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   Chapter 38 Love Eachother!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 10470

Updated: 2020-03-09 23:55

Mature content warning: This chapter contains mature, sexual content which is 18+. If you think you are not okay with this, you can skip this chapter.

Sapphire's POV:

I looked at Alexander with fear.

"Are you okay, Angel?" He asked again.

"What are you going to do? You are going to kill again?" I blurted.

"Angel, it's my dark life. I don't want you to get involved in this." He said in a bit strict tone.

"Can't you just not kill them or give them other punishments?" I asked lowly ignoring his words.

"Angel, don't fear me. I will never hurt you. I am a mafia besides being a business man, it's my job. You have to remember this. I kill if I have to but I never kill anyone who doesn't deserve it." He stated and raked his hands through his hair. He seemed angry.

I just nodded and lay turning my back to him. Still, I feared him a lot. First, I feared him, but now the form of my fear had been changed. Now I was scared for his well being.

Why couldn't he understand me?!

I was afraid that someone might harm him.

"Let's just go to sleep." I said flatly, closing my eyes and moved a bit away from him.

Alexander snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. He hid his head in my hairs.

"Your hairs smell so good mm." He inhaled. I didn't say anything. He kissed the back of my neck, creating a tingle on my body. But still I didn't say anything and moved from him again.

He might sense my stiffness. He pulled me closer to him and turned me around, so I was facing him now.

"Angel, open your eyes. Believe me that I never kill anyone innocent." He spoke, caressing my arms.

"I know Alexander. But I am afraid. What if your enemies harm you? I don't want to lose you. I won't be able to bear the pain. I am scared for you. Why can't you understand me?" I queried holding his hands. I felt tears making my vision blurry.

He kissed my forehead and tightly held me against his chest.

"Angel. I will never leave you. I promise." Saying, he captured my lips. He kissed me passionately feeling and tasting my mouth. This kiss was very warm, passionate and soft. Like it showed his passion, love and care for me.

Releasing my lips he attacked my ear. He planted a kiss on my earlobe and sucked on it. His hands were caressing my stomach and thighs. I felt electricity run through my body in every touch of him. His touches were creating new and unknown sensations inside my body, a new type of spark, a new type of want.

He planted trail of kisses from my neck to my cleavage earning moans from me. I was running my hands through his hair.

I felt him unbuttoning my shirt button and he squeezed my bra clad breasts softly. I moaned lowly closing my eyes. He kissed the swell of my breasts and sucked them hard. I was moaning and my body was shaking in the sudden onslaught of pleasure.

Suddenly, Alexander stopped and started covering blanket over us.

I looked at him with confused eyes.

"I won't be able to stop if I don't stop it here. I think you are not ready yet angel." He said.

"I-I w-want i-it t-too." I stammered in embarrassment biting my lips.


ve to me like I was a fragile glass and will break with a simple stir. I couldn't believe Alexander could be this loving, caring.

He released my lips and I felt his pace fastened and it became deeper. I was moaning loudly and my breasts bounced upward a little.

I find something strange form in the pit of my stomach and my visions, senses began to become all blurry. I was seeing star.

Highest shockwave of pleasure hit me and I felt everything around me shattering. My walls clenched around his cock and I screamed clutching my pillow as I cum so hard.

"Angel, you are squeezing the life out of me!" Alexander groaned. I felt his ragged and heavy breathing hitting my face. Little bids of sweat formed in his forehead.

"A-Ah-lex-ander! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I screamed.

I was feeling like drunk and hazy after this. I was unable to process anything. Like I was floating on the air.

Soon, I felt his member inside me getting bigger and he also released himself with a loud grunt. Then he collapsed his body on me. We both lay there hugging our hot, sweaty bodies together after making our love. He kissed my forehead and lay hugging me tightly.

But as I thought it was not enough for us, we made love six more times after this tonight.

"Oh angel, you are so sweet and addictive. One time with you is not enough. I want you again and again." He said kissing me and still moving gently inside me.

He was making love to me continuously and I also didn't stop him. I wanted to take all of him till my body could take. It was like never ending love. I didn't know when my body drifted into sleep out of exhaustion, in his arms.

I was sore, tired but I wanted to get more of him. Wanted his traces all over my body, inside and out. I wanted him to mould me with his love.

I didn't know what tonight meant to Alexander, if it was a simple fuck or not. But I got to experience his care, longing, devotion through this. So it meant a lot to me.

It was a memorable night for me, full of love and care.


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