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   Chapter 42 Fear, Vulnerability!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 16976

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She pushed Alexander off her. He stumbled a bit and regaining balance, looked at her with murderous eyes.

"So you want to get away with me? And with someone like him?" He asked her icily. The coldness in his voice, made her body shiver.

"What?!" Sapphire was left confused, she asked him raising my brows, furrowing forehead.

"Sapphire, if you think I will let you go with someone, you are utterly mistaken. I will kill him for touching my girl and chain you forever." He came near her and gripped her wrists very tightly.

Here was the man I loved!

I gave my everything believing him while he was unable to believe me or even let me explain. Sapphire thought.

"Alexander, you think I will go with him? Me? After giving my all to you?" Sapphire laughed bitterly.

"Just think once, after meeting each other, whose life has been changed between us? Mine or yours? Mine. I do everything as you say, but still it's not enough to get your trust. Still, you are not satisfied. You always force your decisions on me; I think it's your love, protectiveness. But no, I realize now, you never trusted me. A relationship without trust crumbles easily. I think I won't be able to do this anymore. How much I love you that doesn't matter, I won't be with you when you think so lowly of me. My pride won't let me." She said with a sigh. Her lips were quivering, as she held back her tears.

It hurt her badly when he said that she would go away with another man. How could he think so lowly of her? Everything seemed meaningless to her at that moment.

"What!" He exclaimed, raising his brows.

"I meant just end it. You won't want someone as unfaithful like me!" She cried out.

A sharp pain hit her chest when she said to end the relationship. She never wanted to end this relationship; she loved him so much, unconditionally. After her father, he was the first person whom she loved, trusted. But this cruel accusation from him, broke her heart, her pride was questioned.

"You want to end relationship with me, now? So silly of you sweetheart, but you were doomed for good when you said yes to me. No way out now, you are bound with me. If you think I will let you go and you will choose somebody, you are entirety mistaken. I will kill the person for sure and with you... you know what I can do to you better!" He barked like maniac.

She flinched at the strength and harshness of his voice. Threat was clear in his words. His eyes were blazing in fury, jaws tightly clenched and veins in his forehead stood out.

Did he really need to imply what he had done to her again? It was a painful memory for her, a very painful one.

He was looking exactly like the old Alexander, who would forget every right or wrong in anger and only could inflict pain.

A cold shiver ran down her spine in fear, the Alexander's old self which was dormant inside him awoke again. The horrible pain he inflicted upon her, again flashed before her eyes.

"Did you hear me? Answer it!" He snarled again, shaking her shoulder vigorously.

Suddenly, Sapphire felt tightening in her chest, difficulty in breathing. She didn't want to take this conversation to another height. She just wanted to leave from him then.

"If you can't believe me then leave me. I know I am loyal to you and that's enough." She said with cracking voice and turned to leave the room letting her tears fall.

"Angel, stop." He said but Sapphire didn't stop.

"I said stop dammit!" He screamed but Sapphire still left.

I must not say this to her. I know she is loyal to me; nobody can be more loyal than her. But my paranoia, anger, jealousy got the best of me. I feel paranoid over the person I love most. Alexander thought.

He went to the wall and punched hard in anger.

Then again did the same.

"Would she ever forgive me for today?" Alexander asked himself and decided to leave her alone for some time.

He left his mansion and returned home at late night. He checked on Sapphire, but she was fast asleep which was unusual of her. Being disappointed, he went to his room. He got up early in the morning, went to the gym and thought of talking to Sapphire at breakfast table and sort everything out.

Coming breakfast table, he sat and asked the maid where Sapphire was. They told that she went to university already without having any breakfast. Alexander was pissed.

What made him more pissed was when he knew that she skipped the yesterday's dinner too.

Sapphire didn't want to meet Alexander for sometimes, so she decided to go to her apartment. She entered her apartment and went to her bed room.

She gasped loudly in surprise when she saw Alexander sitting on her bed.

"What are you doing here? Get out! It's my room." She spoke coldly dropping her bag on the table.

Alexander didn't say anything.

"What are you doing at my house who you think wants to go away with another person?" Sapphire sarcastically said. She saw Alexander winced visibly. He lowered his head.

A guilt was evident all over his face. He took a deep breath then got out of the bed and kne

meone over phone.

His clothes were delivered by ten minutes.

Sapphire wondered if his employees worked in jet speed. Sapphire and Alexander watched TV in the afternoon.

In the evening, Sapphire went to kitchen to cook something for dinner. She was cooking Indonesian stir fried rice, nasi goreng. She sprinkled oil and put onion over the hot pan. She was about to stir the onions with spatula.

Suddenly she jumped when she felt a kiss on the back of her neck. A hand sliding down her shirt, caressing her belly, moving toward her breasts.

"Alexander!" She yelled.

"Mmm." Alexander didn't release her rather pulled her closer to him and continued sucking, nibbling her neck.

Sapphire's hands were shaking; she squirmed but couldn't stop him. She felt her body was being weak.

"Alexander bit her ear lobe lightly taking it between his teeth and licked it. An involuntary moan got out of her as he attacked her weak spot.

"Alexander, leave me. I am cooking." She mumbled inaudibly.

She felt like her body was getting on fire suddenly, knees were getting shaky. Alexander's hand slid inside her shirt and slowly it gave her breast a gentle squeeze. She moaned again gripping his hand feeling heated up straight to her centre in sudden pleasure. She clenched her legs together. The wooden spatula from her hand fell on the floor.

"So, what were you saying, angel?" Alexander said sucking her neck. A smirk was visible in his lips.

"Mmm. I don't know." Sapphire breathed closing her eyes, her face was red. Alexander smirked seeing his effect on her body, how instantly her body would respond to his touches.

Suddenly her sense of time returned as a sharp burning smell hit her nose. She immediately pushed Alexander and checked on her cooking pan. The onions were entirely burnt.

"It's all your fault. They are all burnt now. Now you cook the dinner." She whined stomping her feet. She looked cute when she pouted.

Alexander turned the burner off and abruptly picked her up in a bridal style. A loud squeak escaped her mouth.

He took her in bedroom and put her on the bed gently.

Before she could look at him, he got over her body kissing her aggressively, nibbling her lips, demanding access to enter her mouth. Sapphire opened her mouth, his tongue dominated over her, ravishing her mouth. He released her when she was breathless.

His one hand was caresssing her inner thigh and other one was stroking her belly and that's when the doorbell rang.

"Damn doorbell!" Alexander cursed under breath.

"I have ordered food. It must be the delivery." He went to receive the food.

"Angel, come and eat." Alexander called her.

They both ate together sitting on the bed. Alexander ordered Italian food for them.

After eating, Sapphire took a pillow and comforter and went to couch.

"What are you doing?" Alexander asked him raising his brow.

"Sleeping." She answered.

"You are sleeping here, we are sleeping here." Alexander said pointing the bed.

"Nah. You are big, you will need the bed. I will sleep here." Sapphire said lying on the couch.

"Like hell I will let you sleep there. You will sleep here, with me. We will perfectly accommodate here." Alexander got up and picked her up to the bed.

Alexander lay there, nuzzling on her neck, hugging her very tightly with him. They both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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