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   Chapter 43 Who Tried To Kill Her

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 15423

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Third person's POV:

After staying at her apartment for five or four days, Sapphire returned to Alexander's mansion with him.

She studied sitting in her room and made a report on gram negative bacteria. Alexander didn't go to his company and he was working at his study. She decided to see Alexander.

"Alexander I want to visit 'Little hope' tomorrow. Do you want to come?" She asked Alexander entering his study.

He was working on his laptop and was deeply engrossed. So didn't hear her.

"Alexander?" She asked him.

"Yes, angel. Yes. Yes, " He said looking at the screen.

"I was saying that how about we visit 'Little Hope'." She queried again.

"Yes, angel. Yes. Yes." He said keeping his eyes glued on the computer screen.

Sapphire got annoyed but a naughty idea played in her head.

"Alexander, are you an idiot?" She asked this time.

"Yes, angel. Yes. Yes." He said the same thing looking at the computer.

She laughed out very loud hearing him this time.

This caught his attention.

"What? What's so funny?" He questioned her confused tearing his gaze off the computer.

"I just asked you if you are an idiot and you said yes yes yes." She burst into laughter again.

"I never knew you were an idiot. Good for me, I got to know your second name. I will call you Mr. Idiot from now on." Sapphire said playfully.

"You little!" Alexander got up and walked to her to catch her. But she ran away from the room sticking her tongue out to him.

Alexander watched her escaping him, but he would punish her for teasing him. He was a devil after all. Angel couldn't get away after teasing the devil.

In the evening she came to her room from the library and abruptly Alexander caught her from behind, clamping her mouth so that she couldn't make any sound. Her eyes widened in surprise and fear, she struggled to get free.

Alexander threw her body on the bed and hovered over her. A sigh of relief washed her over when she saw it was just Alexander.

"Alexander! You nearly killed me!" She exclaimed slapping his chest.

Alexander just smirked and wrapping his legs around her tightly, he captured her both hands pinned above her head. She was under him.

"Someone said that I am idiot. Is she sorry about that?" He asked looking at her eyes.

"Nope. Because it was you who said it." She giggled.

"Oh, that's it? Then take it." Saying Alexander smashed his lips on her, kissing her demandingly, biting her lips, tasting her mouth. Though it was a dominating kiss, the passion and desire took over her and she moaned as he sucked, nibbled her lips.

Sapphire's cheek grew deep red when Alexander released her. Alexander's brown eyes turned dark in desire and lust, he was looking at her with want. Her red, swollen lips parted slightly as she was breathing hard, her beasts heaving up and down. Their breathing intermingled creating a hot ambience of desire mixed with sinful salacity.

Alexander asked leaning to her lips, "So, you won't say sorry?"

"Why will I say sorry when you said you said it yourself?" She whispered, feeling herself getting weak.

"Oh. I see my stubborn angel. I will make you." He chuckled darkly.

His breathing and deep voice were growing an unbridled sensation inside her body, making her crave for his touches.

Before she could understand anything, she felt his one hand slipping inside her panty, pulling her short down.

"W-what are you doing?" She looked at him with her shocked eyes.

Alexander didn't say anything, just kept smirking.

Sapphire frowned when she felt him wrapping her legs around his waist and using his knees, he kept them apart. A gasp escaped her mouth when she felt Alexander sliding his one finger inside her.

"Hey, remove it. Remove it, shameless!" She urged, struggling to get free using hands but they were pinned above her head. She was wriggling under him.

But Alexander was thoroughly enjoying her uneasiness. He began pushing his finger in and out inside her slowly.

Sapphire's breathing became heavy again, she ordered, "Take it off." But Alexander just increased his speed pumping inside her tight walls.

"Hey, stoppp." She breathed.

Alexander rubbed her clit which made her shaking her head in negative.

"No. No. No." Sapphire shook her head vigorously.

"So, are you sorry now sweetheart? For teasing me?" Alexander queried, rubbing her clit. But Sapphire didn't say anything. Biting her lip, she glared at him.

"Damn stubborn girl!" Alexander remarked and again dipped his finger inside her pumping harder. Her body began trembling and she was getting nearer

ng their own babies in the future. Even the mere thought of it made him ecstatic.

Sapphire's carefree happy smile, made his heart leap a beat. He clicked a lot of pictures of her with his mobile. When it was time for their return, like every time, it was an emotional moment. Children bade Sapphire good bye with their teary eyes. When Sapphire also got into the car, her eyes were moistened too.

"Don't cry angel. We will come here soon." Alexander kissed her.

Sapphire just nodded. Alexander stopped his car by an Ice cream parlor, thinking having ice cream might lighten up her mood.

"Angel, I thought you might like ice-cream now." He said to her. Sapphire smiled at him and they both entered the ice cream shop.

Sapphire took cookie dough and chocolate chips flavors. Alexander took coconut mint flavor.

And as he thought Sapphire began chatting eating the ice creams. The sad mood she was in a while ago, faded away.

"Alexander I want to eat Sushi and spicy Japanese ramen today." Sapphire said.

"And tiramisu too."

Alexander felt happy that she wasn't upset anymore and suddenly talking like a chatterbox.

"Okay angel. We will eat them all, but before finish eating this ice cream." Alexander smiled at her.

Sapphire was eating ice cream being herself, without caring if she was looking ladylike or not. She was always spontaneous and that's what Alexander loved most. She never had to act anything to make him like. He was smitten by her everything.

"That was delicious." Sapphire said licking her lips.

After finishing their ice cream, they got out of the parlor and headed to their car. Sapphire's phone rang.

"Alexander you get inside the car before, I am coming." Saying, she stopped before a glass wall and opened her purse to take out her mobile. It was Bella who called her. Before the she could receive the call, the phone fell on the ground from her hand.

"Off no!" Saying, she bent down to take it from the ground.

The glass wall of the parlor, she was standing before, suddenly shattered with clattering sound and a bullet fell on the floor.

Her body went numb in fear when she understood what just happened. She screamed loudly covering her ears with her both hands. Her body began to shake.

A bullet was just shot, targeting her. Somebody just tried to kill her.

Alexander ran to her and saw his angel's crying and shaking figure. The glass wall behind her was shattered, a bullet was lying there and smoke was coming out of it. She was so shocked that she even forgot that she should run.

Shielding her with his body, he quickly took her from there and got her inside the car. She was frozen in fear. No comprehensible sound was coming out of her mouth.

"It's okay. It's okay." Alexander said hugging her and rubbing her to soothe her. She was in extreme fear and shock. Alexander drove the car and quickly reached mansion.

He was both shocked and angry.

Who dared to hurt his angel!

But at that moment he didn't say anything as he had to help her calming down. She was beyond terrified.

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