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   Chapter 34 One Line

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 9798

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I immediately turned the doorknob and was startled by what I had witnessed.

"Mirana!" I run into her direction.

She lay on the floor naked, I immediately picked up some sheets on our bed just to cover for her body and loaded her immediately. My sweat was dropping and my heart was hammering so fast.

"Fuck! No no no please not now, " I cried as I carried her down the stairs.

I trembled to get the car key over the table, fortuitously and immediately I saw it. I quickly took her to the back and lay her down slowly and quickly turned to the driver's seat and entered.

My hands were shaking and I couldn't even enter the key to operate the car.

"Fuck!" I cry in frustration when I don't know what I'm doing. I'm too nervous. I take a deep breath and immediately start the car.

"Everything will be okay Marco just fucking drive, " I gritted my teeth and drive fast to the hospital.


"Nurse! Nurse! Help my wife!" I cried as I carry Mirana in my arms.

I made a short walk to the emergency room and the nurses quickly approached us. They immediately supported Mirana and lay on the stretcher and immediately covered with a curtain.

"What happened?" a doctor came up to me while I was doing nothing but tapping my cellphone and trying to find Adam among my contacts. It was easy to find his number but I can even seem to find it, I find my hands were trembling and my forehead is sweating.

"Marco what happened to Mirana, " the doctor was once again asked in front of me. I immediately looked at him out of curiosity as to why he knew me.

"Doc?" the doctor of Mirana is here too.

"Calm down tell me everything that happened, " he said and he led me to sit in a nearby chair.

Mirana is currently being treated by nurses and an admitting physician.

"I w-was preparing our food then I heard a loud thud coming from our room then t-then I saw her on the floor. What's that? How's that? Why is that? D-doc why? Why is this happening to her? I don't know what to ask anymore, " my voice was trembling and my eyes were swelling with tears.

"I don't know how to answer your questions my child but let's just pray that everything's going to be fine, " he answered and stands up when the doctor at the emergency room called him.

"Wait for me here."

He saw the two nodding and exchanging questions and answers until they came in and looked at Mirana's bed.

I quickly tapped my cellphone's keyboard and immediately found Adam's number and quickly dialed it and with just a ring he immediately answered it.

"Marco, " he answered in the second line.

"Adam, listen to me first, we're here today at the hospital because something happened to Mirana and I don't know what to do. I do not know what to do Adam, I do not know, I do not know what happened I do not know what I would do if something bad happened to her. This is my curse Adam this is all my fault, " my voice


"I'm okay, I want to go home, " she said and tears streaming in her eyes.

"Yes we're going home but now the doctor will see you first."


"Mir, Adam and I will go home first to see our children okay? We will come back immediately, " Marina said as she fixes herself.

"Mar please don't tell Zeke about this, " she said and Marina just nodded at her.

"Marco just give me a call if you needed anything okay?" Adam stated before they bid their goodbyes.

"Marco, " a low voice called me and I immediately looked at her.

"What's up sexy?" I joked which cause her to laugh. How I miss her laugh.

"Come here, " she said and patted the side of her bed. Immediately I went in her direction and sat down beside her and as I helped her sit.

"I love you, " she said in tears.

"I love you more, " I couldn't help but feel tears welling in my eyes.

"I love you most, " she burst in a giggle.

"Marco listen to me and please don't say a word let me finish okay?" she stated and I nod in agreement.

"Don't think of me too often Marco when you're in our house or if you want you can move into a new house so you can easily forget me. I don't want you both getting depressed, I don't want you getting down. You sing me a song that you say I am the reason why you are alive, why you are breathing and why are you fighting. I just want you to live. Just live well. Just live Marco together with our son. I'll be walking beside you every step of the way. My husband, you made a promise to me when we're getting married saying each other's vow. For better or for worse right? Now love this is my worse, this is my worse okay? But I know I'm gonna get better, I'm going to fight for you. I'm going to be strong for you. I love you, " she said in a low tone of voice that is enough for me to hear it and her eyelids were slowly closing and my heart was hammering so strong. Then suddenly the monitor sounded.

One line...

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