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   Chapter 47 Start Dividing!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 14888

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Third person's POV:

"Michael as we are allies now, I hope that you will help me, " Alexander said over his phone.

"What type of help do you need from me?" Michael asked, knitting his brows. His tone was laced with suspicion.

He couldn't believe that Alexander Rodriguez who was the lord of entire American mafia called him and asked for his help.

The alliance that they offered Alexander was just to destroy him behind his back; it was made to know his secrets.

Some of them were surprised that Alexander agreed to this alliance. Some of them thought Alexander had hidden intention behind agreeing to the alliance, some thought that Alexander got weakened in manpower so he needed alliance.

None of them had the slightest idea that Alexander was going to overtrump them by their own cards.

"Michael, how long are you going to live as the leader of 'Vulture'? A local gang leader of Kansas must be mentioned vulture is not the only dominant gang of U.S. Even many local gangs dominate Vulture." Alexander chuckled.

"What are you trying to say?" Michel queried, his voice became hard as Alexander belittled his gang.

"I am trying to say that everything in this world is based on connection and all we do because of our own interest. Michael, I am Alexander Rodriguez, you know well that in America, I am invincible. If I stand in a side and the whole country's all the mafias and gang leaders stand on the other side with their everything, still they won't be equal to my power. You know that it's true." Alexander stated.

Michael didn't say anything. He just listened because what Alexander said was true indeed.

"I want you as my true ally. You and I both know why you suddenly approached me and offered an alliance. Be my true ally, help me and I am giving you my words that you will get the power to rule ten of the states of America. I will give you money, manpower, and arms. Whether you are with me or with them, the choice is yours. You will be benefited from either of us. But think carefully which side benefits you more." Alexander lured him.

"What help do you need?" Michael finally asked.

"Michael you have to be my spy. You know why I chose you. I will give you unimaginable power and shelter when you will need it. Think repeatedly that after agreeing to be a spy for them what they offered you. If you are intelligent, you will agree to help me and be benefited in return. Michael I am giving you 24 hours to think and decide." Saying, Alexander cut the call.

After a few hours, Michael called him back. Alexander smirked watching the caller ID.

Faster than I thought. Alexander smirked.

"Hello, " Alexander spoke up.

"I want to join you. But what is the guarantee that you will do as you say?" Michael asked.

Alexander laughed inwardly, Michael swallowed the bait.

"Michael, I am a man of my words. The whole mafia world knows it. But let me ask you what guarantee you got from your current team that you agreed to work with them?" Alexander said.

"In a collaborative meeting, we signed our..." Michael tried to say.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Michael. For how many years are you in this business? Don't you know this type of agreement doesn't matter at all? So many men were killed even after signing an agreement. The reason was after having the work done, partners didn't want to give them the share of the profit." Alexander explained. Michael didn't say anything.

"We are mafia, but we have some ethics too. Although many people in this business don't care for it. In Mafia world Rodriguez family is reputed for keeping words."

"Okay, I am with you." Michael said.

"Michael you have taken the right decision." Alexander stated.

"You will give me information about them. After proves that each of your info is correct and I am able to finish them off, you will get your reward instantly." Alexander confirmed.

"But why should I believe you?" Michael was still in doubts.

"Because of your self-interest and if you want to conquer something big, you have to take risk. Otherwise be satisfied licking other's feet. Michael total 13 of them. You will give me info one by one. If you notice that I am staggering from my own words, just stop being my spy. It's really, simple. I want long term, efficient information source." Alexander informed.

"Okay, "

"Then get to work. Give me all info about Sergus, what are they going to do next?" Alexander questioned.


"See? We are just trying to give our opinions. But you are threatening to kill us."

"Excuse me. But Diego and Bosler, you guys did a pretty bad thing humiliating me." Brown excused himself and exited the meeting room.

"Damn! What happened now? We are losing our unity. To defeat Rodriguez, we must be united. Otherwise we don't have any chance. They are superior in everything, ammunitions, manpower and money." Another one commented pulling his hair in frustration.

"Michael? Why did you say this? You caused this feud!"

"How can you blame me gentleman? I just gave my opinion. If we are not even allowed to talk what is the need of this collaboration?" Michael said and stood up.

"I am going too." He left the room.

Next day, "Hello, Michael?" Alexander received his call.

"Actually in the meeting, I tried to put the blame on Samuels, Wilkinson, Lambtordi. Samuels are hot headed men. Brown Samuels left the meeting threatening to kill Diego and Bosler in anger." Michael replied.

"No body suspected you? Did they?" Alexander confirmed.

"No. Not any one. I blamed them so that no one can doubt me." Michael responded.

Alexander wasn't surprised at his crookedness.

"Okay. That's enough for you. Next, give me information about Diego and Bosler." Alexander said.

"Okay. I will get the information tonight and I will tell you as soon as I can. But what am I getting for this?" Michael was questioning about his payment.

Alexander couldn't help wanting to strangling him right then.

"Michael, you have got the cartel as you asked for first time." Alexander reminded him.

"I want you to let me open my prostitution ring again." Michael said.

"Michael, how dare you?! Everyone knows that Alexander Rodriguez doesn't involve in prostitution or trafficking business. You know this better. How dare you ask me this!" Alexander roared. His anger rose to peak.

"But you have to give me this if you want information. Otherwise I will not work for you anymore." Michael tried to blackmail Alexander.

"Ha ha ha ha ha. Fucking mutt you are blackmailing me? You think you have any other way but to work for me now? I, Alexander Rodriguez am standing another side and in my opposite every mafia groups are standing united. If you stop working for me, I will send the audio clip of our every conversation. They will know how you betrayed them. Michael, I won't kill you. But what about them? They will kill you like the dog you are. Do you want it?" Alexander asked smirking.

"You! Planned all?" Michael shouted.

"No, Michael. I know greedy dogs like you. I had to keep my back up plan to keep you in a bridle. Too much greed often calls death. Do as I say or get killed by them. Send me the info in time. You have not any way. Try to act smart, I will kill you." Alexander warned and cut the call.

Michael stood there and thought that he messed with the wrong person. His instinctive greed buried him inside deep dangers.

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