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   Chapter 34 Obsession, Restlessness!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 11384

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Sapphire's POV:

I woke up and my head was pounding. With a groggy feeling, I opened my eyes and was welcome by the sunlight.

I was covered by a blanket and was wearing a big white shirt and my black lacey underwear.

I must be really drunk yesterday night. Whoever changed my dress!

Alexander gave the maids the night off.

And why the hell am I in his shirt?!

Don't tell me that yesterday I had done it with him.

I quickly touched between my legs over my panty.

No, nothing was wrong. I wasn't sore or in pain.

Then why the hell I am in his shirt?!

I was tensed and embarrassed. I covered my body with the blanket more tightly and buried my face in my knees, thinking deep.

"Nothing happened yesterday night." A deep sexy voice spoke up.

I jumped in shock. It was Alexander.

I was so engrossed in thinking about yesterday night that I didn't even notice when he came and sat beside me.

"Good morning." He smiled.

"G- good M-morning." I stammered without looking at him.

"You must be thinking that why are you in this dress? Well, yesterday you drank alcoholic by mistake and got severely drunk. You even threw up on your body. So I had to change your dress." He said.

My face instantly became crimson in embarrassment. He saw me naked. But I couldn't blame him. He had to do it as maids weren't available.

"You look cute and extremely sexy when you blush, angel. It makes me want to eat you up." He huskily whispered in my ear. His breaths made my body tremble.

I was sitting looking at my lap, playing with my fingers. I didn't know why I couldn't look at his eyes. He placed a kiss on my ear and sucked a spot in my neck. An involuntarily moan escaped my mouth and after realizing that I covered my mouth with my palm. My cheeks must be beet red by then.

Alexander cupped my face and made me look at him.

"Angel, your current face isn't helping me any bit. If you don't want to be a moaning mess by me, do get up and get freshen up. If you still sit here looking this cute and sexy, don't blame me later for ravishing you." He said to my ear and bit my earlobe lightly. I again moaned closing my eyes.

I couldn't understand what was happening to me. What this man was doing to me? I was feeling weak. But honestly I didn't dislike his touch. Rather the little contact with his skin made me want more of his touch.

"I- I- I a-am g-get-ting f-freshh." I again stuttered and got out of the bed with a jump. I heard him laughing loudly. I took a dress from the closet and ran to the bathroom.

I did my business and came out wearing a black t-shirt with a comfortable baggy pant.

I was massaging my temple, my head was still hurting.

"You have quite a bad hangover. I have told the chef to make a good hangover soup for you. Let's go to eat breakfast." Saying, he took me to the dining hall.

We sat on the chair. He was having the usual breakfast while I was having a hangover soup.

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" He stopped eating and asked me.

He was right. I couldn't remember anything.

"Not actually. What happened? You said nothing happened." I said a bit panicking.

"Unbelievable! Girl, you can't remember a single thing. Don't you ever dare to drink when I am not around!" He snapped rolling his eyes at me.

Why was he yelling at me!? I suddenly felt bad.

I got distracted and supped up my hot soup in

t he wouldn't let me go. He was obsessed with me.

I sighed. It would take time to make him normal. I hugged him and ran my fingers through his hair gently but he didn't hug me back instantly. He hugged me very tightly after a few moments. He pulled away and then his hands were touching my neck, my face, my collar bone gently in a sweet, gentle, caressing manner. His touches were giving me chills.

My body was wanting for more. His touches were awakening new sensations inside me, which I was unaware of. His touches made me feel safe at the same time wild.

We were facing one another. His minty fresh breaths were hitting my face, sending small butterflies flying in my stomach. I didn't know why my heart was beating so fast. He softly pulled my face to him and our lips locked together. The kiss was very gentle as first, like feather a touch. But soon it took an aggressive turn. He sucked my lips and soon thrusted his tongue inside my mouth. He sucked my tongue, his tongue intertwined with mine and dominated my mouth. This kiss turned into a dominant one, giving me the raw taste of his hunger, lust. He grabbed my hair to hold my face in place and his other hand was squeezing my breasts gingerly earning muffled moans from me in pleasure.

He released me when I was completely out of breath and was panting.

Another thing I understood from this kiss that he was restless. There was a different type of desperation laced with this kiss. This kiss made me realize that this devil was weak before me, he was desperate to keep me with him.

"Alexander, I know what you think. But I can assure you that I won't escape this time. If you let me go that's when I will go. Don't make yourself restless." I assured him.

"Really?" Alexander asked; he didn't seem to be convinced.

"Yeah." I kissed him on his lips.

A satisfactory smile formed in his lips. He pulled me on his lap and we stayed close to each other like this for some time. I think he needed this. I noticed my nearness calmed him down.

"Alexander, can I invite Bella here tomorrow?" I asked after.

"This is your home too. You don't need my permission to invite her. It's night angel, we should go to bed "Alexander spoke.

"Yeah. Let's go." We moved to our respective rooms.

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