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   Chapter 48 King, Queen and Throne!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 16148

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Third Person's POV:

"Hello, Michael, tell me about Rob Diego and Herald Bosler's whereabouts, " Alexander called Michael.

"I don't know. I am not their slave, I don't know about them!" Michael snarled.

Alexander was pretty impressed by hearing his harsh tone.

"I know, Michael. You are not a slave of them. But you are my slave. Remember about the audio clip? I think on this Thanksgiving day I will send all of them this audio clip as my gift. What do you think?" Alexander chuckled.

"You! Son of a b-b-" Michael wanted to curse him but stopped.

"Stop right there and don't finish what you started or else you won't like the outcome. Maybe the next morning you will discover yourself without tongue." Alexander warned him, his voice hardened.

"Now tell me about Diego and Bosler." Alexander wasted no time.

"They are trying to collaborate with Santos as Dom and Damon are dead. They need more manpower and arms. Tonight they are going to meet at the Hilton port area." Michael informed.

"Michael if I find this information is wrong or you tried to pull any smart stunt, I will skin you alive, mark my words." Alexander hung up.

Alexander called his men Dante and Rick and ordered them to ensure if the news was true. If it's true, he ordered them to go to the Hilton port area and finish them off.

At night, Alexander received a call from his man, Dante.

"Boss, Diego and Bosler are over. What will we do next?" He asked Alexander.

"Dante, well done. You have again done well. For now, you have to keep an eye on Michael. If you see any suspicious movement, just inform me." Alexander said and cut the call.

The next day, Michael called Alexander.

"Hello, Alexander I am asking for the last time. Will you really keep your words? You told me that you will give me what I want after the successful ending of each mafia group. Then the almighty Rodriguez's words don't keep a value?" Michael tried to provoke Alexander.

Alexander just laughed at his failed attempt.

"Michael, I never told you that I won't give you arms, ammunition, manpower or shelter. But you know that I never go against my ethics, my rules. Then how did you think that a mouse like you would blackmail me into doing the things I hate and I will let it slide? My first rule to myself is to abide by the ethics, whatever the situation is. If you have other things to wish for, you can want it from me. But prostitution, human trafficking, organ trafficking, I will not allow these. Police will know about it later, but the mafia or gang which will try to do these, I will CRUSH THEM IN RAW BlOODS." Alexander pronounced the last part stressing.

Michael wiped his sweats from his forehead. Gulping big, he tried to calm himself.

Right now, he could imagine that Alexander would kill him in a blink.

"Okay, we don't need to be so hyper. We can keep our calm and talk. I want you to clear the arms supply route of Puerto Rico, for my gang. My gang never had access over that route." Michael expressed his new demand, trying to make the conversation light.

"Consider it done but, Michael, remember that I have always eyes on you. The moment you will try to act smart..." Alexander said.

Michael was listening to him suddenly he sat down covering his ears as a small explosion took place inside the room he was in, half of the room blown away, caught in a fire. He quickly got out of the room to save his life.

"What the fuck just happened!" Michael muttered himself in shock and bewilderment.

Suddenly his eyes fell on his hand, Alexander was still on phone.

"S-sorry, I will call you later. My place is... " Michael couldn't finish.

"Nearly blown away?" Alexander chuckled darkly.

Michael's eyes widened in shock. He stood there baffled.

"Michael, it was a warning to make you remember who I am and not to double-cross me. Do as I say or next time there won't be any escape." Alexander cut the call. The sharp warning in his voice was enough to cut anyone off, make anyone shiver in fear.

Michael was sweating profusely.

Soon his fear faded and his suppressed anger resurfaced.

Damn Alexander!

Fifteen days later, Alexander's pov:

I was quite successful with my plan. I planned to destroy the mafia groups and gangs, whoever got together to take me down and almost all of them were destroyed. Some of them were hiding here and there, scattered.

How could they be so stupid!

They all teamed up just to defeat me. The only advantage they had over me was their unity. Fucking stupid bastards began suspecting each other and broke their collaboration. It was hell easy for me to finish them up.

Finally, I could breathe in relief. As the mafia king, I saved my throne again. Now, I had to go to my queen, Sapphire.

Sapphire started going to university and I started going

p?" She said.

"Good idea." I drove to my mansion. Sapphire quickly entered the bathroom to get fresh.

She returned from the bathroom. Taking a look at her, I realized that she showered just now.

"Aren't you going to get fresh?" She asked sitting on the bed. I entered the bathroom and took a shower as well.

We both headed to our theater room and sat on the huge comfy couch.

"Let me choose the movie." She said and took the remote.

"You wanna eat something? Popcorn or cookies?" I asked her.

"No, I am still full. I may not have dinner tonight." She said. Though she liked action movies, this time she chose a cheesy romantic movie. To be honest, I didn't get this movie a bit interesting. But she seemed to enjoy it. She was watching the movie without even blinking. I did what I could do, instead of watching the movie, I watched her.

Her eyes watered as the hero kissed the girl. She suddenly sprawled over my body, without caring a bit. Her entire attention was focused on the movie.

Off I was getting frustrated.

How could she focus on this stupid movie when a handsome man like me was sitting beside him? I also deserved some of her attention. I pulled her in my lap.


No reaction, she didn't even notice that I pulled her; she was damn engrossed in that fucking movie.

My hands began tracing her exposed milky white, soft thighs as she wore a short. I moved her hair from her ear and began kissing from her ear to her neck.

"Mmm." A low moan was heard.

"What are you doing?" She turned her head to me and asked.

"Nothing, " I said innocently.

"Keep your hands to yourself." She gritted her teeth.

"Okay, " I said.

She looked at the television screen again. My hand began toughing her thighs sensually, moving upwards, squeezing slowly. I leaned to her and bit her ear lobe. I kissed the nape of her neck and sucked her skin.

"A-alexanderrr! Y-you!" She moaned again. I knew her weak spots.

"You like it when I do this, babe?" I seductively whispered to her ear and nibbled on her skin.

"Mmm." She let out a faint voice and tried to move my hand from her thigh. I moved my hand and I slid it inside her t-shirt. I cupped her right breast over her bra and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"S-s-stoppp!" She stuttered.

"How about you make me?" I said nibbling her ear again.

I grabbed her waist and turned her towards me. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed her hungrily. My tongue explored her warm mouth and tasted her sweetness. I wanted to kiss her more, but I had to release her. We both were breathless, panting for air.

A deep blush formed on her both cheeks, making her look unimaginably seductive and adorable.

After the kiss, I couldn't control myself. I kissed her jaw and moved to her neck kissing her aggressively, sucking her skin leaving my marks. I smirked at the hickies and licked her skin.

She pulled my hair suddenly and I stopped. She cupped my face and aggressively kissed me, wrapping her legs around my waist.

"I want you. Make love to and fuck me, Alexander." She breathed looking straight at my eyes as soon as she released me.


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