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   Chapter 9 Be A Bitch To Everyone

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 19562

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Sapphire went to her apartment and retired her tired body in bed not bothering with showering or eating.

She got a new phone through delivery and a new SIM card. She then called her uncle Frederick.

She told her about how a notorious mafia named Alexander Rodriguez was chasing her and what he had done to Nathan.

Mr. Frederick was surprised to know about Alexander Rodriguez. He knew they were ruthless and Alexander was way more ruthless, crueler than his father Davon Rodriguez.

He was very hurt when he got to know his nephew Nathan was hurt by Alexander and Sapphire was constantly threatened by him, he couldn't help feeling helpless.

He was childless. He loved them as his children.

"Uncle, I have made up my mind. I am going to Australia from here." Sapphire's statement surprised this old man.

"What are you saying child? Where will you stay there? And what about your studies?" He asked in wonder.

He couldn't believe what that girl was saying!

Had she lost her mind!

"I am just in the first semester of my university. I will cancel my admission here online. As for Australia, I have contacted a professor of a famous university via mail a few months ago, who was agreed to take me in his supervision." She explained.

"You are saying that you are leaving your study here? What about staying?" Mr. Frederick still couldn't get out of surprise.

"Uncle, I have gotten a scholarship. It may seem cowardly but I am trying to go far away from that beast. For the first two or three months, I have to rent an apartment to stay, pay for food. After that, when I will get my room in the University dorm, food will be provided from the cafeteria." She replied.

"Money is not a problem. You have a lot of money on your own. But I am worried about your safety child."

"Don't worry uncle. God will protect me. I will get monthly stipend also." She assured him.

"You are sure?" Mr. Benson asked in incredulity.

"Yes. I won't let the beast win. He can't ever get me." Sapphire spoke in determination.

"Have you planned yet?"

"Yes, uncle. I will fly to Australia from here, after 7 days. You will send one of your men at the airport with a ticket and passport. And uncle, you have to rent a place in Sydney. I heard your sister in law stays there."

"I will tell her to get an apartment rented for you today." He told her.

"Uncle, I will transfer money to her account by tomorrow. Give me her account no. through the mail."

"But dear, if he stalks you like a psycho, then how are you going to get out and reach the airport avoiding his eyes?"

"Uncle for this I have a plan. I have to take a bit of risk to fool him. Uncle the day of my escape, please send your housemaid Anna and her daughter to my apartment and uncle buy another air ticket for Germany and send it with her."

"What are you going to do? You are scaring me, child." Mr. Benson said out of pure fright.

"Just keep trust in me uncle and I will talk to you later. Take care of yourself. Bye"

"You too, child." Mr. Benson hung up.

Sapphire thought if she wanted to protect her dear ones, she had to hurt them in such a way so that they cut all their ties with her, hate her and detest her.

She got a text. It was from Alexander.

"My angel, break up with your boyfriend or get ready for his funeral. Mark my words. After his funeral, nothing can refrain me to take you in my arms, whether you like it or not. Tigress, don't make me go harsh. I don't want to go harsh with you. Stay safe and Take care."

This text made Sapphire's blood boil in rage. Who the fuck gave him fucking right play with the lives of other people?

Human trash!

The next day, she went to visit Nathan. He was conscious, lying on the bed. Both legs were bandaged and plastered.

Seeing Sapphire, a smile played on his lips.

"How are you, Nathan?" Sapphire asked him.

"I am fine, princess. Did you miss me? Or worried for me? I heard you came yesterday too." He tried to make the heavy ambiance lighter by joking.

"Glad to know. Nathan, I am here to say that I want to break up with you."

Sapphire tried to show nonchalance and seriousness at the same time.

"Whhatt? Why princess? What have I done wrong? I can amend myself." Nathan asked in wonder.

"Nathan, you are irresponsible. You got yourself in this accident because of your irresponsibility. Who drives the car and talks on the phone at the same time?"

"This is the reason? If it's the reason, then I will change myself. I won't be like this anymore. I will be more responsible from now on and please don't break up princess." His tone was like pleading now.

Sapphire felt guilty to hurt him, but she couldn't find what to say. The guilt of hurting Nathan was piercing her heart.

