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   Chapter 22 Know Her a Bit! (Again)

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 12643

Updated: 2020-02-22 21:18

Dr. Nethbathi demanded to know what has happened with Sapphire.

"She was raped and the gentleman standing here raped her. My kid now can't even recognize people, " said Mr. Benson, suddenly entering into the room.

Alexander's jaw clenched and he exhaled a deep breath. He couldn't look at them, was too ashamed of himself. He raped the love of his life, destroyed his hopes, the person who saved his life.

What a wonderful rendition of kindness he had returned to her!

"I want to make things right from now on. Tell me what happened to her in the past?" Alexander lifted his gaze and asked them.

"I don't know what to say, I never thought Mr. Rodriguez you could do something so vile to somebody. I think what people say is not true, you are much worse and crueler than the rumor." Dr. Nethrabathi said.

She continued, "Sapphire's had many problems before, she suffered from severe stress disorder, anxiety and depression. Her childhood was not something very cherishing. She was severely abused by her mother and her boyfriend. This is why she developed relationship complex and trust issues. She had problems to even sleep properly. I can't say any more about her. I am a doctor and it's against my ethics to expose about my patient. Nonetheless, I have told you so that you can understand how to behave with her. I don't want you to cause more damage to her; she is not in a condition to take any more pain."

Alexander stood there listening, stunned to know about Sapphire. She was a broken girl, but now she was broken beyond repair by him. He squeezed his eyes shut and fisted his hands.

She was always hurt but always had a good heart. Alexander could still remember her little sleeping figure beside him from ten years ago; her body was covered with cuts and bruises.

She was exhausted carrying her cuts and bruises along with her, every day dealing with new forming cuts. Nevertheless, the smile never faded from her face, she always smiled. Always helped everyone.

She was his angel, broken angel.

"Please go from here, you two, let me start my work." Dr. Nethrabathi urged them.

"I will stay here, " Alexander replied.

"Mr. Rodriguez, she is afraid of you. After what you have done to her, if you stay here, I can't guarantee that I will be able to get a hundred percent result, please leave." Dr. Nethrabathi spoke.

Alexander left with Mr. Benson.


After the first day of treatment, "How is she? How much time will it require to heal her?" Alexander impatiently queried.

"Mr. Rodriguez, let me say first. Her condition is not good rather complicated. As I already told she was a patient of stress and anxiety, but after this rape, her condition became more complicated. The rape was a great traumatic event in her life; she is suffering from severe PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Partial amnesia, and Bulimia." She replied.

Alexander listened to everything she said.

"I want to know exactly how much it will require for her to be normal?" Alexander asked, impatience was growing each time.

"Mr. Rodriguez, first of all, for your information I have to say something. Rape is not any normal occurrence, it is a serious crime. What you have done, you deserve serious punishment. And the way you are demanding her cure is really astonishing. You have to give her time, her condition is not good. She needs time; many patients can never get out of the trauma in their lifetime. But we need to be optimistic-" Dr. Nethrabathi was cut by angry Alexander.

"Don't you dare say she will never be all right because if that happens, you will never see your beloved daughter and husband. I am giving you three months. Do your work, cure her and get th

r took her out of the toilet by gently holding her arms. But she was struggling to be free.

He made her sit on the bed.

"Finish this meal within 20 minutes, I will come and check." He informed the crying Sapphire, wiping her tears with his fingers.

Alexander waited for two minutes outside of her door. Then he entered again.

He saw Sapphire was still crying and the tray of food was untouched. He marched towards her bed stood beside her.

"Why aren't you eating? Eat!" Alexander harshly said.

But still Sapphire didn't move. Alexander sat down on the bed and taking a spoonful of hot soup he blew it, and then held before her mouth.

"Open your mouth." But Sapphire didn't open, rather she cowered back.

Alexander became frustrated with her silence and pulled Sapphire abruptly by her arm. Sapphire let out a loud cry.

"Angel, please eat. You are weak, you need to eat." Alexander cajoled her.

Alexander was never a patient man but was showing much patience to feed Sapphire. But she never responded.

He got angry. Gripping her jaw tightly, he opened her mouth and shoved the spoonful of soup in her mouth. Sapphire could not take anything inside rather it resulting in her vomiting and vigorous coughing.

What are you doing, Alexander? You are supposed to treat her with care, not roughly. You have to treat this vulnerable, fragile doll with love. You already ruined her life, do not do this anymore. If you want her, then be patient. Shower her with your love, care.

Love can buy everything. His subconscious spoke.

Alexander released the scared and crying Sapphire.

He pulled her trembling form against his chest, embracing in a tight hug.

"I am sorry, angel. Forgive me." Alexander lowly whispered in her ear.

"I love you and you are my everything. I hate it when you cry. In your beautiful eyes, tears are not suited." He kissed her head.

Alexander wiped the soup from her body and dress with a napkin and brought out a new dress for her.

"Angel, wear it, I am waiting outside."

Sapphire didn't change her dress, she sat there motionless.

Alexander entered with a maid who was holding a new tray of food. He told her to help Sapphire change her dress.

He made her sit on his lap and stroke her hair. Sapphire was shaking and trying to get down. But Alexander tightly held her by her waist.

"I will never do such a thing again, angel. Don't forgive me right now, give me a chance. I will prove that I can change, I will fix you." He cooed in her ear.

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