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   Chapter 28 War Between Hatred And Love!

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Alexander's POV:

Why did you spoil every possibility of love between us? I can't pull you near me even if I try, my memories recall those incidents. You have killed me and all my abilities to love someone in my life. You have scarred my mind and soul forever.

When I listened to her saying those words, I felt like killing myself. My heart clenched painfully. Never in my life, had I regretted any of my doings, whether right or wrong. But what I had done to my angel was not only unforgivable; it was too painful for her. I was ashamed of myself. Even after many months, she couldn't get out of that incident. I was the worst kind of human being. How could I do that to her, my angel? If I could reverse the time, I would go back and start everything between us over.

Which is never possible in reality.

But I will change the reality with my love. If she hates me, then I will love her so much, so much that her hatred will turn into love one day. In the war between my love and her hatred, I will win.

It was not only my thought, I was determined.

I kissed her today. For the first time, she didn't resist or push me away. I kissed her softly pouring all my love and longing. She let me kiss her. It felt so good, so heavenly. The sweet red plump lips of her were addictive. Those made me never want to leave her.

I will heal you, my broken angel, with my love, sincerity, and devotion. And make you fall for me, this mafia.

She told me I was her biggest nightmare. I would never be able to forgive myself either.

She also told me about her nightmares because of her childhood. I would heal the scars that I gave her. But what about her childhood? I must know about her childhood pain. I would give her so much love that all her pains would be healed.

Before getting her love, I must heal her. She might be broken before but after my horrible deed, she is completely crushed. She was right; I crushed her already broken self. I would find every piece of her and join them together.

She most probably forgot about our first encounter, ten years ago. She was the angel who saved my life. I am indebted to her.

Being born in a mafia family and continuing this mafia legacy, I always learned to be ruthless. Whenever I killed a person, tortured a person, I never felt any regret or remorse. My father always taught me to rule. I always thought it had to be done. I was taught to teach betrayers the worst lessons. Empathy, mercy, forgiveness were foreign notions for me. I love to control everything and everybody in every way. I love to practice my power. I want people to submit to me. The blood flowing through my veins and artery screams ruthlessness. My existence itself is the metaphor of cruelty.

Everything that I did to her was wrong. I snatched her life. I snatched her loved ones. I stole her dreams. And why? Because I was a selfish bastard who was too occupied to get what he wanted without caring about her. I claimed to love her but I didn't even know about her likes and dislikes. I must know her. I will give her all she wants. I will shower her with happiness and joy.

I love her but I can't let her go even if it meant to be her greatest avail. I won't let her go, ever. I don't care if she cries or not. She will stay with me forever and this is enough for me.

I can't control myself when she wants to get away from me. It makes me want to chain her body to my bed. I will never take no as an answer from her. But her doe-like eyes filled with tears create chaos within my heart.

Sometimes I think how can someone be this beautiful, this pure, and this innocent. What did I do to deserve to meet her? As I have already met her, she is mine. In every way. Her body, heart, and soul belong to me.

I love her but she hates me. In this war between love and hatred, my love will win and I will get her.


Third person's POV:

Sapphire was sitting in her room at night. Alexander entered.

She glanced at him and then looked at her lap. Sapphire was fidgeting her fingers, clearly uncomfortable recalling their kiss. Alexander sat next to her.

"Hi, angel?" He greeted her with a genuine smile.

Sapphire looked at him and whispered, "H-hi" and quickly averted her eyes from him.

"What were you doing?" Alexander asked.

"Umm. Nothing." Sapphire answered with nonchalance looking another direction.

"Umm. Would you like to watch something with me?" Alexander asked, his eyes full with hope and face bloomed with expectancy.

Sapphire asked, "W-what?" her mouth was shaped O in surprise and eyes grew big.

Alexander felt a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable; he tried to smile, running his hand through his hair and rubbing his chin. He never asked someone to do so. He was trying hard to change; trying to make things start between them. Everything was new to him too. And with his rude, arrogant, dominant personality, it was becoming too difficult and awkward in his part.

"Yeah. Maybe a movie?" He suggested.

"H-have you really asked me to watch a movie with you?" Sapphire asked, still with her mouth open and widened eyes. Surprise and amusement were written in her face.

"It seems so." Alexander let out a nervous chuckle. Sapphire knitted her brows and observed Alexander for a minute with her eyes.

"Okay." She said. They headed to the theater room.

"Which movie?" Alexander queried.

"I don't know much about movies. You can choose." Sapphire responded sitting on the couch.

Turning on Netflix Alexander chose an action psychological thriller movie. They both started watching.

"You want someth

e tried but couldn't pull the trigger.

Kill him. Kill him, Sapphire, and get your revenge. He raped you, bled you. Now it's your chance, bleed him.

The revenge-hungry part of her mind screamed.

No. No. Don't do this, Sapphire. It's not like you. You can't kill someone whatever they do to you. God is the owner of our lives. We don't have any right to take it when we can't give one. If you kill him, what will be the difference between you and him?

You will suffer all life in the guilt of killing a human. You are a good person. Don't do these. You won't be able to forgive yourself, God won't forgive you.

The rational part of her mind told her.

She tried to hold the gun more firmly but miserably failed. Her hand was shaking more.

Sapphire was restless and wanted to hurt him. To mitigate her pain, in the spur of the moment, she held a gun toward him. But she could never pull the trigger. She could never kill a person. She tried but couldn't. Something from her inside pulled her back.

It was actually her nature. Her good nature. She was always helpful to others. She never could hurt somebody this way. She was really like an angel. She herself would die before killing somebody. Her soul was this pure.

She was sweating now. Tears were streaming down her eyes.

"Angel, I am waiting. Do it." Alexander urged her smilingly.

She then let out a scream and threw the gun.

She tried but couldn't kill him. Her goodness didn't allow her to do it.

She felt weak, pathetic, frustrated. It was her chance but she still couldn't take the revenge.

Alexander opened his eyes and looked at her. He knew she wouldn't be able to kill him. She was too good. Her soul was too pure. She was not suitable for this evil world, let alone for him.

"Look, look at me. I am a weak, pathetic bitch. That's why you are thinking, no? Yeah, I am really pathetic, pitiful. You ruined me, yet I couldn't kill you. I am really tired of living this life. Please, do me a favor, Alexander, kill me." She told him bursting into tears and sat on the floor in exhaustion. She sobbed covering her face. Her whole body was trembling. She was hiccupping and panting hard now.

Alexander loved her, admired her but today his love for her increased a thousand folds observing her like this, observing her goodness, purity. She was too pure to stay with a devil like him. He thought. He gave her so much pain, snatched her everything, raped her, caused her nightmares, yet when she got a chance, she couldn't kill him, didn't kill him.

She was beautiful from the outside and even more beautiful inside. Even when she was just a child, she saved him. It's her nature. But he corrupted her brutally. Though he was quite astounded at her action today, it increased his feelings for her, deepened his love.

At this same time, the regret he was feeling, this also increased many times.

How could I do this to her?

I crushed my already broken angel.

But I will heal her.

At this moment, for him, the time stopped. He couldn't see anything but Sapphire and made the ultimate objective of his life to heal her and get her back.

He sat beside her and very slowly wrapped his arms around her small body. He hugged her sobbing body to his chest. Sapphire tried to get free, struggled and pushed him with her palm. But he didn't let her go. She punched at his chest with her fists but still, he didn't let go. Her struggles died down and she placed her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

He took her to his room and laid her body on his own bed. She fell asleep out of exhaustion and stress.

Alexander sat beside, observing her.

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