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   Chapter 9 ANILLO SIETE

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It was a sunny Monday morning when Lissana woke up and notice that Hades was already out of sight. But his smells still lingers on her bed. She breathes his scent and lay again in the bed.

"What am I doing?" she muttered in the thin air and messed her hair. She's completely crazy, she knows it's wrong but why are those actions had gone badly to her. She suddenly remembers something from that night, she rushed in her bathroom and get a towel.

Today she is going to enter school, she is now going to study outside. She's going to meet new people.

She was busy massaging her hair with shampoo when she heard a click coming from her room but she ignored it, it was maybe her aunt. She was enjoying herself in the bathroom that she didn't notice that she's taking already an hour of taking a bath. She wraps her naked body with her fluffy white towel and blower her hair. And at the same time, she brushes her teeth. And as soon as she's satisfied she decided to go out and find a suitable one to wear.

She nearly screams for help when she notices somebody was sitting at her bed. She put her hand in her chest and breath. She met his gaze, those piercing eyes we're like getting through her soul.

"You frightened me Hades. What are you doing here?" Lissana asked while her hand was on her chest. Her hair was still wet and water is still dribbling in her hair into her bare shoulders.

"You're taking so long in the shower, " Hades said and he can't help himself not to stare at her legs, thighs, waist, and shoulder and even though she was in her towel he could barely see what's she's hiding with those towels.

"S-sorry I know you hate waiting and I know we have somewhere to go, " she bit her lip which causes Hades to groan. He stands from his seat and walks into her direction. Lissana was stilled in her place and just stares at him waiting. She wants to move, her mind was telling her to do so but her body was telling her more.

"Don't do that, " Hades said as he holds her lower lip. She can already smell his addictive scent and minty breath.

"You don't know what I am capable of doing, " he says and turns his heels way out of her room. She breathes all of her nervousness she didn't know that she was holding her breath.

Why is she acting this way? Lissana thought of herself. It was unusual. She walks into her closet and decided to forget what had happened earlier she must think about what she would

hing new. He took a deep sigh and look at the picture of his wife, his beautiful wife that was now in Russia, she was also taking care of their other business. It was just two days ago but he already misses his wife.

"Prince Hades are you well?" Michael his trusted assistant approach him.

"How is it going?"

"King Helios doesn't seem to mind all of your letters and summons, there is no progress, " Michael stated which makes him grunt. It's been a month and there is no progress at all. He's giving him so much of a mess.

"What does he want?"

"My prince, you know what he wants, " Michael answered in a low voice.

"No he can't, that's fucking bullshit. He, wants my wife? Who the hell he is? There are a lot of doves in this kingdom, in his kingdom, in this world and he wants the one who is now tied up? That fucking bastard, I don't care if he is a king, I'll slit his head off and display it on their fucking gate."

"Watch your words, my prince, someone might hear you. This is a hint of contention between the two of you. I'll send a letter now to your wife so she can already hide far from here. King Helios men are very wise. Let's face it, Prince Hades, you can't beat them. You are still a prince and not a king."

"Will be a king."


Hades grips tightly the steering wheel while still looking at the side mirror.

"You thrones the past, now I won't let you thrones the present and the future, " he gritted his teeth before starting the engine and turn the wheels.

Little did he know there we're a pair of eyes staring at him while a twitched of a smile crossed in his lips.

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