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   Chapter 11 ANILLO NUEBE

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"No this is wrong, go get dress now, " Hades stated and turn his back on her. He can sense the hurt in her eyes that he wanted to hug and hush her to tell her that he's sorry.

He clutches the doorknob and gets out of her room. Hades grimaced at his actions, he didn't know that this will be going to happen, he was supposed to predict what will happen next but he didn't. Why all of a sudden she kissed him? That was the question running on Hades mind.

As he walks into his room, he touches his lips and remembers her soft lips landed in his. Those luscious red lips that he wanted to taste more and intensely but it was not the right time. He could wait more but if this is how she behaves he didn't know what to do. His room was built on what he had planned, there's a small kitchen, a large sofa, and a flat-screen TV, bookshelves that are full of thick books, a king-size bed near in the glass wall. He didn't want light in his room, he prefers using lampshade and scented candles.

He walks into the small kitchen and prepares his favorite black coffee. He wanted to think. As soon as he's done, he walks into his seat near the glass wall where he preferred and took a deep sigh. This day had been threatening for him, Lissana is dangerous for him. He traced his fingers into his hair and slowly put his cup of coffee in a small table near him. He closes his eyes and sighed, he wanted to rest.


Berlin 1870 11:31 pm

"Prince Hades please we need to run away, to banish from here. King Helios and his men are on their way, " Michael his assistant pleaded while holding his arm

o kill me plant millions of bombs please Prince Hades, " King Helios stated and laugh at his last words.

"Heel!" King Helios shouted and turn his back on them.

"We can't die, my prince, " Michael whispered enough for his prince to hear.

"You won't die, Michael, trust me. You may agonize and bleed now but you will be alive, all you have to do is trust me. Look at their eyes as they shot you, they will remember you."

"Aim!" King Helios shouted and guns of his men sounded and pointed their gun to the target.

"Fire!" As soon as King Helios shouted those words, Michael hurriedly runs in front of Hades and took all of the shots. Blood came out from his mouth and smiled at his prince.

"I trust you, " Michael whispered while blood spitting out from his mouth.

"Safe!" King Helios gritted his teeth and roared again.

"Aim!" they reload and their guns were now pointing at him.


Hades was sweating as he opens his eyes. It was again a dream. A dream that he wanted to take vengeance, that keeps his heart in wrath.


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