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   Chapter 22 What She Feels

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 5924

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Do you know what's the heartbreaking words you could get?




Right now those are the hurtful words in my mind. Instead of enjoying what I enjoy today is the beautiful future I have been hoping for. The type of job that comes with great pay and gets paid what is to be paid on time and with no expenses. It's not that I'm sorry that I got a baby right away but I just don't want the one who sacrificed my past mistakes to be my child. All I could do was cry and sob for the first time in the mirror, I could see myself worthless and bewildered. If I hadn't just cheated on Marco, I and my baby wouldn't be here.

I love Marco so much, I loved him even when we were still in school. Kid, I love you so much and hope you forgive me for what I've done.

Right now I don't want you to see our son, I don't want you to have a relationship with him. I'm a selfish mom but you've hit me and maybe I deserve that all. I am afraid the day will come when you will take him to me, I know that day will come when you will take him to me. I know that Marco. Your anger towards me is still deep.


"I'll have my son when he's born. She's a fucking slut and a shit. She is just a burden. If my son was in her womb I would take it and move him away from her, " he stated on the other line he was calling.

Even though I didn't hear the other line, I kept listening. His words hurt my heart so much that I could hardly breathe. Yes, I admit I am still hurt. For a few days he had women bringing here in his house and who am I to scold him. I was just a rag and introduced him as his maid. My stomach was huge and I was about to give birth. I cried for my situation, my appearance, my body shape. I can't take care of mysel


"Zeke?" I gasp and dismissed Christian. My heart was beating fast.

"My are you okay?" he said with concern, he looked at the man behind me.

"I'm okay baby"

"Who's that?" he pointed the man behind me.

"Is that my Dy?"


"Yes baby, I'm Dy, " says Christian. I don't know but anger builds up on me.

"Yey! I'm Zeke, " Zeke was about to go in his direction when I lift him up.

"Let me down My! I want to go to my Dy, " he cried as I handed her over to Layla.

"Get Zeke out of here please, " I said softly that

"Are you okay here?"

"Yes, I can handle this."

"I'll come back."

"No don't just let me handle this. Don't worry about me here, "

"You are Mirana, " he said and then left with Zeke crying. When they left, I immediately headed toward Christian.

"How dare you! How could you tell Zeke that you were his father! Don't pretend to be his father! Don't give false hope to my son! You're a-" I was cut off my words and went numb when our lips met. He kissed me.

"You're so quick to forget and move on Mirana, " a dark and husky tone of voice said behind me. I know whose voice comes from and I can't go wrong.


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