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   Chapter 7 ANILLO CINCO

With This Ring By Heitcleff Characters: 7375

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7 months later

It has been seven months before that night Hades came into the Ysares. Seven months that Hades forced himself not to go into their house. He was waiting for the right time and the right moment and he has no power to control time and moments and he's presence will alter things above his plans. And now is the right time, it's the right time and the right moment to celebrate, for now, Elena was died today and at this time.

"Adios Elena, " Hades look at the night sky full of stars and sips his wine. He closed his eyes and find her. His heart clenched in agony as he sees Lissana crying in her arms and her shoulders going up and down. She was devasted and mourning at the same time. Hades cannot help himself but look for his coat and keys. He will go to the Ysares. After that night, Hades immediately fixes everything for the Ysares, he pays all of the debts of Elena that cause him millions of millions but he doesn't care at all. He then raises again their company and employed employees. It is now rich in industry and fresh in entrepreneurs and business persons. Little did Elena know that all of the papers are addressed under the name of her daughter, Lissana Ysabelle.

"What are you doing here! Get out of my sight you little bitch!" Elena shouted at Lissana and throw her a cup of coffee but it missed her.

"Mama, why are you drunk again? Are you not happy that we are starting all over again?" Lissana cries while clenching her fist.

"You idiot! Get ouuuut!" Elena screams and Faustina came rushing by.

"Lissana let's go your mother is out of control please let's get out of here, " Faustina says in concern while rubbing her back but she keeps on crying in front of her mother.

"What are youuuuu waiting for! Get ouuuut!"

Elena even changed a lot since Hades came. Yes, their company, debts and their house are all now paid, nothing to worry but it didn't come into Lissana that it all gets even worse. Elena wastes a lot of money, spends a fortune of bills everywhere but Hades didn't mind at all. Hades let Elena what she wanted to do. Until this day came.

"Auntie, auntie what's that? Where is that loud bang came from?" Lissana's voice was trembling in

e to see mama?"

"No, he doesn't want to make a scene."

"A scene? My mama is not a scene, " she gritted her teeth she cannot take it any longer that it might burst words in her mouth.

"Hush now before someone can hear you, walls have ears too. Señor Hades is right if he will interact inside people will start making stories and you don't want that right? Don't worry his assistant Michael takes care of everything inside, " Faustina assured her and held her hands.

"Come now he's waiting, " she said and Lissana can't find an excuse to say no. It was dim and only the moonlight can light the whole dark kitchen. And there she sees Hades staring at her. His eyes were fixed on her. Lissana look at her side and Faustina was not on her side anymore, she looks for her.

"Your auntie already left, sit, " A husky voice suddenly turns her head on him.

"Sit and eat."

"My mama just died. How can you eat?"

"She will be buried."


"Sit and eat, " a growled echoed the whole room which makes her stiffen and scared.

"Are you scared of me?" Hades asked in a low tone of voice but still, there was a mark of masculine and cold voice.

"N-no" "You sound like you are."

"No, I'm not Senior Hades."

"Now eat."

"I don't have an appetite to eat. I'm sorry."

"Are you thinking about yourself? That you will be alone? Don't worry about that Lissana because I'm here to worry about you. From now on you will be under my wings. Now eat."

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