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   Chapter 32 Charity Ball!

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"Can't we stay here overnight? It's so beautiful." I whined

Alexander chuckled.

"If you really like this place, we can come here again. But not tonight. We don't have food or clothes." He told me.

Pouting I returned with him.

I didn't bother him anymore. He was busy with the laptop doing his works. I went to Twity and played with him. He was such a good dog. If I patted him, he would lick my hand.

The next day, Alexander told me that someone important to me would come. He didn't say much and went to work quickly kissing me.

I asked him but he just winked. I was reading a book about bacteria in the library when a maid came and told me that I had a guest.

I went to the living room to see who could be this important guest. I didn't have any idea at all. I saw a girl was observing the rare wall paintings turning her back.

"Hello, " I said politely trying to get her attention. Then she turned around.

"Bell!" I cried out. My eyes filled with tears in sudden joy.

"Oh my God! Bella!" I hugged her tightly.

"How are you Bells? I missed you so much."

She hugged me back tightly.

"I am great. How are you? I am still angry at you bitch!" She said.

"I am sorry Bella, " I told her lowering my head. Feeling ashamed of how I insulted my best friend.

"You should be. Sapphire, I considered you as my sister. But you didn't even consider me as a friend. Alexander told me everything about why you cut all connection with me. But you Sapphire?!" She exclaimed.

"Why didn't you tell me anything? Why did you keep all your sufferings to yourself? Why didn't you tell me you were so much hurt? I misunderstood you, resented you when all you were doing to save me." She again hugged me.

I cried. We cried.

"Don't you ever do this again otherwise I will pull out all your hairs from your head and even Alexander won't be able to save you from me." She warned glaring at me. I laughed hearing her threat. She also laughed seeing me.

Laughing was an infectious thing. I guess.

I took her to my room and we began talking. We sat on the bed comfortably and began talking.

We had piled up talking to do which we couldn't in these months.

"How did you come here?" I asked.

"Alexander Rodriguez came to me. He told me why you cut all your connection with me. He also requested that he wants me and you to reconcile again." She responded.

My mouth hung open for a second. Alexander requested somebody for my sake!

The notorious Alexander Rodriguez! OMG!

"He loves you a lot, doesn't he?" She queried.

"Why do you say?" I questioned back.

"When he talked about you, his eyes twinkled. When he talked about you, he smiled like he has gotten the moon of the sky." Bella replied.

"I don't know, Bella." I admitted. I really didn't know. All these things were quite new to me.

To change the topic I asked her about James.

"How are you and James doing?"

"I am doing like myself. How he is doing I don't know because we broke up." She sadly replied.

"Whatt!" I almost yelled. I was surprised, their relationship was strong. They had been together for more than 3 years.

"Yes. He cheated on me. I saw him fucking another girl. Do you know what he said to me? He said he fucked another girl because I didn't ever let him get inside my panty." Bella said in a heavy voice and corner of her eyes glistened and her lips trembled.

I squeezed her hand. She was heartbroken.

My dear Bella.

"That asshole didn't deserve you. You will get someone far better." I told her. I was feeling like punching the shit out of James. How dare he hurt my bells!

We talked about many things. Listening to her I realized that Alexander didn't tell h

e. I saw him gulping two times.

"You are looking breathtaking." He commented and kissed my cheeks. He tried to kiss my lip but I put my hand in between. He frowned.

"I have applied lipstick. You also want to put some?" I laughed.

"I don't care." Saying, he kissed my lips gently. I wiped his lips with a napkin.

We got down and entered a giant mansion. Photographers were taking pictures of us and some journalists tried to talk to Alexander. Never being in front of a camera, I felt uncomfortable this time. Alexander gently pulled me inside wrapping his hand around my waist.

Inside the mansion was a state of art. I was looking in awe. The decorations, the paintings, lights, chandeliers, and the interiors- everything was so incredibly beautiful.

It was a charity ball. Alexander gave a speech and donated a huge sum of money to the organized charity auction.

Many people were in that grand event. Watching me with Alexander, many women gave me looks filled with jealousy, hatred. Many men were watching me from head to toe. In their ogling, I find myself very uncomfortable and nervous. I saw Alexander giving them hard glares.

A lady wearing a very revealing gown stood beside him. Pushing her body against Alexander, she tried to talk to him. Alexander didn't reply her and stood away from her. But she didn't seem to get the hint. She continued her failed attempts. A few minutes later, Alexander's patience ran out and he rudely said, "I have my date tonight. Don't bother me."

"Who? You have never brought any date before." She gave him a surprised look.

Alexander pointed his finger at me and this lady gave me a venomous glare.

"Don't give her such glare. Do you want me to make your father's company bankrupted? Alexander threatened her pulling me to him, kissing my cheek.

The lady mumbled sorry and walked away stomping her feet.

"Is it true that you have never brought any date before?" I asked him out of curiosity.

"Yep." He answered with an uninterested tone like he wasn't getting the topic interesting.

"Why?" I questioned him, with a bit of surprise playing in my eyes.

"Because I was waiting for you." He winked at me.

Oh my heart just skipped a bit. His smile was way too beautiful and sexy.

After some time I went to the restroom. After my business I was coming; a man suddenly bumped into me in the hallway.

"Hi, what a beautiful flower like you is doing alone?" A man suddenly approached me.

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