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   Chapter 39 I Will Cherish Her Forever!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 9224

Updated: 2020-03-10 23:35

Sapphire's POV:

The next morning, I opened my eyes and found myself lying on Alexander's arm covered by a blanket.

"Good morning, angel." I heard him.

"Morning, " I mumbled, I hid my face in his chest remembering last night.

I heard him chuckling. I closed my eyes, still feeling exhausted.

"Still tired?" He asked.

I nodded closing my eyes.

"Are you sore?" I blushed hard and nodded again looking at him.

He tightened his hold possessively around me and said, "Sleep a little more." I smiled and closed my eyes hugging him. He also hugged me back wrapping his both hands around my waist. His warm body against mine felt so good.

After a few hours, I woke up feeling a kiss on my forehead.

"Slept well?" He asked. I nodded smiling. I was running patterns in his chest with my right forefinger.

I couldn't describe how tired I was, he made his way inside me repeatedly and leaving me all drained and contented at the same time last night. I got up and put on his shirt.

"Let's have you bathed." He got up and carried me to the bathroom in bridal style.

He let me finish my business in private and entered later in the bathroom.

He filled the tub with warm water and carried me there.

We got inside the tub and rested my head on his chest, lying on his body. He hugged me inside the water. Warm water was soothing my tired muscles.

After we were done, Alexander helped me drying my body. We got out and wore our clothes.

"We have to go back now, angel. I have work, you have studies."

We both got into his car after locking his property.

He started his car and suddenly my stomach grumbled loudly.

I lowered my head in embarrassment.

"It's okay, angel. It's natural to be hungry after such an amazing night. Soon, there will be a restaurant in our way, we can have breakfast there." He said. I didn't look at him just nodded.

After about 45 minutes, Alexander stopped his car by a restaurant. He led me inside holding my hand.

We sat on a table for two and soon after this a waitress came towards us.

She was in her late twenty. The first three buttons of her uniform were opened which was showing her cleavage. Her clothes were tight and her skirt was so small that barely covered her ass. It was like she had worn two size smaller clothe. I sighed.

"Sir and Mam, Good morning, welcome to Confor Restaurant. I am Malissa, I will be serving you. Would you like to order now?" She asked looking at Alexander. She smiled seductively biting her lips and winked at him.

That bitch! She was trying to hit on Alexander.

But Alexander didn't spare a glance at her; just nodded and took the menu and gave me one.

I ordered a spinach mushroom omelet with sausages and pasta salad and Alexander

fish person who snatched her life from her.

My heart swelled with pride for her. How in the world God gave me such an angel like her. I promised myself I will treasure her always.

That night was something ethereal, heavenly. She trusted me and gave her everything to me. I wasn't a man who was good at expressing his feelings. So I wanted to show her how much I love her, treasure her, value her and cherish her.

I fucked girls for my needs and then discarded them. Normally, I was used to fucking hard and fast to sate my carnal need.

But with my angel, it was completely different. I didn't just have sex with her. I made love with her. Her love made me a complete man, her touches made me calm, her smell made me still. Only she could control my beast inside.

But I might tire her out a bit more. My angel must felt soreness. From the next time, I would be more careful with her. She was a fragile flower. But my want for this flower was insatiable. I actually couldn't get enough of her. Every time I touched her, my desire for her grew thousand times more.

She was so innocent, so beautiful and at the same time damn tempting. She didn't even know how the mere presence of her could make a man crazy in want.

At the restaurant, she tore the napkin in jealousy that a slutty waitress gave me. I liked that jealousy in my queen. But she didn't notice how the men were ogling at her, her body. I was giving them glares but my naive angel was busy with herself, unknown of the fact.

She might be feisty but she was innocent. I was possessive of her but after this night I didn't know why I felt my possessiveness grew tenfold. Today we became one for real. I would never let her go. I would be always beside her to protect her, as her devil to protect her from the other devils. This angel was just mine, mine alone.

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