She took a deep breath to keep herself calm because all she wanted to hug him tightly.

"That may be better for you if you become responsible, but I won't be with you anymore. I don't know if your legs will be alright again or not. You may end up sitting on a wheelchair or keeping a crutch in your whole life. I don't want to be with a disabled boyfriend who will be a burden to me."

Every word she said to him, pierced her own heart, bleeding, paining. Her voice was shaking.

She was surprised by herself.

She bit her bottom lip to control her tears and then turned another side so that Nathan couldn't see her wavering face.

How could she be so heartless?

How could she be so cruel?

She was not any better than her mother.

Nathan looked at her in disbelief; he couldn't believe his ears.

The girl who was standing before him was really Sapphire?

Whom he loved from his childhood?

"Sapphire? Is it really you?" He asked.

"Yeah. Why not?"

"How can you be so selfish? The Sapphire I love is not that selfish, she was like an angel. Who are you?"

g my every breath.

He didn't even say sorry to me.

But it was true, it seemed to me he stopped following me like a stalker. One day I went to the bank, another day went to a superstore, he said nothing about that. But I was sure that he didn't stop checking on me completely.

Uncle Frederick informed me that he arranged my ticket and passport. I had enough cash with me so that I wouldn't need to withdraw money from Australia.

I printed some advertisements of vacancies and apartments of London from the websites and then marked them with my blue marker.

I wanted to seem that I was going to London. It was to distract and misdirect if somebody came to search for my whereabouts. They would think I have gone to London.

I planned to escape at night. Luckily there was a scheduled flight at night. Anna and her daughter came to my house. Her daughter's physical features were just like me. Anybody can mistake her as me if sees her from distance.

She always wore big and baggy, loose shirts, twice of her size and loose pants. When they came, I wore her dress and made her wear my dress. We both wore sunglasses and dust masks.

This is how we left our apartment. We two took an uber, I got down at the airport. Anna's daughter went back to my apartment building from the airport in the same car and then from there, she went to her home with her mother after a few hours at night.

I knew it was a very childish plan to distract my stalker, but there was no harm in trying once. As they wouldn't get to know who the other girl was who liked me or going to get their address.

I got my passport and got into the plane. I breathed in relief.

I checked in a hotel after landing from the plane. Sydney was indeed beautiful.

I was extremely exhausted after a long journey of almost 21 hours. I freshened up and ordered my meal. I slept for more than six to seven hours.

I had the address of my rented apartment. I decided to go there and explore the city by myself a bit.

I was free here. Just like a bird.

In Alexander's Mansion:



"THEN WHERE IS SHE DAMNIT???" Alexander was shaking in enormous fury. All he could see was red. His eyes were bloodshot.

Veins of the forehead, throat were popping out.

"Gilly, I gave the responsibility just to inform me about her. What did you do? You failed to do this one once again? Where were you that night? Huh?" He roared at his man.

"Sir… Actually, I thought you said to follow her not like before, So I went to Blue garden. Sir, forgive me." The man named Gilly begged, trembling slightly. Fear for life was evident in his eyes, tone.

No one has seen Alexander this angry, furious, enraged like this ever. He was like a beast just in a human form.

He already destroyed his whole room in anger. No one dared to stop him or go near him. After all, who wants to die?

"Oh bastard, you are saying that you went to fuck a whore, in time your duty? Huh? Answer me, bastard? Alexander screamed.

"Sorry, Sir. Forgive me this once. I- I never-" was cut by Alexander.

"I told you not to follow all the time, but it was your duty to inform me to tell me she is okay, checking her once at night. I think you take your duty too lightly. Now I am freeing you forever."

With this Alexander shot him, putting a bullet in his forehead.

Everyone was present in his room gasped, shocked, seeing him this angry. He was not in a sane state of mind.

Everyone was extremely frightened.

"Get my car ready. Go to her apartment!" He roared.

"Tigress, you have done a bad deed this time. I will find you and get you, even if I have to go to hell for this. When I find you, you will be badly very badly punished. You woke up the beast in me. I am going to be your worst nightmare."

Alexander thought darkly with a determination.

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