly turned her and dragged her where Michael was sitting, tied.

"Angel, can you see? This is the vile bastard who hurt you, tainted your childhood. He is the reason of your nightmares, tears." Alexander asserted loudly, circling Michael.

Sapphire was scared to death and befuddled. She couldn't comprehend his actions or words. Her vision was getting blurry with tears.

"He is the reason why your beautiful eyes are full of fear and tears. Do you really think, after doing horrible things to you, my angel, I will let him go? I will work together with a bastard like him just for my profit?" Alexander very calmly asked, but his voice was shockingly cold.

Sapphire felt the temperature of that room dropped suddenly. She gulped in nervousness.

Alexander fisted Michael's hairs roughly and with a strong tug, made him face them.

But Michael was semi-unconscious. Alexander slapped him hard.

Abruptly Michael woke up. He looked like he was seeing a ghost. His face paled.

"A-Alexander, I did what you told me to do. Then why are you doing this? We are allies." Michael said grimacing his face in pain.

Instantly Alexander landed a hard punch on his face. Michael's jaw twisted in effect.

"Bastard, you think I would make a real alliance with a mutt like you? I just used you. I just used you to rebut the mafia war, to destroy the mafia groups who teamed up together to take me down." Alexander spat on his face.

Sapphire's eyes widened in surprise. Mafia war! She had no idea what Alexander was talking about.

Michael was speechless.

"Do you think that I didn't know that together with Damon and Dom, you were also associated with the murdering attempt of my girlfriend? I could squeeze the very life you at that time but I waited. I had to wait to find out the other ringleaders. And so I used you." Alexander screamed landing another punch on him.

"Do you know what happens to the person who tries to hurt my woman? Huh?" Alexander questioned, his eyes flashed with a sadistic gleam.

"I give them the most agonizing death of history, " Alexander said menacingly.

Something was Alexander's eyes, Michael's body trembled at the chair.

"P-please f-forgive m-me." Michael cried.

Alexander took the knife from the table and ran the cold sharp thing against his arm.

Screams of agony tore free from Michael's mouth when Alexander dug the tip of the knife and twisted it inside his raw flesh.

Alexander withdrew the knife. Michael was panting hard.

"Michael, what about the little girl of Helena Atkinson whom you used to abuse brutally, used to beat up just to seek your sadistic pleasure?" Alexander barked.

Sapphire visibly trembled and her body was shaking uncontrollably. She was feeling all the air of that room suddenly was being sucked out, her lungs were unable to inhale any air.

But she tried to calm herself.

She closed her eyes and began saying to herself, "Breathe Sapphire, Breathe."

"H-how d-did you know?" Michael asked.

"This girl is the girl whom you tortured ten years ago, " Alexander shouted pointing towards Sapphire.

Michael's eyes went big like saucers in shock. He was gulping like a fish out of water.

"Oh, I am sorry. Please forgive me, Miss." Michael begged looking at Sapphire's way.

Sapphire clenched her eyes shut and turned her face another way in disgust and fear.

The man was a cruel demon who was capable of doing anything. He was tied on a chair, beaten and bloody but still, she was scared of him.

Still, she could remember how he defiled her, tortured her. This man was responsible for her countless nightmares, trauma.

A cold shiver ran down her spine.

Her legs were becoming weak. She wanted to run away from there.

Alexander looked at her. S


He took the key and started the ignition and pulled away.

During the whole ride, Sapphire was unusually quiet. Even after reaching home, she went to the bathroom to get fresh but didn't come out in two hours. Alexander felt worried.

He waited for her but she didn't come out. At last, he entered the bathroom and saw her crying silently sitting on the bathtub still with her clothes on.

It broke his heart that she was his angel was crying silently.

"Angel, what happened?" Alexander asked holding her.

"Alexander, today I am really glad. I have got rid of the source of my fear. Thank you. But you know, I can't ignore the harsh truth that whatever happened to me wasn't entirely Michael's deed. My own mother was responsible for that too. I am trying to brush off the thought but I can't." Sapphire tried to smile at Alexander, wiping her teary eyes. But she couldn't, she couldn't fake her smile at him.

"I am sorry if I disappoint you." Her lips quivered as she mumbled.

Alexander couldn't find anything to say. He felt utter disgust for the woman who was her mother. That vile woman didn't deserve to be a mother of anybody let alone this angel.

Assault of an outsider, the third person can be forgotten but when your own mother is the person who assaults, tortures you, it leaves a permanent scar on your soul.

Alexander hugged her to his chest that tightly like his life depended on that hug. Sapphire silently cried on his chest, holding his arms.

"Angel, I know it's painful. But can't you smile now thinking about your father who loved you so much? He must be very happy that finally you are able to let go of your fear. Now, even if it's painful, try to smile just thinking about your father. If he was alive, he wouldn't love to see your tears. Right?"

"Yeah, you are right. I won't cry." Instantly Sapphire stopped. Alexander wiped her remaining tears from her cheeks.

They sat on the water-filled big tub for some time.

"Angel!" Alexander asked.

"Hm?" Sapphire responded.

"Did you see Michael's text yesterday?" Alexander questioned her.

"Yes, " Sapphire answered.

"Then why didn't you tell me anything?" Alexander wanted to know.

"To be honest, Alexander, I felt hurt when I saw the text accidentally that you joined your hand with him. But I believed you over what I saw. I knew whatever you do, you won't break my trust." Sapphire admitted.

Listening to her, Alexander's heart filled with extreme happiness. He was overly glad that she believed him over what she saw. He couldn't help but pulling her in a tight hug and kissed her pouring his all love, passion, and care. She didn't let him down.

"Thank you for believing me, angel." Alexander mumbled releasing her.

Alexander thought again, "How someone can be this innocent! My angel is too good for this crooked world. I will always protect her."

They both freshened up and headed to the dining room.

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