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   Chapter 7 Behave Like A Real Man!

Mafia and His Broken Angel By LostpuppyJS Characters: 16121

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Third Person's POV:

After leaving Sapphire's apartment, Alexander got into his car to his penthouse. He was a ruthless man, cruel creature. He never cared for anyone.

Watching people begging was nothing new to him. But he didn't understand why he was feeling restless all of a sudden. It was not new that people pleaded before him to stop, cried for mercy. But he never did. He frowned deep thinking about Sapphire's state.

Apart from her being scared, begging to stop, he sensed something unusual. This strong girl was overly panicked. Her reaction was something more than scared.

He tortured many people, killed many but had never forced any girl. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see the tear-stained face of his angel.

Recalling the memory with her, he couldn't help feeling guilty. And this was the first time in his life, he was feeling guilty. He was getting... Guilt!!!

Ruthless Alexander Rodriguez was feeling guilty, whose whole world was built with brutality and bloodshed.

He decided to give her some time. His appearance and claim on her, both were overwhelming in her life. He would let her get to know him. Then he would take her away from her life and make her his for good.

Alexander's POV:


What Did I just do to her!

She was crying! Fucking hyperventilating!

What can I do, I cannot forget her tear-stained face...He thought.

I bit her lips, made her bleed.

I just wanted to talk damnit!

But no! She had to be super stubborn and throw her limbs at me.

She wanted to get away from me. I just wanted her to understand that she was mine. There is no escape from me.

Her constant defiance and mention of her fucker boyfriend made me utterly mad. I just wanted to show her that she was mine, so I wanted to mark her.

She could only think about me, nobody else. Hate or love... her thoughts would be only about me.

But I lost control. She was so damn beautiful and innocent! Her angelic face. Her sweet vanilla scent.

Her petite body was so perfect and alluring. I think she was unaware of this fact. She was an innocent, sexy seductress. And touching her was like a drug. After kissing her, I didn't want to stop. More like I couldn't stop. Her body itself hypnotized me to explore more of it.

The women I had touched before, fucked before were not like her. They were more willing to submit themselves beneath me.

No woman could resist me, my charm.

I never thought in my dream that my angel will hate so much just to be simply touched by me.

Maybe I went too far with my angel.

She was nothing like any sluts.

She was pure. Innocent... Sacred. And I shouldn't have kissed her, touched her when she was unwilling.

Bloody Hell!

I am an asshole...How could I compare her with those sluts I fucked? Most of them were opportunists to spread their legs for me, take my dick.

How could I just act like a horny teenager pumped up with hormones?

But I think I sensed something abnormal in her today. At first, she was angry. Then it seemed like she was overly panicked.

She was hyperventilating. She was like a fish out of water.

Difficulty to breathe, trembling body.

I didn't want to think anymore. My heart was filling with guilt for the first time in life. Needles were piercing my heart.

I had seen much bloodshed, killed many but never felt any guilt, remorse.

Then why Suddenly? Why? Why?

Wait! Was she having a panic attack??!

I thought these... No this couldn't be possible... I am sure, I was not that rough with her. My thoughts were occupied with her.

The other day also, I saw her crying at the park.

Something must be wrong. I must know what is it.

From the accident of the previous day, she was already hurt. She was in so much pain that she could not even cook food for her.

I sent her food by one of my trusted workers and even threatened the orphanage manager to do a drama of sending foods and gifts.

All I did so that my angel could eat. I could not let her sleep with an empty stomach.

But what had I done today? I treated her like a savage.

Ow wait... She already had bandaged and must be in pain meds.

Damn...I am nothing but an asshole. I treated my tigress like a barbarian. She must be thinking that I was after her body.

But why she had to be that damn stubborn?

Why couldn't she just listen to me?


I groaned in frustration.

"Fuck!" I kicked the chair hard.

I was restless, mad.

My phone rang. It was from Loony, she told me that tomorrow

"Knight Enterprise" wanted to fix a meeting with me.

"Make it at 10 am."I hang up.

My phone rang again. Cursing loudly I picked it up.

"Hellowww, Sir. I am Kendra. How are you?" I heard a nasal womanly voice from another side. I literally cringed sitting on the couch

an espresso. His taste was bitter just like his bitter personality.

Soon my shift was about to end, one of my co-workers Loren came. She served them drinks in my place.

"Where is the girl from before who took our orders?" The beast asked her but it sounded like a yell.

"Sir, her shift has ended for today. She is going home." She replied with fear. His expression was enough to scare somebody to death. I eavesdropped everything.

I changed my working uniform. Then I left the cafe with Nathan, before their eyes. I don't know what's with Nathan, suddenly he held my hand. I gave him a questioning look. He smiled like an idiot, scratching his head.

I saw the 'beast', he was shooting daggers at us through his glare. I didn't care.

We went to watch a movie, it was an action movie. We enjoyed it a lot. I finished a whole big box of butter popcorn and nachos.

At sharp 9 pm, we came out of Cineplex and for dinner, Nathan insisted on going to a local pasta shop. Its specialty was it was an open shop. We were waiting for our food.

"Sapphire, I never forget about you in these years even if I tried, " Nathan said holding my hand suddenly.

"Glad to hear, " I responded, trying to pull my hand softly.

"How about we go out? Know each other?" He suddenly said after a little pause.

"You mean we get into a relationship like a girlfriend-boyfriend?" I asked with my big eyes. I was shocked at his proposition. I have always thought of him as my friend.

"Yeah. Give me a chance to prove that I am sincere. If you feel unhappy with me then you are free to go anytime." He spoke, looking at my eyes. His eyes showed sincerity and care.

At least it seemed real to me.

"I think you are single. Try going into a relationship. It can help you lessen your loneliness and lighten your mind. Sometimes try visiting parks, amusement parks, movies, etc. Try to enjoy your life like a little young lady. Don't stay building walls around you. Then you will see life will offer you many amazing things you could ever imagine."

I suddenly recalled what my psychiatrist said. I can at least give a try.

"Nathan, you and me, we have met each other after a long time. We both have changed, and it's too quick." I hesitated.

"But my feeling towards you is still the same." He cut me off.

" Okay. But this is too soon. You know me. I am giving you a chance but don't try to bind me or cheat on me." I said.

"Thank you, my princess, for this honor." He kissed my knuckles. I blushed.

We ate and he dropped me at my apartment.

I was tired. I went to the bathroom to have a shower.

I sat in my small tub and was thinking about today. Nathan proposed to me, I said yes to him.

I had a mixed feeling. I went to bed to sleep. But after an hour I woke up because of my nightmare.

It got even worse. I was feeling a headache and breaths were difficult to take.

I was unable to run from my past, but yesterday's incident with the beast made my nightmare worse.

Today I saw horrifying incidents of my past again with yesterday's incident.

Why always these happened to me? Was I cursed? I took two pills and gulped with water. I don't know how to sleep peacefully anymore.

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