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   Chapter 27 Love In His Eyes!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 10452

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"It is alright. Go freshen up; I want to tell you something." Sapphire said to Alexander.

"What do you want to say? Tell me now." He spoke.

"No. First, go and freshen up." Sapphire suggested.

"Okay, then come to my study after half an hour. I will be there." Alexander turned and left.

Sapphire's POV:

I wanted to ask him about when he would let me go. I couldn't stay here forever like a prisoner. I had a life of my own. He had to listen to me. I would make him listen to me. I had lost myself staying here; I wanted to get myself back.

About an hour later I went to his study. I knocked but he didn't respond. I opened the door and what I saw scared me to the core. My eyes widened in shock, I was shaking. My knees felt weak and suddenly my throat went dry.

Alexander was standing, holding a gun. Body of one person was lying on the floor. He shot another person in his forehead and he instantly fell flatly on the floor. Blood was spattered in Alexander's face and white t-shirt. Blood was coming out from their forehead and the floor was smeared with blood.

I felt nauseous at that horrible sight. I fell on my knees and threw up. When Alexander's gaze was at me, he looked alerted. He cursed something inaudibly.

"Fuck! Dante, take care of this shit!" He ordered one of his men standing there and ran towards me.

"Angel, are you okay?" He said touching me. I flinched at his touch. My eyes landed on his right hand, he was still holding his gun. He realized that and threw the gun on the floor.

I was pale as white in fear. He was a devil after all. A pure devil. He killed two persons at the same time without blinking. And I was imprisoned by him.

"Are you okay, angel? My love?" He asked me, shaking my shoulder vigorously with his both large hands. I was so scared that I lost my all reasoning and sense. I felt a great pressure in my head and my air supply in the chest was retrenched. I saw him asking me something shaking my body but I couldn't hear or feel anything. I tried to stay awake but darkness dominated my sense and took me over.


"I am not done with you yet, my whore. I have yet to take your life after your virtue. You are of no use to me now!" I heard a loud voice.

I was trying to run but couldn't.

My feet were shackled. I saw Alexander came towards me and was throttling me. I struggled hard but he didn't leave my neck. Tears glided down my cheeks. He laughed sadistically and his grip on my neck grew even tighter.

"Please let me go. Nooo! Please stop it!" I cried.

I woke up screaming, "Stop! Stop! Stop!"

My head was pounding and I was sweating badly. My head spun.

"Are you okay, angel? Shhh, I am here? Don't cry." He tried to take me in his arms.

When my gaze adverted to him, I screamed, "Let me go! Let me go, you devil!" I jerked his arms.

I remembered how cruel and how brutal he was and could be. Every inhumane act he had done, were playing in my mind. He raped me brutally,

crying. I peered at Alexander. He looked at me intensely.

Our eyes locked. I found just one thing in his eyes, love. Love for me. The love I saw in his eyes made my heart melt a bit. I tried to find but didn't find any deceit in those brown eyes. They were filled with love, appreciation, and longing. I couldn't understand if I was seeing correctly or my eyesight was also deceiving me because what I saw in his eyes surprised me to the core.

He gently picked me up on his lap and kissed on my forehead. Cupping my face, he placed his lips on my lips. He gently planted a kiss. I didn't know why but I allowed him to kiss me. I wrapped my hands around his neck. My fingers ran through his soft hair.

He further asked me for entrance and I unknowingly let him in. He inserted his tongue inside my mouth and kissed me, exploring every part of my mouth. He had kissed me before but this kiss of him was so gentle, so sweet, passionate and so loving. It was not penalizing, dominating or carnal. I think it was to show how much gentle his love could be. After his passionate kiss, we both ware panting. I didn't feel disgusted while kissing him. Rather, I felt loved. I opened my eyes and saw Alexander was looking at me lovingly and expectantly. He again kissed my forehead and smiled at me. Even if I tried, I couldn't return a smile, my heart wanted. But the mind didn't let me.

The Alexander was sitting with me now, kissing me, was different from the Alexander I knew. I felt that. But what would I do? Even after his every loving and kind gesture, my memories recall his horrible acts. Then I couldn't help but make myself distant from him or run away. Why did he have to spoil everything beforehand?

"Alexander, why did you spoil every possibility of love between us? I can't pull you near me even if I try, my memories recall those incidents. You have killed me and all my abilities to love someone in my life. You have scarred my mind and soul forever." I burst out tears clutching his shirt. I cried until my body was limp and slept in his arms out of exhaustion.

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