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   Chapter 13 She And My Family!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 12583

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A Third Man's POV:

I saw a very angry Alexander. He sprinted towards me and landed a hard punch on my face.

"Ahh, " I landed on the floor.

"Get out of my house; you bloody motherfucker, if you consider your life valuable." He screamed at me. I got up, wiping the blood from the corner of my lips.

"Hey, Mr. Rodriguez, calm down. Have you forgotten already about your promise that after that deal, you will give me the whole profit of the local gold business this year?" I asked him.

"So what? Bastard, come to the point or get ready to die." He bellowed in fury. His eyes were shooting daggers.

"I don't want this profit from the local gold business, rather give me this girl. I know, mafias are not possessive over their whores." I said. Before comprehending anything, he began punching me one after another and began beating me like I was a punching bag.

I couldn't even ask to stop.

After leaving me black and blue he said, "Whom did you dare to call whore? She is my Queen. If you dare to look at her in the future, I will skin you alive and cut all your limbs. Get the hell out. Today I am sparing you because your father's so many years loyalty."

I was thrown out of the gate like a stray dog. My jaws were clenched.

I will never forget about this insult. I will pay you back for your today's deed Alexander.

Just wait and watch.

And regarding your so-called Queen, I will make her my whore.

I will scar her body and mind so badly that you will find it disgusting even to touch her again. I left his mansion with this determination.

End of that third Man's POV


Alexander went to Sapphire and told all the servants of the room to leave for a moment.

Sapphire glared at Alexander. Her eyes were full of anger, detest, humiliation and hurt.

She turned her back and stepped forward to go upstairs.

"Angel, don't go. Have breakfast." Alexander blurted. He knew very well that Sapphire didn't have the appetite anymore.

Sapphire gave him a death glare and continued walking towards the staircase. If her eyes could produce laser rays, Alexander might have been burnt there.

"Tigress! Don't disobey me. Have breakfast." Saying sternly, he pulled her arm.

Sapphire removed his hand off her arm with a jerk and stood before him placing both of her hands on her hip.

"Seriously? Seriously? Mr. Rodriguez? You think my appetite still is intact even after being called as a whore?" She laughed sardonically.

"This bastard would never be able to come back. Calm down, angel." He tried to calm her down.

"Oh, stop your nonsense, please! You tell me that you love me but then all you do is try to force me. Your servants dare to insult me and what happened today? I got the title of "WHORE" today by a random man; moreover, he even asked me how much I take for a night?!" Sapphire spat, unleashing all her anger.

She was shaking in rage; her hands were balled into a fist.

"Now tell me, what to do? Are they the people you associate with? You tell me to get used to this life? Never, I will do so. I will fight and leave. Mark my words." Saying, she turned on her heel and run upstairs.

Alexander pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, closing her eyes.

He thought about what Sapphire said. He thought that Sapphire was getting a bit closer to him. She wanted to have breakfast with him willingly. How happy he felt at that, he couldn't express in words. It was a big improvement to him, for their relationship.

But today's incident took her many steps away from him. Sapphire had every right to be angry today. He wanted to kill the bastard then and there but his father's loyalty saved his life today.


idn't make chaos trying to escape. I kept going their pace.

I have to plan carefully to escape otherwise I will fail miserably like the previous time.

From the conversation, I had understood that Alexander's parents already recognize me as their daughter in law. They were good.

That means Alexander was serious about me. But whatever happened, I would never allow my self-esteem and dignity to lose to anybody.

Her mother was really a sweet lady. Her sweetness towards me suddenly made me think about my pathetic and empty childhood. How Alexander could be so ruthless when her mom was so good!

I felt jealous of him suddenly. If I had a mother like her!

We got into Alexander's car. Alexander said, "They liked their would-be daughter in law a lot." rubbing my arm.

I let go of his hand and stated, "Your mother is a very sweet woman. You are so lucky to have a mom like her."

"Yes, I am. But angel, from today, she is your mom too. So you are also a lucky one. But I am luckier. I have the best mom and the best girl, you." He pecked my lips again.

"I am here against my will. Don't forget I will try all the chances I get to run away" I reminded him.

His facial expression changed from a joyous to a dark one. His smile faded instantly.

He abruptly pulled me to him and kissed me roughly. Fisting my hair, his teeth bit my lips; his tongue entered my mouth like it was telling me who was in power. It was a penalizing yet passionate kiss.

I was sure my lips were bleeding by now.

He let me go for a moment and said, "Remember I have the upper hand here. Today I knew that you didn't want to come here with me, you have agreed so that you could run. I knew all that from the beginning. But have you got any chance? No. In the future also, you won't get any. So, the thought of getting away, just erase it from your pretty little head."

He again pulled me to him. He brought his face close to mine and looked at my eyes. Mine were full of disgust and anger when his eyes were full of rage, hurt. He captured my lips again but I bit his lips this time, he left me letting out a growl.

"Not every time, you will get the upper hand. When the other one is me, the anomaly must occur!" I yelled.

I was beyond angry. Why every time he had to show such dominance? I didn't like him and I would leave him, this was a truth. That was gonna happen. He had to accept it.

If he did not want to accept it, then I would make him. You couldn't force anyone to love you back.

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