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   Chapter 8 ANILLO SEIS

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It's been years since her mother's death and yet Lissana is still in deep thoughts. Lissana is now in the shelter of Hades. The man he doesn't want to see. She felt uncomfortable with his stares and presence. Every time that Hades comes home she always hid in her room and lock it until he's gone again like what is used to be. Hades was a busy man and she doesn't know what he's been doing or what business he's into. They don't talk too much and see each other even though they live in one roof.

Lissana wants to go out, to forget things but he forbids her to go out that she didn't even understand why. Lissana was full of hatred and mad towards Hades because he doesn't have a right for her on what she had to do, she has wanted and love too and Hades will not be a hindrance to it. Hades doesn't want her to go to a school but instead, she was homeschooling. Everything she needs it was immediately given to her. Not until one night.

The cold breeze of a night air seeps through her skin as she gets out of the house. Her aunt says that he's outside drinking coffee. She went to see him talk about her home school. She wants to go out.

"Señor Hades, " Lissana breath, her heart was stammering with nervousness but she must do it. Hades stops his drinking and puts the cup slowly at the table before looking at her. Hades breathe the air, he can almost smell her breath. His eyes were dark, his lashes were long and thick, his right eyebrow was arching but she bet it was sexy. And his lips were thin and red that didn't even cross a smile not even they met.

Lissana shrugs her head, what was she's thinking, she's here to complain and to brag not to be mesmerized by his features. Hade's lips twitched a smile and his eyes sparkled with delight for he can hear what's she's thinking about and her argument with herself. He knows why she is here. Oh how he badly wants her now but he's just forcing himself not to. She's too young and delicate.

"I want to talk to you, " Lissana finally said and she was proud of herself to be this brave.

"We're talking already. What is it?" H

d where you are and especially whose with you. And Michael will fetch you when your class ends. Are we clear with it?" He stated and Lissana didn't even blink a bit. He sounded so harsh and possessive but it's impossible to be in that way. He doesn't have a reason to be like that, Lissana thought.

"Clear Señor Hades." "Don't call me Señor Hades. Call me Hades."

"If I call you in that way I don't sound like I have a respect to you anymore."

"I want you to call me that."

"H-hades, " Lissana breath and Hades' eyes went even darker. Hades loved to hear his name coming from her lips.

"Now sleep. You have a big day tomorrow."

"Okay, so can you now go to your room so I can now sleep?" Lissana said which makes Hades smiled, it was her first time to see him smile and she was stunned and her heart started beating fast. Why is she feeling that way?

"I want to sleep with you tonight. Now sleep, " Hades said and pulled her even closer into his chest and she gasps at his sudden action. Her thoughts saying that this is wrong because it is her mother's husband and now her stepfather.

"Don't think negative thoughts little kitten. Please sleep, " he said as he closes his eyes. She turns around and her back faces him. He held her a little closer, all she can feel is his warm breath in her bareback skin. She was only wearing a sleeveless silk nightgown.


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