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   Chapter 8 Am I In A Relationship

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 9094

Updated: 2020-02-08 17:28

Sapphire's POV:

I came out of my apartment building and saw a car.

Ohh it was Nathan's.

He waved at me and I got into the car.

"Good morning. How are you, princess?" he said.

"Good morning. I am fine. You are here?" I asked

"Actually from now on, every day I will be here, to take you to your university. "

"It won't be necessary. " I added.

"It will give me pleasure. Don't say no." He made puppy eyes.

Smiling at him I looked before. In the side mirror, I saw a car following us.

After 15 minutes we reached.

"Baby, today I won't be able to pick you up after school. I have a small business meeting, " he said sighing.

"It's okay. I can go myself. "

I smiled at him and he gave me a flying kiss before driving away. I really was glad, finally, I started a relationship, after so many years. It didn't feel bad.

He seemed sincere to me. If he is good to me, then I will try my hardest too.

It feels good to think that I am not alone. Is this how feels when somebody is in a relationship?

He hugged me. I blushed remembering it.

I can go to the park again, as today I didn't have work. I thought.

I went to the park after university and went to a quiet part of it. Then I sat on a bench. People usually didn't come to this side of the park.

This part was a bit poachy and damp. sun rays couldn't come here thoroughly. As there were big old trees here spreading their huge branches, hugged with thick leaves.

People and children come this part rarely. Most of the time benches of here were empty but clean.

A cold breeze was running. It felt so good like the breeze was caressing my face.

Leaning my head, I closed my eyes.

"Good afternoon, my tigress." Someone whispered in my ear.

I jumped in surprise and opened my eyes. I saw the beast was sitting beside me, smiling widely.

His smile was a killer.

What am I thinking? He is a beast. I mentally slapped myself.

"It has become a bad afternoon now. Do you follow me everywhere?" I said with much annoyance.

He smiled again without answering.

"Who are you? Why do you follow me? What do you actually want from me? What do you do?" I asked in one breath, without blinking.

He chuckled, "One by one angel, don't tire yourself just by questioning. You have much to do to tire yourself later."

"I am in no mood for your stupid games. Answer me!" I snapped at him.

"Angel, what have I told you to watch your tone with me? "His voice was firm. All playfulness vanished instantly. The face became hard.

"What have I told about not to repeat myself?" I threw at him with the same strength. I wasn't someone to cower.

"You have the right to know about me, as you are gonna be my QUEEN.

re was a dark evil smirk in his lips which was giving me a silent hint that he wouldn't let me leave so easily.

I snapped back to reality and wiped my cheek. I felt great distaste.

I grimaced my face and pushing him

Unchained my hands from him.

"Angel, go to your boyfriend for the last time, he needs you." He said mockingly.

"You bloody swine, you will rot in hell." Saying this with utter hatred and disgust, I left for Nathan's hospital.

I didn't even care to see his expression or reaction.

I again called Nathan's mobile and someone picked and said he was admitted into a hospital near the mall.

I rushed to the hospital, from the information desk, I went to his room. Nathan was lying in the bed. I talked to the doctor.

His both legs were fractured, needed two months of complete bed rest. A minor injury in his head.

I couldn't help crying standing in front of his bed.

Today he was lying here because of me. I was cursed.

My curse affected him too.

I sat in the stool near the bed. Nathan was unconscious.

My mind was restless, a storm was going on.

Alexander was a merciless beast. He knew everyone close to me.

He hurt Nathan today. There was no guarantee that he wouldn't use Bella, Uncle Fred, orphanage kids to tame me.

He would hurt them without any second thought.

I had to cut all my ties with them to protect them.

I could be back to a loner but couldn't bear them hurting because of me, by a psycho mafia guy.

I had to do something quickly.

I called the doctor, bought medicine and requested him to lend me his phone to make a call.

I lied to him that my phone got broken falling from the staircase.

I called uncle Fred to send me a new phone tonight, as my present phone may be tracked.

I was going to take a big decision.

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