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   Chapter 11 Bird Is Caged Now!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 12368

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Third Person's POV:

Sapphire was lying on a soft mattress. She tried to open her heavy eyelids. Eyes were puffy, red. Her head was pounding in pain. She tried to lift her hands but they felt too heavy. She lifted her right hand slowly.

Opening her eyes, she saw an unknown surrounding. She was in a large, cozy room. It was filled with luxurious furniture.

It was not her dorm room.

Where the hell am I?

She thought to herself.

Slowly her foggy mind began to recall her memories one by one. She went out to collect her lost bag, then the sudden encounter with goons, someone pressed a cloth in her nose and she blacked out and was carried to a car.

Oh God, I am kidnapped! Where am I? Who Kidnapped me. The voice I heard last sounded so familiar.

She was thinking of all these things.

She got up and sat on the bed. Then she tried to step out of the bed to stand but felt dizzy. She immediately sat on the bed before falling on the floor.

Supporting the bed she stood up, looking around carefully she went to the door but it was locked. Through the windows, she saw a garden, where two men in black suits were guarding. They even had freaking guns with them.

She used the restroom. Whoever kidnapped her was dangerous and powerful. She realized. But she was not the one to get scared and hide like a puppy. Whatever the challenge was, she always had faced.

Ignoring all her nervousness and fear, she knocked on the door from inside loudly. Then banged her fist on the door loudly. But nobody came.

Are they deaf people? She thought.

She kicked a few times, but no one came to respond. Suddenly she saw an intercom. She randomly picked a number and said, "Hello, where is this and who the hell are you people? Fucking kidnapped a girl!" She screamed in pure anger.

From the other side, she heard a light chuckle, " Finally someone got up from her beauty sleep."

"Bloody son of a bitch, who are you? Come before me and let me go. Bloody coward, you have drugged me!" She shouted.

"Don't ever curse me, I am coming and soon you will understand everything, my little disobedient girl." The line was hung up.

Sapphire threw the receiver of the intercom in the wall in anger.

She was sitting on the bed for thirty minutes but no one came. Then the door opened and a girl wearing a maid outfit came in with a tray of food. She came near the bed, set the tray on the bedside table.

She was about to leave, but Sapphire stopped her. Sapphire told her to take the food back with her and call her owner, who kidnapped her.

She gave her a nasty angry look at first, but soon composed her expression.

"Who do you think you are? Why my owner would kidnap a girl like you if you are not a traitor? So, keep quiet." She said showing a temper.

Sapphire became angrier. The nerve of that bitch! How could a maid act like this? Like owner, like maid. She wondered.

"What did you say, girl? Don't you know the manner of talking? Or you are also mannerless like your owner?" Sapphire said.

The maid scoffed at Sapphire. Her face showed anger and neglect at the same time.

Then suddenly the door was opened and a very handsome man entered.

It was Alexander. Sapphire was shocked to see him. He gestured the maid to go out.

He came near Sapphire and smirked.

"See you again, angry tigress. How are you feeling? Is your head hurting?" He asked caressing a side of her cheek.

"I feel like shit now. Why have you kidnapped me? Bloody coward! Let me go!" She yelled, removing his hand from her face with a jerk.

Alexander's face turned dark in pure anger. He pulled Sapphire to him roughly by her wrists. He held her waists with one hand and wi

ed to finish all. Sapphire pleaded making a puppy eyes to let her be this time. Alexander smiled at her cute expression and kissed her forehead.

"You can take a shower if you want and clothes are in the closet." Alexander pointed at the closet.

She went to the bathroom and it had a large jacuzzi tub. The tub was enough big to fit three to four people. Shiny everywhere. She thought to take time and have a relaxing bath at some other time, but now she was in no mood for this. She quickly took a hot shower and came out in a bathrobe.

She was surprised to see the huge collection of women's clothes and underwears in the walk-in closet. They were all fashionable but decent. The surprising fact was every undergarment was of her size perfectly.

She wore a loose t-shirt and cotton short. Then she went to bed to sleep. Alexander was still there, looking at her, admiring her beauty. Her short was showing her soft creamy flawless legs.

"What are you looking at? You now leave the room, I need some privacy." She told Alexander. She felt pissed at how he was looking at her.

"I am looking at what is mine. Any problem? Have rest. I will return soon." Saying this, Alexander left the room. Though he didn't want to leave her alone, he thought to give her some privacy.

Sapphire fell asleep thinking about all happenings. She abruptly woke up due to a nightmare. She screamed. The same things of her past were haunting her. Her eyes were shedding tears and she was feeling difficulty to breathe. She shocked when she saw Alexander sitting beside her.

He queried, "Angel what happened? Are you okay?" He pulled her to him softly and placed her head in his chest.

Sapphire struggled a bit at first, but then rested her head on his chest and calmed down. She didn't like him, but at this moment, his touch gave her comfort. She felt safe and closed her eyes.

Alexander's POV:

I saw her having a bad dream. She was hyperventilating again. I pulled her to me to calm her down.

I was a heartless man, didn't know exactly what to do to make a person feel good when she/he feels down. I just followed my mind.

Why was she hyperventilating?! Was it because of her dream or has it anything to do with her past life?

Maybe I am overthinking. What if she is like this because of me? I have kidnapped her.

No. No. She is a strong girl. She won't be like this because of me. I didn't harass her. I just claimed what's mine. I can't help it.

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