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   Chapter 24 Her Pain!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 14757

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Alexander didn't know what to do exactly to bring Sapphire back. But he was determined to do anything for her. He was burning constantly in regret.

Four months passed by. Alexander thought when he would get to meet her angel, talk to her looking at her eyes, even if it's for once.

"Mr. Rodriguez, after the therapeutic treatment of these months, I believe that Sapphire's condition developed a bit. She recovered from amnesia, both retrograde and psychogenic. That means all her memories are placed in the right order in the brain." Dr. Nethrabathi informed Alexander about Sapphire.

Alexander's eyes glistened with hope, a new felicity. He couldn't help but smile thinking that his angel was going to be alright.

Observing Alexander being infused with new hope, Dr. Nethrabati said, "But this good news came with a bad one. Her amnesia is gone, but her PTSD has taken a very critical form. As she remembers all her memories now. Her anxiety, depression level have increased. It will take her time to recover from this. We have to be patient. Because if she gets frequent nightmares or panic attacks now, it will be fatal. Even it can lead her to self-destruction like suicidal attempts."

"What to do now? Still can't I meet her? Alexander queried.

"You may, but you have to be careful every time you are with her because she is vulnerable. You have to behave in such a way, so that her fear for you fades or decreases. You can't act according to your instinct anymore. You have to make her believe that she is safe around you and you are not any harm to her." Dr. Nethrabathi explained.

"Hmm." Alexander hummed in response. His mind was occupied with how he would meet her after causing her so much pain.

How will I meet her, face her?

Will she want to see me?

What will be her reaction after seeing me?

Lastly, will she ever forgive me for what I have done?

What will happen if she never forgives me?

If she never wants to see me?

He thought.

His mind was in turmoil with so many questions, thoughts.

At that time of the day, Sapphire walked around the garden. Alexander decided to go there to see her.

He saw Sapphire was sitting on a stool, looking far away. A butterfly sat flying on her head. But she didn't notice it. Alexander didn't want to disturb her, so he left from there letting her stay there.

Alexander was restless inside. He wanted to meet Sapphire, face to face, to hear her voice, talk to her, and hold her.

He entered her room after she returned from the garden. She was sitting on the couch, looking outside of the window.

Sensing someone's presence, she turned her head. When her eyes casted on him, they widened in shock. Her breath was caught in her throat in fear. Her face paled. Clenching both jaws together, she squeezed her eyes shut. It was like, she was trying her best to forget something very dolorous. She opened her eyes and let out a deep breath. Her eyes were looking at Alexander in a 'Why are you here after ruining me?' questioning stare. She wrapped her arms around herself and then again looked outside, ignoring Alexander's presence.

For Alexander, it was a long-anticipated moment. To meet Sapphire. But when he was here, right with her, he couldn't comprehend what to say or how to say. He slowly approached her.

"How are you, angel?" he started.

"Not dead yet. Why are you here?" Sapphire replied coldly.

"I just came here to see you, " Alexander stated genuinely.

"To see my misery? After ruining me? I thought you were done with me the day you took my everything." Sapphire retorted.

Alexander was silent for a long time.

"It was my mistake; I want to fix everything now. I want to do amends." Alexander said.

"So easily told. You can say easily and act like nothing has happened. But whenever I close my eyes, I remember, when I see you before my eyes, they become evident, the memories. How will you amend these? What will you do to do amends?" She threw a challenge at him in a shaky tone. Her voice became heavy.

"Anything. I will do anything." Alexander avowed. His face was holding a very determined expression.

But Sapphire couldn't believe his words or expression, after experiencing his most ferocious animal side. Her mind was in an internal war.

"Really?" Sapphire then stood up, taking a vase from the table threw it on the floor. Instantly the vase was shattered into pie

ool water. She stood in front of the mirror. She saw the reflection of a girl. The reflection almost looked like Sapphire but it wasn't exactly Sapphire. Her skin was deadly pale. Huge eye bags formed under her eyes. She was just a skin and bone. Even her facial bones also jut out. Her long hairs were rough and frizzy. Her eyes were empty and dull. Lips were chapped.

She was looking like a lonely, orphan, homeless, beggar girl.

Yes, they are right. I am pathetic.

Everyone treated me like shit.

Even my mother.

My father left me.

The person claimed to love me, he raped me, accused me of being a whore.

I am the real pathetic one.

Everyone wanted my body, nothing else.

She let out a scream. She took the glass bottle of a body wash and threw it towards the mirror. It shattered into thousands of pieces.

Fisting her hair, she was pulling them like a possessed, crazy person.

It was too painful for her to even breathe. She felt like destroying her pathetic life. An immense urge to harm herself possessed her.

Picking a sharp piece of mirror glass, she began cutting her skin. She made so many cuts on her both arms, hands, feet. Blood started to ooze out tearing her skin. But she couldn't feel any pain. Her sense of pain became numb.

The floor where she was sat, got wet with the blood dripping from her cuts of hands and feet.

Thinking to end her life, she brought the sharp glass close to her wrist with her shaky hand.

In the meantime, the door burst opened and a strong hand prevented her hand from slitting her wrist. Sapphire turned to look who it was.

It was Alexander. His eyes were blazing with fury. He tried to take the glass from her hand while holding her other arm in his vice grip. Sapphire winced in pain but didn't let go of the mirror piece from her hand, still tried to cut her wrist.

Suddenly, she bit his hand and Alexander released her hand in pain. She again tried to cut her wrist, and then Alexander lost all his reasoning and to save her life from herself, slapped her hard in her face. She fell on the ground unconscious with the force of his slap.

Alexander then carried her into her room and gently put her on the bed. Removing her bloody, torn shirt, he cleaned her cuts and then bandaged them after applying medicine. Then put a new cloth on her body.

What will I do?

Is she broken beyond repair?

I never could realize the depth of what he had lost.

But now he understood.

He lost the most precious gem.

The girl lying on the bed was more like a dead, only breathing was on. She was a shell of the old Sapphire. He let out a sigh.

But you have promised to fix her, heal her, and get her everything. Stick to your words Alexander. You can do it; after all, you are responsible for this.

His determination and conscience both hit him.

Wherever I have done, I will fix it. I will heal her at any cost. She is my most precious gem.

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