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   Chapter 45 Dreadful Past!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 14863

Updated: 2020-03-16 23:23

Warning: Extremely sensitive content!

Third Person's POV:

"I was born in Kansas. My papa had a house there. He was an engineer. He married my mother who was from Florida actually. My dad loved my mother a lot and she loved him too. But slowly my father got to see that my mother had some problems, she was complicated. She always wanted my father's full attention. Not only my father's, she wanted to be in the spotlight before everyone. She was a beautiful woman and was very conscious of her figure, beauty, health. My father wanted a child and a peaceful home. But she never wanted to be pregnant. She thought if she got pregnant, her body would not be beautiful and my father would not want her anymore. But accidentally she got pregnant once. My father was elated hearing this news. He began planning for his future child. Seeing my father's excitement for his unborn child, she began to think that the child was going to snatch his husband from her, already it has taken a big part of her husband's heart. It was unacceptable to my mother that my father would think and care about anyone other than her. She dreaded that after the birth of this child her husband would forget about her. She even tried to abort me but my father didn't let her." Sapphire took a deep breath.

Alexander remembered that he met with her for the first time in Kansas. She saved him when he was shot.

"After that, I was born. My father loved me very much and even when I was a toddler, my mother was sometimes jealous of me. She didn't like that every day returning from office, my father spent so much time with me, played with me, hugged me, read me a bedtime story. She used to spend lavishly and this is why my father got a new job in Nevada from Kansas. That job paid him much more. My father would come to our house twice a month. My mother indulged herself in addiction by this time period. She developed a habit of drinking, smoking and even she did drugs sometimes. She befriended many bad people. However, my father didn't know about it as my mother always hid it. My mother sometimes scolded me, neglected me and occasionally she would abuse me for small mistakes like slapping me, pushing me but it was not extreme. Till now everything was bearable." Sapphire described.

Alexander listened patiently.

"It was my sixth birthday. My father had an important project going on Nevada and he was busy. I was sad that he wouldn't be with me on my birthday too. I called my father and cried that if he didn't come on my birthday, I wouldn't talk to him ever. I was just a child; I didn't have the ability to understand how important his job was. My father used to work in a hilly area of Nevada but he decided to come to Kansas for a day, just for my sake. But he couldn't make it to Kansas because he met an accident in the way and the car fell off a cliff. Even the body of my father couldn't be found." Sapphire continued.

Alexander's brows knitted in confusion. If her father's body wasn't found then how it was in the graveyard?

"If his body wasn't found then…" He asked.

"Let me continue, then you will understand, " Sapphire explained.

"After the news of my father's death, my mother blamed me completely. She was sad and furious, she beat me black and blue the day the news of the accident was out. Alexander, I was also hurt. I also lost my father; I wanted my father to stay with me on my birthday. I was just a six years old child. How much I understand that time? But that didn't stop her from abusing me." She held her tears back.

Alexander held her hands tightly. Her body trembled.

"After my father's death, my mother's drinking and drug addiction took a serious turn. Moreover, many people came to our house; she used to host late night parties with bad people. She used to beat me and made me do most of the chores. She didn't even give me food properly." Tears trickled down her eyes by now.

"My mom had many boyfriends. But one of them used to come to our house more frequently. One day my mother asked him to stay with her in our house. He started staying at our house, but I never liked him. He brainwashed my mother saying if she didn't have a daughter like me, still any rich, handsome man would marry her again. This had my mother's ire increased against me; she began thinking that I was just a burden. He even told my mother to fire all the maids and let me do all the works. My mother was brainwashed by hi

was already in so much pain that I lost my all senses. Papa quickly took me to the hospital. He asked my mother why she did these horrific deeds with her own daughter. In answer, my mother just said I snatched everything from her. Papa divorced her and informed the police about the abuses on me. Police arrived and arrested my mother, but her boyfriend escaped. Papa had many land properties in Kansas and a house. He sold them all and came to Chicago with me. He wanted me to leave everything behind and wanted to give me a healthy life. He started a business and within four years it became very successful. My papa made a lot of money and if he was alive, then he would be a billionaire soon. But life wasn't easy for me, the dreadful abuse I went through, they didn't leave me alone. I was getting constant nightmares, panic attacks. I saw many doctors and psychiatrists but it didn't go away. From the abuse, trust issues and relationship complex developed in me. Soon he was diagnosed with cancer and died, making me an orphan forever." Sapphire burst into loud sobs.

Alexander couldn't understand what to say. He didn't have any word. But sure an uncontrollable urge formed inside him. The urge to kill. To kill them who caused his angel this much pain. Mother or not, he would kill her if he got her in front of him. A mother sacrifices her live for children's wellbeing. This is why after God people worship mother. But if a mother is like this, then they deserve to die.

"And Alexander do you know the person still haunts me in my dreams who he is?" She asked.

"The man I met today, in your office, it's him. I have seen him many years later. His appearance changed but I could never forget that terrifying face in my entire life, which still had craved fear in my entire soul." Sapphire narrated.

Hearing her Alexander felt his body was burning in extreme fury. He clenched his fist, grinding his teeth.

He was enraged, he was seeing all red. He knew the alliance he made was stupid and it was a way to bait them, but right now he decided.

He had to kill that pervert, pedophile, bastard Tony Michael. That person lived a long time even after what he had done. He was the person who tried to defile his angel in the past, filled her childhood with horrific memories and even in the present tried to lay his filthy eyes on her. He didn't have any right to live.

I will kill that bastard in the most brutal way. Alexander vowed.

She was drained emotionally. Alexander understood that she needed rest. Breaking her walls, opening herself before him about the past she was running from, wasn't easy.

Holding her he pushed her body gently on the bed.

"Sleep angel. Sleep for a bit, you need it." Alexander said placing a pillow under her head.

She was exhausted, so didn't protest. She took one of his hands to her chest and fell asleep. She didn't want to let him go, she was afraid to let him go. His warmth made her feel calm.

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