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   Chapter 35 Stubborn Angel!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 12149

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Third person's POV:

Sapphire was extremely happy. The smile wasn't moving from her lips. She called Bella and gave her the good news.

She told her to come the next day and had Alexander send a car to pick her up.

The next day, Bella came and Sapphire took her to her room.

"So in which University are you going to apply?" Bella asked her.

"I wanted to try Harvard but I think that won't happen as I have to stay here. Alexander won't let me go anywhere away." Sapphire sighed.

"Wherever you go, it doesn't matter. A diamond sparkles everywhere." Bella commented. Sapphire rolled her eyes at her.

"Sapphire let's go shopping together someday. We will have so much fun. It has been many days." Bella added excitedly.

Sapphire couldn't say that every time she needed to ask Alexander before she does anything. She suddenly felt very angry. Her freedom had been snatched away.

"Okay. Bella."

They talked about many other things. Bella left after having lunch. Sapphire didn't let her go without eating. Alexander didn't come that day.

After somedays, the application period for the University of Chicago started. Sapphire applied to the University of Chicago and two other universities. She attended interviews for admission.

After some days, through the mail, she got to know that she was accepted by the University of Chicago. She was beyond happy.

She called Alexander immediately. He was in his company.

"Hello, Alexander!" She excitedly said.

"Hello. What's the matter, angel?" Alexander asked from the other side.

"Yeah. I called you to give you a good news. I have been got accepted by the University of Chicago." She shared her happiness with him.

Though Alexander was listening to her through phone, he could feel her excitement and joy which were lacing with her voice.

He felt pleased hearing her happiness filled tone.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Sapphire asked him confused.

"Angel, congratulations. This achievement definitely calls for a celebration." Alexander said.

"No. It's okay. I just wanted to tell you first the good news. See you later. I have to tell Bella, uncle Benson. Bye." Sapphire hung up.

Alexander's joy grew tenfold thinking that Sapphire told him first. He came to her mind first when she got to know the good news. He felt incredibly happy and satisfied inside.

May be her heart feels something for me? He began smiling thinking about her.

"Sir? Are you okay?" He snapped back when her secretary Loony called him.

"Yeah." He said smiling. His eyes twinkled for a nanosecond.

His secretary was beyond surprised. This was the first time she saw her arrogant, short-tempered boss smiling. She had been working for him for five years, but today was the first day.

Whoever he talked with, must be someone very special who was able to make smile such a snappy and nasty tempered man.

She wondered.

Sapphire shared the news with Bella and Mr. Benson.

They were happy and Mr. Benson was kinda shocked knowing Alexander was letting her study. He was really glad at Alexander's change in a good way.

Alexander returned home in the evening and got freshened up. Sapphire was reading a book in her room.

Alexander came into her room and saw her absorbed in the book. He cleared his throat to get her attention.

Sapphire looked at him and said hi with a smile.

"How was your day?" Sapphire asked him.

"Busy as usual. Yours? Alexander asked her.

"Lonely and boring, as usual." She replied flatly.

Alexander sensed something was off in her voice and mood. She sounded so cheerful today morning while talking wit

ng, Alexander Rodriguez was kneeling in front of a girl.

Oh not any ordinary girl, she was his queen, tigress... How much he missed this fierce side of his girl!

Sure this man wasn't used to listen to others. But present anomalies were making him angry and pissed. But he had to listen to his precious angel.

If this Alexander was the same Alexander from the past, he would probably not listen to her and impose his decision on her to prove his dominance and right over her. But now he was changed, he might not be any saint but he knew that dealing with force with his angel could never get him anything. This girl was smart, strong, stubborn and fiery. That's exactly what attracted him towards her. Alexander couldn't help but agree with her as he didn't want to use force with her anymore.

He realized that force couldn't get him any emotional attachment. He wouldn't be able to stay sane if Sapphire stopped talking with him.

He felt proud of her. She was the only girl who was able to look at his eyes. She always stood for her rights. She was strong, stubborn and logical.

He decided to let her use her money. He wondered how could she have that huge sum of money and he didn't know it even though he did a background check on her.

And must be mentioned, this girl was something else. Unmaterialistic. Most of the girls he had seen were greedy, money-hungry, gold diggers.

He filled her closet with brand new clothes worth millions and cabinets with diamond, gold jewelry. But all he saw her wearing comfortable, simple t-shirts, shirts, shorts.

Out of curiosity, Alexander wanted to know about Sapphire's property. He decided to ask Mr. Benson about this.

What he knew from him surprised him. She inherited a huge amount of money from her late father, nearly a billion. This information was deliberately hidden so that the enemies couldn't target Sapphire for money.

If she had this much money, then why the hell did she work and paid for her expenses. She could easily lead a luxurious life, buying lavish houses, cars, maids. He saw her wearing only normal shirts, jeans, sneakers previously.

What made him more amused that she hadn't touched this money even once. She was a strange girl!

All in her world were her studies, her friends and the children from the orphanage.

Sapphire Atkinson, you are a beautiful mystery which made my world upside down.

Alexander thought.

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