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   Chapter 29 Surprise!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 12707

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He took her to his room and laid her on his bed. She fell asleep out of exhaustion and stress.

Alexander sat beside her, observing her. Her tear-stained face, disheveled hair, dark circles under eyes were a clear indication that she was in pain inside.

His heart painfully clenched at the thought of when she asked him to kill her. Living was way too painful for her.

I know I am selfish, but I am in love. I can do everything for you; even die for you but I am not letting you go. I corrupted you and I will heal you. I have snatched your life but I will give everything back to you.

He vowed.

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles and then kissed her forehead. Just a mere touch of her smooth skin against his lip made him hungrier, wanting for more but he controlled himself.

He quickly made leave from there. He entered the bathroom, took a shower and came out.

He told the maids to prepare something nutritious and tasty meal for Sapphire. He went to his study and opened his laptop.

He skimmed through all the information he received about Sapphire.

His eyes stuck on her date of birth. After two days, it was her birthday. He thought about what he could do to make this day special for her. She was always sad and upset. She will turn 21.

He worked for many hours.

Then he went to his room. He saw his bed was empty; that means Sapphire woke up. He heard the water running from his bathroom.

He called a maid and told her to bring a meal for Sapphire.

Sapphire came out of the bathroom. He noticed that Sapphire had taken a shower and changed her clothes.

But this is my room, here there is no clothe of her.

He thought.

Sapphire didn't bother to blow dry her hair, she went to bed and flatly placed her body on the bed. She didn't even notice him standing by the door.

She then placed a pillow on her lower abdominal area and curled into a ball. Her lips were curled slightly and eyes were squeezed shut. There was a sign of pain in her face.

Alexander walked to the bed, he sat down beside her.

"Angel, what's the matter? Are you in pain?" He asked softly removing a strand of her damp hair from her cheek but she didn't answer. Then he shook her very gently.

"Mmm. Mmm." She moaned in pain and opened her eyes.

"What's wrong? Are you in pain? Let me call the doctor right now." He asked in a concerned tone, raising his brows in worry for her.

He took his phone to call the doctor, but Sapphire gestured him not to call by moving her hands.

"Don't call the doctor. I am having my period. This pain is period cramp." Sapphire spoke lowly.

Alexander looked at her with an expression mixed with worry and pain. He felt a bit helpless knowing that he couldn't do anything here.

"Angel, get up and have something. You haven't eaten for so long. Have something and then take meds." He gently urged her.

She got up. After a maid brought food, Alexander fed her vegetable soup and chicken spaghetti.

Then he handed her a tablet. "Take it; it will ease your pain." He told her and she did. He laid her on the bed.

Two days went as usual. It was her birthday. She even forgot about her birthday.

That day, she woke up early in the morning. Rubbing her eyes, she went to the bathroom to get fresh. It took her a bit longer than usual, as she was in her girly days.

She got out and went downstairs. She saw no one. She then walked towards the main hall. She then saw Alexander standing.

Suddenly a lot of children screamed together, "Happy Birthday!" Sapphire was a bit startled at first. She didn't expect this.

She observed the children and they were all from 'Little hope' orphanage. Automatically a beautiful smile formed in her lips. They jumped and squeaked in happiness. They all came to her and circled her

This room was trashed by her but Alexander had maids to tidy the room for her and put everything thing in order again.

She sat on her bed and felt so bored having nothing to do. She remembered her father. Her loving father. If he was alive, he would wish her today, bless her. Suddenly she felt like a real orphan. She wanted to visit her father's grave. But she sighed because he knew Alexander wouldn't let her go out. And she didn't want to tell him where she wanted to go.

Her father loved her a lot. She was daddy's princess. He listened her all the small caprices. On every birthday, he would take a day off from his work. Her father would take her to famous Chinese restaurants for dinner each year as Chinese cuisine was her favorite. He would take her to the amusement park too. Her eyes watered thinking about her father. When a loved one leaves you, his/her lack of existence will hurt you. Knowing the truth that they won't come back, still, our hearts crave for them, cry for them. Some good memories make us smile and make us cry as well because we miss the persons so much in our life, sometimes this becomes way too much painful.

Why God has to be so cruel, taking the loved ones from us leaving us alone? Sapphire cried silently recalling her father. Her existence was never welcome by her mother, the only one loved her was her father but he too was gone, too soon.

Suddenly she heard a knock and saw Alexander was standing by the doorstep. He entered the room. He sat on her bed and handed his phone to her, "Mr. Benson wants to talk to yo-" But he stopped at the mid. He noticed her eyes were a bit puffy and the tip of her nose was red. "Why are you crying?" He frowned.

She took his phone and talked with Mr. Benson. He wished her happy birthday. She gave him his phone back. Sapphire looked at Alexander and said sincerely, "Thank you for today; thank you." Alexander said, "Anything for my queen." Then Sapphire got up from the bed and started to walk.

Alexander pulled her wrist and asked softly, "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Aren't you a bit happy today?" Disappointment and worry ware dripping in his voice. Sapphire thought that he must have misunderstood that she wasn't happy about his surprise.

"It's not like this. I am really happy." She spoke and then added, "Happy, for today." Then gave him a soft smile mixed with both happiness and sadness.

He took her hand in his and asked, "What's the matter?" He asked, squeezing her hand softly.

Sapphire just looked at him.

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