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   Chapter 10 Naive Bird Is Flying!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 10564

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Third Person's POV:

Sapphire felt like a free bird. She shifted to her apartment.

Already got admitted into a new university, where she wanted to study microbiology.

She came to Sydney kinda without anything. Just her money, passport, some necessary documents, and medical file.

Her one-room studio apartment was cozy. She bought a mattress, a table, a chair for her.

She decided not to make any friend anymore. It hurt when she had to cut all her ties.

She contacted her uncle that she was alright and everything was fine.

As she didn't have any refrigerator, it was quite difficult for her to preserve food. Most of the time she cooked instant food or ordered food.

A month slowly passed by. She got her room in the university dorm sooner than she thought.

She had to share the room with another student. The Dorm cafeteria food was quite okay. She began to adjust to the new life of her university in Australia.

Her roommate Kelly, was a jolly type of girl, quite friendly. But Sapphire didn't want to befriend her, so she kept distance trying not to be rude.

What she got to know about her was, she was also originally from the US, Chicago. But his family settled in Australia. But still, his father has businesses in America.

"Sapphire, would you like to go shopping with me this Saturday? Actually, I had to buy gifts for my niece for her upcoming birthday. She is gonna be one. But I am not quite good at choosing gifts. Can you?"

"Kelly, I just don't feel like. Ask somebody.. ".

"Please, Sapphire. Help me just this once." Kelly pleaded.

"Okay. But I don't want to spend too much time shopping. "


Both of them went shopping on Saturday morning.

Sapphire felt good to go with her. After all, she liked children, so she liked choosing gifts for her niece.

Kelly insisted on treating her in Starbucks for coming with her. Sapphire told her it was not necessary at all. But she insisted.

They both entered Starbucks but Sapphire bumped into somebody. She looked up and apologized immediately and turned to go.

But that person suddenly pulled her arm.

"Are you Sapphire Atkinson?" He asked Sapphire.

Sapphire looked at him and then at her arm as he was still holding it.

Sensing the impoliteness, he said sorry and let go.

Sapphire lied to him, "No, Who is Sapphire? I am not. You may get the wrong person."

She hoped that he wasn't somebody from America, Alexander's man.

"Then what's your name?" He asked again.

"Hey. I bumped with you and for this already said sorry. Why are you trying to know my name? After that don't tell me you will want my phone number? " Sapphire told in an irritation mixed tone.

Kelly was standing beside her with a confused expression in her face, as she couldn't get what was going on. She didn't understand who the man was and why Sapphire lied.

"I see you are her friend. What's her name? It's Sapphire?" Suddenly the man asked Kelly.

Without being able to understand what to say, Kelly looked at Sapphire.

"Ye--No. Um-m. Her name is not Sapphire. And who are you mister? why bothering us? Want us to call the security? " Kell

big and well trained. She was panting heavily.

She ran from there and stood behind a wall breathing heavily. But a big palm clasped her mouth and a hand encircled her waist from behind. Then before her comprehending anything, a hand pressed a fabric in her mouth and nose. Soon she found herself loosing consciousness.

"Enough my angel, give up now. It's time you come in my arms forever." She heard a very familiar manly voice saying before going into a deep slumber. And She felt a light kiss in her temple.

It was Alexander. He carried her to his car in a bridal style.

"Sir, she will be up after a bit. The amount of chloroform we used was very little. Soon, she will wake up before reaching the US."

"I have a perfect plan for my Queen."

"Sir, are you gonna drug Mam?"

"Yes. For the first time and last time" saying this Alexander gently plunged an injection needle in her arm and then massaged the area.

"Get the jet ready, again. For my Queen, everything must be ready, clean and in order." He commanded his men.

"Yes, Sir." with this they went to check out for the Jet.

Alexander removed the loose strands of Sapphire's hair that was lying on her eyes. He caressed from her face to neck, with his fingertip. He couldn't help being infatuated by her beauty again and again. He placed a kiss on her lips.

"Who will say lying here, this girl is actually my angry tigress?" he thought and laughed.

He was caressing her gently, but suddenly his anger took him over remembering how she resisted him, rejected him, promised him not to flee, but even then how she ran away from him. How she forced him to stay away from her, what he had gone through when she was away from him.

When he gets angry he becomes a beast. His beast was not agreed to forgive her. It swore to give her a good punishment.

His jaw clenched. Roughly manhandling her arms he said, " angel, its time to get punished." He grabbed her one wrist tightly and watching a pale red bruise he let it go, feeling satisfied.

In his Private jet, he laid Sapphire in a bed and watched her over lovingly.

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