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   Chapter 33 Sexy And Drunk Sapphire!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 9115

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He was handsome in a blue suit but not as much as Alexander.

"I am not alone here. My date is waiting for me. Excuse me then." I said awkwardly; didn't want to initiate any conversation.

"You are in a hurry. He may wait a bit. How about we get to know each other? I am Ivan Morisson by the way." He suddenly pulled my wrist. Awkward man!

"I am Sapphire Atkinson." I flatly said.

I heard the announcement for dance was made and soon couples would be pairing up for the dance.

"Let me have the pleasure to dance with you for once." He said pulling me towards the dance floor.

"Mr. Morisson! I don't think it's a good idea. My date is waiting for me and I want to dance with him. Now excuse me." I dismissed him and about to walk that's when he again pulled me but harshly this time. I gasped in surprise.

"I wasn't asking." His voice seemed commanding.

"Just leave her hand!" I heard a growl. I saw Alexander was standing there fuming.

"Oh Mr. Rodriguez, I was just getting her name." Ivan said, trying to look cool.

"But it didn't seem so. It was more like you were forcing her to dance with you. Now listen to my advice and just fuck off! Otherwise, you will feel sorry for the outcome." Alexander threatened, glaring at him. Ivan gulped once and quickly released my hand. Snaking an arm around my waist, Alexander possessively pulled me to him.

I didn't know why but I liked it. This possessive Alexander was extremely cool, for the first time. The Morisson man left quickly getting scared of Alexander. Alexander cursed under his breath.

"Are you okay, angel? Did this fucker hurt you?" His angry expression changed into concern and worry.

"No. You arrived on time." I replied and he just nodded.

"Dance with me, " Alexander said to me. I felt nervous and scared all of a sudden.

"Alexander I don't know how to dance. You will be embarrassed." I spoke.

"Nonsense. You can never be the cause of my embarrassment, angel." He said smiling.

"Just trust me and do as I say." He said.

He took me to the dance floor and stood wrapping his arms tightly around my waist. I was following his instructions. I lost count how many times I stomped on his feet. Many couples were dancing.

"Don't be panicked. You are doing great." He encouraged me. Soon I saw the whole hall was dimly lit and we were the only couple dancing under the spotlight. I blushed and hid my face on his chest. I heard him chuckling.

We finished dancing and people clapped for us. We headed to our seats.

Alexander went somewhere telling me to wait.

After dancing so long, I suddenly got thirsty. I saw a glass of water in front of me and decided to drink it before going. I drank it. It felt a bit strange

ntoxicated eyes, flushed red flesh.

Why was she so sexy?

"I am feeling so hot." She mumbled. Sitting on my lap, she started pulling the sleeve of her dress down. The upper part of her dress slid down to her belly. Soon her strapless bra was revealed.

I sucked a deep breath.

"Alexander something is poking my butt? What is it?" She asked me innocently, moving her body in discomfort.

Fuck! My little buddy was up.

This girl will be the death of me!

"Angel, get up and you need to change into comfy clothes, " I told her. I got her down but she was tipsy so I helped her walk to the restroom. Her eyes were droopy, she was sleepy.

"Alexa-"She couldn't finish, she puked on my clothes and her body. She passed out.

What the fuck!

This was the last thing I expected.

Today was Sunday. Maids were not today, I gave them the night off because of this ball. Suddenly I regretted being so generous.

Who will change my angel's clothes? I don't complain about cleaning her off; just don't trust myself around her.

I took off my shirt and pant and changed into a new pair. Then took off her gown and bra; not the panty. It was clean. My little buddy twitched inside my boxer having a view of her juicy, perky set of breasts, her fair belly, and deep belly button.

She was indeed perfect.

I washed her upper body with soap and dried with a towel. Then made her wear one of my shirts. For her petite little body, my shirt was way too much bigger. It covered till her upper thighs exposing her creamy, soft legs. I placed her sleeping body on the bed and entered the bathroom. Because I was in desperate need of a cold shower.

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