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   Chapter 30 Will Wait For You!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 11957

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Third Person's POV:

She looked at him but didn't say anything.

She weakly shook her head in negative and looked at another direction from Alexander.

He cupped her face and softly made her look at him.

"What's the matter? Tell me, angel." He told her.

"Nothing at all. I am happy, really." She said, trying to smile but couldn't. Her smile didn't reach her eyes, she failed utterly.

"I am happy." She whispered, a lone tear slipped from her eyes.

Then it hit him that something was definitely wrong with her. He crinkled his eyebrows. He felt puzzled, why she was crying. Wasn't she a bit happy?! He wondered.

"What's wrong, baby? Why are you crying then?" He softly asked, cupping her face, rubbing her shoulder.

The sobs she was holding back, she burst into them.

"Because, I miss him so much, badly. It hurts so much." She sobbed, clutching his arm.

I miss him so much, badly. It hurts so much.

Hearing these, his soft facial expression immediately turned sour. He felt extreme jealousy. He clenched his jaw and felt angry about how she missed another man when he did so much for her today. He narrowed his eyes and glared hard. But Sapphire didn't see her face, she kept crying on his arms.

How can she miss another man today when I did so much for her? She is not allowed to think about another person but me. Was she thinking about her ex-boyfriend again?

He thought.

He wanted to yell at her but he composed himself when he again saw her tears.

Damn! I hate her tears. He cursed.

He kept his voice as calm he could and queried, "Whom are you missing?" His voice was dangerously calm.

She sobbed vigorously and whispered, "M-my d-daddy."

Instantly Alexander felt shame, how could he always reach to a conclusion without knowing the whole story. She was crying thinking about her father, and sought consolation in him, while he thought that she was thinking about another male. He felt so jealous that he wanted to yell at her.

I am a real duchebag. I am the worst.

He thought.

He pulled her to his chest and ran his fingers through her silky locks while she was crying.

"Y-you k-know i-it hu-hurts s-so much, I r-remember d-dad. H-he too i-is a bad g-guy. He l-left me forever." She stuttered in her sobs.

Then she pulled herself away from him and looked at him with teary eyes.

"Why does everyone leave me? Do you know? Why nobody loves me?" She asked him like a lost, abandoned kid in her trembling voice.

Alexander felt a sharp pain in his chest, seeing her like this.

I can't even imagine what my angel has gone through in her whole life. She was hurt so much.

He hugged her tightly and then released her.

"I love you, more than myself." He told her. She blinked numerous times then her eyes widened when she registered his words.

"R-really?" But you-" She couldn't finish what she wanted to tell; he cupped her jaw and kissed her pouring all his passion and love. He wanted to make her understand how precious she was to him, how valuable she was and how much he loved her.

He entered his tongue inside her mouth and roamed every corner of it. Their tongues danced together. Alexander kissed her with love and need. This need was to make her understand her worth, her preciousness. It was nothing out of carnal need.

But when a dominant male like him takes the charge of kissing, it leaves his partner breathless. Moreover, she was like an irresistible drug to him. He let her go when she was breathless and panting. He licked her tears from her cheek and kissed her nose.

He li

apphire felt confused but still closed her eyes. Alexander was driving swiftly.

After about an hour, he stopped and opened the car door for her and got her out.

"Don't open your eyes yet." He said and took her somewhere walking.

"Now look." He said. Sapphire opened her eyes and her eyes welled up with tears.

"You said you missed him. I think he will give you blessings as it's your birthday today, angel." He said.

"Thank you, Alexander." She said smiling and hugged him.

"Talk to him." He said and gave her privacy as he walked from there.

Sapphire stood there for five minutes as he walked away.

She sat in front of her father's grave.

"Hey, dad. How are you? You know I was missing you today, badly. It's my birthday. You and me couldn't go to amusement park neither you bought me any cotton candy this year.

Dad, you may don't know but I felt so alone today. Mom never loved me, you were always there, why did you leave too?" She wiped her tears.

"Dad, forgive me today, I couldn't bring any flower for you. Do you know who that man was? He is somebody who claims to love me. But he hurt me a lot. Most surprisingly, he is the one who is healing me. All my scars of past and present. Dad, I don't know why I believe him. It feels like he is attached with my existence. I want to give him a chance. He may not be a perfect man but he loves me. But I feel scared, dad. Very scared. Everyone leaves me. You did too. Will it be okay for me if I believe him and give him a chance? He is trying his best. Dad, give me your blessing."

Sapphire walked from there and saw Alexander was standing a few feet away.

"Finished talking with your father?" He smiled at hers.

"Yeah." She replied.

"Then let's go."

They got inside the car. Alexander started his car engine while Sapphire pulled him towards her and kissed his lips.

Alexander gasped in surprise. She kissed him twice this day.

"What are you looking at? Now drive." Sapphire said trying to act nonchalant to hide her embarrassment.

"Angel, don't ignite the fire that you won't be able to put out with a single blow, " Alexander said smirking while his eyes darkened with sudden lust.

Sapphire gulped when she understood what he meant and her cheeks became crimson in embarrassment, she quickly looked outside of the window.

It was evening when they reached their mansion.

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