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   Chapter 6 Who Was That Boy

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Sapphire's POV:

I opened the door and found a lady standing with many small gift boxes and a big box. She seemed to be in early thirty.

"Hello. Are you Sapphire Atkinson? She smiled.

"Yes. Who are you?" I asked, frowning.

"I am from 'Little Hope' orphanage. I am sent by Mrs. Moore. Today we are giving all our donors surprise gifts as our gratitude. These gifts are made by children and food was made by our head cook." She described.

"But Mrs. Moore didn't say anything." I stopped her finding this kinda awkward and strange.

The first time in history, any orphanage sent gifts directly to donors!

"Mam, It's a surprise made for you to appreciate your help. Mrs. Moore and the children will be happy if you take it."

Sorry but even though it sounded sweet, I didn't trust her and so didn't allow her to come in right away.

"Mam. You can trust me. I am from the orphanage, not any kind of thug. You can call orphanage now and check."

"Okay. Then please don't get me rude, security gets the first priority." I explained.

I called in the orphanage and they told me that it was their appreciation gift and gratitude. So I let her in with the food and gifts. Then she left after thanking me.

Looking at those gifts made by children, instantly made me smile. They made cards, drawing beautiful pictures, made small airplanes, dolls, etc. These novice works showed sincere love and care.

My stomach growled suddenly, as I did not have lunch. I opened the food box and instantly drooled.

Pasta salad, chicken rice, stir-fried veggies, seafood dish, lamb curry, caramel pudding. Wow!

I dug in. Every bite was delicious and gave me a homey feeling after many years. I was fortunate to get this food when I wasn't able to make any.

Enough food was left, enough for my dinner. I called Bella and told her that I wouldn't be able to come tonight as I was hurt.


The next day, I reached my university by Uber.

I called Flora and informed her about my accident. She was understanding and kind enough to give me a day off.

I walked out of my university gate and found a handsome boy in his early twenty approached me. He seemed familiar.

Oh my Gosh! He was Nathan!

"Hello. How are you, Sapphire? Don't you recognize me?" He asked me.

Actually, I was so surprised to see him after 5 years.

"Not actually. It has been only 5 years." I told him sarcastically.

"I want to talk to you and I have many things to tell you." He added.

Then entered a cafe and talked. He told me about his life, how he was busy and pressurized by his parents to pursue a degree he didn't even want to. He told me how he missed me. Missed our friendship. And finally apologized for not being with me when I needed him.

I didn't understand why he apologized because I was never angry at him nor had any expectations from him. I stopped expecting a long ago. Suddenly. he said he wanted to start anew.

What to start? I wondered. We were just friends.

But his comeback made me glad, I felt like someone close to me after my family was near me.

Nathan insisted on giving me a lift but I wanted to go home alone. I didn't like to bother people. So, I took a taxi on my way home.

I reached the front gate of my apartment building and noticed two cars were parked there, one was Lamborghini.

I frowned. Didn't they see it was a no-parking area?

I was about to enter inside then the driver of a car came out.

"Excuse me, Mam."

I was startled a bit but composed myself and turned his way.

"Can you get inside this car, Mam. Sir wants to have a word with you." He gestured towards the black Lamborghini.

Why would I get inside a stranger's car? Was he nuts?

I ignored him and headed to the gate again but only to be lifted by two big bulky men, one of them clasped my mouth from behind and gripped my hands and the other one grabbed my two legs in a death grip.

My eyes widened in fear. They were too quick to catch me this off guard! I could not move a bit in their vice grips.

My breathing got quicker.

Are they kidnappers! Are they here to kidnap me? Then sell me in the brothel?

I tried my best, struggled and ended up only sweating and panting. I was stirring and moving my head left-right, wriggled to get free but all my attempts went in vain. These two were way too much strong.

I was not even a match. Tears threatened to flow. But I held back, I wouldn't panic. Not now. I could not allow the kidnappers to see my tears, see me weak at any cost. These types of people feed on other's weaknesses.

They shoved me inside the car like a sack of potato. It hurt, my legs and hand

o-o-u-u p-pl-please s-st-o-p-p f-for-r G-g-go-dd s-sake." I somehow uttered, tears were running in a torrent. My words came out like some incoherent sounds.

My chest was heaving up down to suck oxygen.

Oh God. Why me again?

Why my past is going to recur?


I can't let this happen again. No No No.

Don't let that thing happen to me again. God, Almighty... I prayed, cried.

With my all might I jerked him.

"Nooooooooooo!" I cried, my limbs were going numb.

He suddenly released me. He might sense something unusual.

"Are you alright, babe? What has happened to you?" He queried, looking concerned suddenly. Worry dripped in his voice.

His eyes showed worry but it disappeared quickly. Who I was kidding! No one could be concerned for me. Ever. Everyone was after one thing. My body. Nothing else.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" I said, still couldn't breathe properly. I was hiccupping. My words sounded like a whisper.

He released me at once and then made me sit. Then he gave me water, after drinking this, I felt a bit better.

I was still trembling and couldn't breathe properly. Hyperventilating.

He then pulled me to him and I tried to push him, but my energy was drained by this process. My protest was defeated by his strength.

To my surprise, he hugged me and placed my head in his hard chest. He was stroking my hair and caressing my back to soothe me.

I tried to get free but then stopped. This beast made me like this but his touch was soothing.

I was craving for somebody who could lend me his shoulder to cry, to soothe me.

No. No. No. I cannot allow this beast to touch me, no matter what.

He was the reason that I felt pathetic like my past again. For a moment I saw a reflection of my tormentor from my past in him.

I will never allow him to get close to me.

I pushed him hard and got free.

"Leave at once or- " I was cut by him.

"I am sorry my tigress, are you alright?" His tone was so soft that I was taken aback.

I didn't bother to answer.

"Get lost, " I said in a very cold tone.

"Answer me first. Are you alright? What happened to you?"

The nerve of this bastard! Still, he dared to ask.

"What happened to me, none of your business. Just leave me." My tone came out like a whisper, too tired to argue or talk.

"This won't happen, sweetheart, you are mine." He proclaimed.

"If that's what you say then let me tell you, I will never be yours. I love someone else. leave me."

My eyes were dropping. I was so spent. He made me lie and gently placed a pillow under my head.

"Angel, you are mine. Whether you like this fact or not, I will make sure of it. You are not feeling alright at all. Rest now and go to bed early tonight. We will talk tomorrow." He got up from my bed.

He kissed my forehead and went. I quickly took one of my pills. Still, my body was trembling.

This man made me stand in front of my dreading past which I tried my best to forget. I was helpless before him.

But I will never allow him to have his way with me, even if I have to kill him or kill myself.

I swore to myself.

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