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   Chapter 36 Said Yes!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 10248

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Six months later:

Sapphire's classes for her first semester started and she was really busy with her study.

She would have breakfast with Alexander and go to her university. She would come home and would start studying soon after resting a bit. She would come sometimes late home if she had practical lab classes.

She was recognized as a good student by teachers. Her academic performance was good. There were some boys who even asked her out. She politely declined them. Thinking what would be Alexander's reaction, she wondered. He would beat them up or threaten badly.

She made some friends- Tina, Chen, Clayton, Robert, Kim, Betty. As she was the brightest student, everyone liked her. Once, Betty asked Sapphire to help her with Virology assignment and she did. From then their friendship became stronger.

The bodyguards waited outside as they weren't allowed to enter the campus with arms. It was a matter of relief. If students noticed that there were five armed bodyguard with Sapphire, they would stay away from her like fucking plague.

First semester exam was started; Sapphire was very tensed and worried. She would spend all day studying. She barely had time to eat and bathroom. She even didn't sleep more than four hours.

Alexander was really wondered seeing her like this. She couldn't have time to spend some time with him, and for this he couldn't say anything.

He just cursed himself.

Why the hell he told her to study?

Now all she did was studying, even sometimes forgot to eat, sleep.

At the same time, Alexander regretted thinking that, it was really selfish of him to force her leave studying while she was so passionate about studying.

Alexander noticed she would study late night.

Alexander came to her room and watched her from time to time until she slept.

He told her many time not to over work herself, she was a shining student and would do well anyway. But her stubborn ass didn't listen to him. About her study, she never compromised.

One day he entered her room when it was 1.30 am. She was still studying.

"Angel, you have studied enough for tonight. Tomorrow is Sunday. Study tomorrow. Don't overwork yourself." He worriedly told her.

"Yeah. I will go to bed Alexander. I will just write these five points. You go to sleep." Sapphire said opening her notebook.

Alexander was still there, standing.

She felt dizzy suddenly and was about to fall but quickly Alexander held her body.

Alexander worriedly asked, "What happened angel? Are you feeling dizzy? Shit! Quickly lie down." He took the notebook and pen from her hand and laid her on the bed.

Sapphire wanted to say something in protest but Alexander's hard, warning glare made her mouth sealed.

"I have already told you not to take so much stress, but you don't listen to me. All I see you doing is studying. You even skip meals. Enough is enough! I know you are a good student and love studying but it doesn't mean I will let you neglect your health for it. Your health comes first!" Alexander yelled.

"Rest now and

elation. His heart was thumping erratically in anticipation.

She liked him!

"You want to go into what?" He asked her.

Sapphire closed her eyes shut and bit her lips again.

"Alexander, you are making things difficult for me. I feel embarrassed. It's not easy for girls to confess so straight forward. I-I s-said I-I want to b-be with y-you." She said and instantly covered her face with her palms, looking down.

Alexander listened and he felt like he had gotten the moon of the sky. He felt paralyzed in extreme happiness. His heart was beating so fast that somebody could hear it from few meters away.

He felt like world had stopped. Words couldn't describe his feelings. He tugged Sapphire to him and wrapped her into a bone crushing hug.

Happiness, joy, contentment rippled through him.

He cupped her face and was kissing her forehead repeatedly, like she was the most precious thing of this world.

Sapphire also hugged her.

"Angel, I can't believe. I am so happy. I love you. Thank you angel for giving me the chance. I will never hurt you, I will cherish you." He kept kissing her forehead.

Sapphire pecked her lips and wrapped her hands around his neck.

"But angel, are you sure about this? Because once you agree to be with me, there is no way out." Alexander questioned her smirking.

Sapphire laughed and said, "Mr. Rodriguez, I am 1000% percent sure." She ran her fingers through his jaw showing braveness.

"Again saying angel, there will be no way out, I will never let you go, so think wisely before agreeing with this devil." Alexander huskily warned her.

"I am sure and I know very well how to tame this devil." She sexily said, winking at him and pulled him to crush her lips on his.

Alexander was surprised that she kissed him first.

After a heated kiss they released each other.

"These lips are much sweeter than maple syrup. I would eat them every day from now on, angel. They are mine." Alexander smirked stroking his finger over her plump lips.

Sapphire blushed deep red.

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