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   Chapter 31 I Have Nothing Except My Heart!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 12793

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Sapphire's POV:

I felt so bored.

I had nothing particular to do. I just got up, ate foods, pooped and slept and again repeated the damn process.

I meant now it's too much. I was a girl who just turned 21; I wanted to do many things. Not just to sit and eat while caged in a mansion.

Maids also didn't talk to me very much without necessity. Sometimes I felt suffocated, always alone.

I got up and reached downstairs to have my breakfast. Alexander was gone early. He didn't even tell me yesterday.

He was a selfish man. Really a selfish man. He wanted to have me all to himself, isolating me from the world.

Couldn't he understand that I too felt bad, I too felt alone?

Or God, is it you who always want to me stay alone?

I wanted to talk to somebody.

I had my breakfast and decided to peep inside the kitchen.

I was tired of reading books. I didn't like watching TV or movies.

I leisurely walked to the kitchen. I saw maids eating their foods sitting on chairs. As soon as they saw me, they stood up pausing their eating and came forward.

"Mam, do you need anything?" They said in unison.

"No. Please don't stand up. You guys continue." I said smilingly.

One of the maids said, "Mam, I am done with my breakfast. If you need anything, I can help." Another one sat back and continued her eating.

"Umm. I am actually feeling pretty bored. I was thinking about cooking something." I replied.

"Mam, just give us order what you want to eat, we will prepare it within a minute. But, please don't want to cook. If Sir gets to know that we let you cook, he will surely fire us. Besides, you may get hurt by flame or knife." She requested. I felt a hint of fear in her voice.

"I won't let him fire you, trust me. I won't let him." I assured her.

Considering her facial expression, she didn't seem to be convinced very much.

"Okay." She said with bit confusion.

"Nothing will happen. I won't let him fire you." I again said. This time she smiled a bit and asked, "Mam, what do you want to cook? How can we help you?" she asked. I began thinking.

I had a feeling that Alexander will come today for lunch despite his busy schedule. He didn't get to talk to me this morning.

"Mam, what do you want to cook? Do you want us to help you with cutting veggies or meat or anything?" She enquired.

"No. I can do all. You give me just the required ingredients. I will cook Asian foods." I told her.

I told her about the ingredients and she put them before me on the kitchen counter.

I was cooking after many days.

I washed and chopped the veggies. I cut meat into small pieces and removed the shells of shrimps.

I cooked Chinese fried rice, mushroom gravy, Sichuan chili chicken, sweet and sour ribs, sesame vegetables.

I was a bit confused about the amount of salt in fried rice. So, I took a few morsels and gave it to the maid to taste.

"Mam, you cook amazing. Everything- rice, scrambled egg, grated veggies, shrimp, chicken, is perfect." The maid said taking a look at the foods.

I just smiled at her. It took quite a long time for me to cook. After many days, I cooked.

I took off my apron and coming out of the kitchen, went back to my room.

At lunchtime, I felt hungry but still, Alexander didn't come. I went downstairs.

I heard the sound of Alexander's car. He entered with a stressed looking face. I frowned.

"Hello, angel how was your day. Sorry I couldn't have breakfast with you." He said lessening his tie.

"It was pretty boring. It's okay not to come home if your schedule is too tight." I told him.

"I want to stay with you. Besides, I really don't feel my appetite while you are not around." He spoke.

I looked at him hearing his statement and then sighed.

"Freshen up. Lunch is ready." I urged him.

He came after changi

edroom with a kingsize bed and a large couch. A small kitchen, a bathroom. There was a balcony, from where the lake could be seen and you even could jump straight on the lake.

By the edge of the lake, there was a boat, tied up.

"Alexander, this place looks so unreal, like a dream." I smiled.

"This is your family property?" I asked.

"No. Actually, it's my property. No one knew about this place except me. And now you." He answered.

I didn't quite get it.

"I bought this whole property when I was 18, with my earning. Being in mafia was never easy, to be hard on others, you must be hard on yourself first. At that time, I used to feel suffocated, wanted to give up this life of bloodshed. Sometimes I also sought vacation, peace. One day I found this place, and then I bought it. This place used to give me a bit of peace in my life full of bullets and blood. It was difficult then, but with the change of time, I have changed too. This mafia life doesn't bother me anymore. I guess it has made a machine from a person. I kill without even blinking now." He said with a sigh looking another direction.

Suddenly, I felt sympathy for him. I called him a beast, devil. But he was not like this from the beginning. His mafia legacy compelled him to be a mafia. It must be quite stressful for a young boy too.

I held his hand and giving a soft squeeze. He looked at me. I smiled at him and gave him a hug.

Life is tough for all, in different ways. We learn to cope with our tough lives ourselves. It makes us stronger this way.

"So, won't you give me a tour of this heaven? Or I will just stand here and go back? I want a tour of here." I whined at him excitedly, to change the saddening topic. I was eager to see this place.

"Of course queen. Your wish is my command." He held my hand and took me to give me a tour.

He showed me the whole treehouse, behind the treehouse, there was a small lighthouse.

Alexander do you know, how much your behavior affects me, your sincerity affects me, your words affect me?

You give me hope, feeling of happiness.

I am starting to smile at you, with you. Sometimes I want to hold your hand and walk a long distance of future with you.

But I am afraid to express this, Alexander. Because whenever I was too happy in my life, my happiness was snatched. I am struggling with myself but still, my heart is looking for you. But I am scared to entrust you with my broken heart. Except for my heart, I have nothing. If it breaks anyway, I will die too.

My thoughts were chaotic.

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