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   Chapter 6 ANILLO CUATRO

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It was a coastal and thunderous evening when Hades came into the house of the Ysares. Riding in a deluxe car, immediately Michael gets out of the car and opens up an umbrella for Hades. Elena and Lissana were also waiting for him outside. Elena couldn't do anything but to look at him, she also feels embarrassed that there are no maids around them for they all left and only their aunt Faustina remained in their family.

Their aunt Faustina was busy in the kitchen cooking for their courses, their aunt is old enough and cannot clean and scrub the whole house anymore so she remained in the kitchen to cook.

"Come in, come in it's getting damp and chilly out here, " Elena greeted Hades with a smile that doesn't even reach her eyes. Hades looks at her with dull eyes and nodded. Michael already left because he has something to do but affirmed Hades that he'll come back before nine. Hades can't help himself self but look at the young girl beside Elena, she innocently looking at him too. Her intoxicating violet eyes went him speechless, but Lissana withdraw her eyes and walk first inside the house and Hades knew that she was avoiding him but he'll let it slip this time.

Lissana helps her aunt ready the table while her mother and the man named Hades talk in the living room for a while.

"That's Señor Hades, am I right my child?" aunt Faustina asked Lissana as she put down the table napkin near in the plate. Lissana looks at her frowning.

"Do you know him, auntie?" Lissana asked and her aunt just nodded at her as an answer. She shrugged her hands in her apron and walk-in her aunts' direction.

"Aunt have you have any idea on what is he doing in here?" Lissana asked and she can feel that her aunt knows something. She can see it in her eyes.

"Tell me, auntie, I won't tell mama what you have told me."

"Hades is going to be your stepfather, that is all I know Lissana, " her aunt stated and look down at her apron.

"I know it's been how many years that your father passed away but I feel sorry for him. Your mother had change

her. Elena suddenly went pale that she cannot even understand why. She cannot even feel her feet and something in her eyelids wanted to close and she did. Elena fell asleep on her plate.

Lissana hurriedly runs to her mother and called her aunt. Faustina hurriedly helps Lissana to stand Elena on her feet and get her in her room.

"Done, " Faustina said while taking a deep breath.

"Are you okay auntie? I'm sorry if I called you I know you're old enough but I can't do this on my own. I'm so sorry auntie."

"Oh dear, dear no need to apologize, you're such an innocent child. I'm just disappointed with your mother about what she had become. Come now before she awakes. Oh, where's your guest?" Faustina asked and alas she even forgets about their guest. She hurriedly goes down to the stairs and looks for him.

He was no longer in the dining room and even in the living room.

Lissana went outside and she yelp in fear when a man in a coat was standing at the corner of their door. It was him, Hades. He was looking at her deeply with those grey eyes again. She was suffocating.

"It was nice seeing you again Ysabelle, " Hades says in a cold breeze that you can nearly see the fogs coming from his breath. And a luxurious car horns without her knowing.

And within just a second they disappear and she was left dumbfounded in her feet.


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