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   Chapter 37 Romantic Him!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 13406

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Sapphire's POV:

Today was my last theoretical exam of this semester. I was really tired of studying for this semester.

I reached the university in time and attended the exam in time. Exam went good as usual; I actually got nervous during exam.

Coming out of the exam hall, I quickly got out the campus gate. I got into car and went to Alexander's mansion.

Actually I was so tired and exhausted, that I only wanted to sleep and rest. I got freshen up and had a something light.

After that I threw my exhausted body on the bed to get sleep. I told the maids not to call me, let me sleep till I don't wake up.

I slept wrapping my body with the soft blanket and was driven into the dreamland.


"Angel, get up."

"Mm. No. Lemme sleep." I mumbled in my sleep.

"Angel, get up." I got up hearing someone calling me.

"Uhu. Go away. Let me sleep." I mumbled and covered my ears with the blanket in sleep.

"Angel, get up. It's dinner time." Now this person was shaking me lightly.

"No. Let me sleep. I am tired." I whined in sleep.

"Angel, get up now, sleep after eating." Now this dude was freaking loud and his loudness forced me to open my eyes.

"Wha-" I stopped opening my mouth.

Alexander was calling me to wake up.

"Finally. My love opened her eyes. Get up, wash your mouth. It's dinner time." He told me gesturing towards the golden pendulum wall clock.

"Please, let me sleep now. I will eat breakfast early tomorrow." I gave him the sweetest puppy eyes I could give.

"Not happening, love. First eat, then sleep. You have neglected your health a lot because of study, not anymore. You have skipped many meals. Not anymore. Get up now." He warned. He pulled my blanket and then made me sit on the bed.

I yawned and said pouting, "You know you are so bad. I hate you."

Alexander looked at me in a serious way and said, "I love you too. But what have you said now, take it back love. Otherwise you won't like the consequence." A mischievous and evil glint was in his eyes.

Why was he saying this!

I just joked!

Would he again hurt me!

I believed him!

My heart was beginning to sink.

"Take it back." He said again in a bit stern voice.

"Nope." Said my stubborn ass.

"Take it back while I am being civil." He said in a warning tone.

I shook my head in negative.

"Okay. Then take it." He couldn't even finish his sentence, he pounced on me.

He pushed me on the bed and was tickling me like crazy. I gasped in surprise and even didn't get to decipher what was happening. I was laughing hard and telling him to stop but he didn't stop.

"Ha ha ha ha ha. A- A- A- Al-Alex-aander. S-S-Stopp it." I was laughing so hard that my eyes watered a bit. He was smirking mischievously and was continued tickling me.

"Take it back love." He was firm on his condition with tickling me. I tried to get away from him but he pulled me back and straddled me. He was tickled me holding my hands over my head.

"H-he-ey. I-I t-tak-ke i-it b-backk. R-r-e-elease m-me." I tried to say while panting, but didn't not came out comprehensible as I was laughing.

"P-p-lease I-I t-take b-back. L-leave m-me p-please." I laughed hard with a plea.

"Okay. We are good now." Saying, he kissed my forehead. The little amount of sleep that was left in my eyes, easily evaporated by his sudden violent tickling act. I was panting so hard. I smacked his arm playfully.

God I must say, this man was evil. He would take what he wanted in any way.

But tickling was the last thing I could guess. Man, Alexander was totally unpredictable. I saw him smiling fully while tickling me and it was beautiful.

Still, when he smiled wholeheartedly, he looked like a teenage boy, with disheveled hair, shaved cheeks. No one would say that he was a dangerous mafia boss.

If somebody didn't know him better, would mistake his smile for an angel's smile. But he was devil in reality.

Right. He was devil and my devil, one any only.

I entered the bathr

was little. But I didn't have many opportunities like this. I wasn't this lucky." I continued, my voice was getting heavy.

Alexander didn't say anything just looked at me in a way to hear from me more.

"I never had a good family life in childhood. And when I got my father back, he loved me a lot. He cared for me a lot. But he got so busy with his business that he couldn't give me much time. Soon after this he died. Two or three times, me and my papa went to outdoor picnic. Today I am missing him again." I added. I felt heavy in my heart, emptiness engulfed me.

Everytime I remembered my papa, I couldn't ignore the empty feeling. Still I missed him.

Alexander didn't say anything. He put a sausage inside my mouth.

"Angel, I want to fill your mind with new memories, our memories." He said adoringly.

"Yeah. Let's make memories, good memories, and a lot of memories." I smiled at him and continued eating.

I was so full. I wanted to help me to tidy things up but he didn't let me. He said he would do all. Enough food was left. So, Alexander and I took them inside the tree house and he put them inside a small refrigerator.

It was newly bought here. I sat on the bed.

"You didn't tell me you are coming here, I didn't have any spare clothe. I wanted to stay here." I complained.

"Don't fret angel. I have managed everything. Here." He pointed a cabinet.

I got up and went to the cabinet to see there were many clothes. They were all of my size.

I took a leggings and shirt and went to washroom. After coming out, I saw Alexander was standing only in a trouser.

My eyes went to his naked chest and abs. My cheeks got heated.

"Hey, get dressed." I said to him.

"But I think someone is quite enjoying the view." He pulled me to him and my body pressed against his naked chest.

He again lowered his head to my mouth and I pushed him.

"P-put s-something on." I stuttered. I lay on the bed and was taking selfies.

Me and Alexander talked about many things. We even watched a movie on television.

At night we heated our leftover foods and went to the bed. Suddenly his phone rang.

"What?" He harshly said.

"I don't care. Do as I say!" He barked.

"Want to die? I have given you enough chances for your children. If you fail to does this then be sure your body will be eaten by vultures." He screamed at phone and hang up.

I flinched at his harsh tone. I unintentionally moved away from him. He threw the phone on the bed. Still, sometimes he scared me.

He must have noticed my sudden fear and hugged me.

"Are you scared angel?" I looked at him with my eyes full of fear.

Where was my sweet Alexander!

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